San Antonio, TX

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Lots of choices for dispersed

Great place, if you don't mind occasional helicopters and A10 Warthogs in the distance. Lots of places to choose from for RV and tent camping. The road is a little rough but definitely done in a passenger car. Nights are beautiful.

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Not a campsite, I don't think.

Not a campsite

Cool place but no camping

There is a place nearby that offer camping but at 50$ didn't seem worth it.

Dispersed for sure

Nest place. There wasn't much traffic and the ca.limg area is pretty big so there is plenty of room to disperse yourself. I did encounter places where 4x4 were needed, but if you stay on the main gravel roads you should be good. I accidentally drove into the area of unforgiving dust. Didn't make it to the lake bed, but I could see the swath of white nearer the mountain base. I recommend this place for an overnight passing through. Or an RV pulling a side by side or dirt bike.


Well the description is accurate, but it is posted everywhere there is no camping. The pictures are not correct.

Quiet Camping

Quiet on a Thursday before Labor Day 2020. Nice spot, easy walk to the lake, not so remote, 4 campgrounds close to one another.