Holly W.


Van Nuys, CA

Joined July 2020

Tolerable in August, but only because we could swim a little

A short drive from the Interstate. Lots of sites to choose from on a weekday in August. The sites are spread among the sand channel ponds. Incredibly, we were not bothered by mosquitos. Sites had picnic tables and fire rings. Fire wood piles were all around to help yourself from. There is a small “beach” area designate for swimming in one of the ponds. It is small. Because we were there during the COVID restrictions, we waiting until almost everyone left before we felt we would have enough space to swim without being within 6 feet of others. The water was nice and cooled us down nicely.

The newly build vault toilet was OK. Our son reported the men’s side was terrible. The women’s side was just fine. We needed a spot to stay close to the Interstate for a cross-country trip and this was open and available. I would not return. But I do remember the fireflies fondly. There were tons.

OK site within a fantastic National Forest

The Cave Creek area as a whole is a 5+ star destination. This campground, however, gets only three stars. It is at the end of a dirt road. We counted only three official sites, though none were numbered. Those sites include a picnic table and a fire ring. One was huge, one medium and one small. There is a vault toilet a fair hike away. We came during COVID restrictions and the toilet was in very good shape. No other campgrounds were open because of COVID. There is no water, so bring your own.

To get to the sites, you make a hairpin turn (there is ample room to swing wide in a car with no trailer). The first 20 yards after the turn are pretty rough and rocky and more of an issue driving up them than down them. The sites themselves are nothing too spectacular. Beware skunks at night. But the wonderland of the canyon is the real draw. There is a trailhead out of the camping area that goes on some good hikes. The night sky is unparalleled. The drive from the campground to other trailheads and other areas is fine.