Pretty and Secluded

There only 26 sites in this whole campground. All of them had ample shade but site #2. Sites #1 - #5 are at the top of the hill and pretty level, all other sites are at various locations on the hill and some are quite tricky to get into with a camper. We had site #15 and while I wouldn't want to back in without a spotter, we did fine with a 26' camper. This site and #17 had really pretty rock formations. Some of the sites have extra pads for tents but not site #15. Lots of ticks, so bring your spray but we will be camping here again. The two biggest drawbacks, besides the ticks, was 1) not being able to hook up to water as the sites do not have water, but we went and bought a 3rd hose to reach the nearest water to fill our tank and 2) the electric at our site was way in front of the campter, about the distance of the front, right bumper of our truck. We had to go by a $50 extension cord to even hook up to the electric but now we have the cord and I am sure it will come in handy in the future.

Nice Campground

We went in early May and almost froze but the area is so pretty and the water in the river was pretty clear. The river was high when we went and the water coming over the spillway was beautiful. It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere but that’s good if that’s what you like. The weekends can get busy with so many people coming to swim but the weekdays are quieter. I also saw many beautiful birds.

Negatives: There was only one bathroom each for women and men and the shower is in that bathroom, so you can wait a loooonnnggg time to use the restroom. A kayak was stolen while we were there and they said it was the 4th one is just a few weeks. This should have been told to us when we got there. Thankfully the weather was so cold that we never took ours off the vehicle. The camp host’s dog came at me and almost bit me when I was trying to dump my black tank. The host site was right next to it and her dogs barked a lot, kink of ruining the peaceful atmosphere at times, but the scenery itself is beautiful.