India S.

New Orleans, LA

Joined July 2017

Conveniently Located, Buggy and Open

I was very excited to secure a campsite at Watchman on a crowded holiday weekend in July (yes, that one). You just can't beat a central location where you can park your car and not have to use it at all for a few days.

Location: The campground is very conveniently located in walking distance to the shuttles and the town (and market most importantly for late night ice cream cravings). You do have to walk across an unsightly (and hot) parking lot to reach the shuttles, but after seeing the holiday crowds at Zion ANYTHING is better than having to drive/find a parking space.

Exposure: The campground also has nice tree cover so you're not constantly exposed to the harsh summer sun. However the foliage is not dense enough to give campsites privacy from their neighbors. The sites are located close together and everyone can see/hear/smell everything happening next to them. Not the best site for privacy.

Comfort: One of the more uncomfortable campsites I've ever stayed at. The ground is hard and gravelly, sleeping pad STRONGLY encouraged. The site was also INFESTED (EMPHASIZE INFESTED) with ants; not the kind that bite but it was a nag to try and do things around camp and constantly feel ants crawling up your legs…or to try and enter your tent to discover it's covered in ants. Bees were also very curious, but otherwise no other insect issues.

The site stayed hot well into the night for those who have issues sleeping in the heat. It started to cool down around midnight when the strong winds arrived. Tent placement can probably alleviate the winds, but they were VERY strong and VERY noisy. The cool temperatures lasted until around 9 AM.

Amenities: The site included a grill and picnic table, which was great! Didn't get to use the grill however due to fire restrictions.

Bathrooms: The bathrooms are kept very clean! I was impressed. The water pressure was great. There are no showers or trash cans (save sanitary disposal trash cans) but there's a fantastic river running through Zion to make up for the lack of showers. The bathrooms were small for the amount of people they were meant to service; there were times I had to wait to use the sinks. And rarely was I ever alone in the bathroom.

Views: Obviously fantastic! Great views of the peaks right out your "front door"

Overall: It's okay for a place to sleep at night if you're desperate and won't be spending a lot of time in the campsite. The ants were a huge issue for me personally and really dampened my enjoyment of time at the campground. But really I spent most of my time in the park so it wasn't a huge deal. The price is good, the location was convenient and I had a place to put my head down every night even if it wasn't comfortable.