Fall in the mountains πŸ‚

My family of 4 and 2 dogs drove over 1,000 miles from Illinois to this area in hopes of finding a dispersed camping site with a view and we were blessed to find this spot off Rampart Range road. We arrived on a Sunday in late September around 2:00pm. This site has an amazing sunset view every night. The nights were cold some lows 32Β° and it snowed the first night which we were hoping for❄ The sunrises were stunning watching the sunlight slowly shed light on the golden aspens was a beautiful sight.

Access GPS Cascade-Chipita Park, CO 38.9694000, -105.0081000

To get to this spot from Rampart range road was a bit tricky pulling a 28ft trailer with a Chevy Suburban 2500 The road up after Loy Creek rd was EXTREMELY washboard for the next few miles we drove very slow we did this twice a day for 3 days it was the dreaded drive on the way back to base camp each night. Fortunately on day 4 they brought equipment in and leveled the road so the next few trips were nice and getting the camper out was a breeze. Turning off Rampart Range rd there are few ruts that were big but we made it in ok. The spot at the very end is very large and has a perfect view of Pikes Peak and plenty of hammock trees ideal if you can make it that far we were unable to make it due to a tight space between 2 trees large rocks and deep ruts so we set up camp at the spot right before this. We did help a couple with a rig a bit smaller than ours (23ft I believe) through using boards in the ruts and some guidance.

Hiking Nearby is the Rampart Reservoir via Rainbow Gulch trail I recommend walking from the site due to limited parking at the trailhead. We took this hike and it was absolutely fantastic a majestic walk through the woods brings you to flowing creek that you follow all the way down to the reservoir.

Trash, Water, Propane & Food We stopped at a campground in Woodland park on the way in and were able to fill up with water before heading up the mountain for $10. If you are heading south from Woodland park on highway 24 to the left is a brown wooden sign that says PROPANE the building also says they file taxes too we forgot the name πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈbut we refilled a propane tank and filled our 6 gallon water container for $12. Pack out what you pack in! No dumpsters! We went to the Walmart in Woodland park 25 minutes from camp a few times and it was very nice and clean.

Safety We spent most of the days away from base camp but in the late afternoon and evenings it was mostly quite. We woke up a few mornings to other campers down the road from us usually only stayed one night. We stayed 5 nights Sunday to Friday. I did get an uneasy feeling about a few vans and cars that came to the area for a short time. We seen a few abandoned camps one that was closest to us a tent with a few pots and and a sombrero oddly. It appears it could be a homeless getaway but we never seen anyone. I never felt unsafe here. We seen very little wildlife at the site only an owl and a few birds however the drive to and from camp we seen many deer be cautious at night

Sunset Reset

We stopped here for 1 night on our way through Nebraska. We arrived around 4:00 pm on a Saturday in September (record high temperatures 97Β°) hoping to get a spot as it states first come first serve. We were very lucky only 1 site was open and the off site host happen to be there when we arrived he said the campers before us had just left. I didn't use the women's restrooms here but my boyfriend Jesse said the male restroom was nice, clean and well lit at night. The concrete pads were nice, plenty wide and very level. It made setting up after a 7.5hr drive πŸ›£ very quick and easy. Nightly rate with electricity was $14 and was paid using envelope and drop box. There was only 1 spigot for fresh water our hose reached to it at site 8. We used the dump station πŸ’© on the way out and it was very nice! Level, clean and everything functional πŸ‘Œ The lake was beautiful we set up and cooked dinner then took a short walk down to the lake to enjoy the sunset. I was surprised that at a full capacity campground on a lake during record high temperatures of 97Β° no one was at the lake. Someone had a few fishing poles set out but otherwise no one was around it was quite and peaceful. One problem we experienced at this campground were these small black biting nats or as Jesse calls them "no see ems" because they are so small you can barely see them but they hurt! Oh and the flies were awful! We called it a night early at 8:30p but had trouble sleeping because of a group of smaller children hollering and having a great time until after 11pm. We were just exhausted from driving but normally that would not have been an issue.

1 night stand

We stayed at the Little Thunder campground for 1 night while passing through Nebraska. Wow! The views were wonderful. We had to pay $8 for an entry fee into the park. Camping fees were paid at the campground using an envelope and a drop box. They offered full hookup sites 1-8 for $37/night and sites 9-42 are $32/night w/ electricity. We chose site 25 It has a nice sandy trail that leads you right to the beach.πŸ– We arrived at 4:00pm on a Friday evening in September and there were plenty of sites to choose from. We seen a few campers & tents β›Ί boondocking on the beach, we wanted to go out there but after boondocking in Colorado for 5 days we wanted to enjoy the electricity hookup for the night. The cons to this site is there were tiny cockle burrs on the ground EVERYWHERE! Our poor dogs were injured immediately after arriving before we realized these cockle burrs were on the ground by then we had tracked them inside the camper, vehicle on our shoes..My family got them stuck in their hands and feet ouch! I wasn't a happy camper while getting those burrs out of the dogs paws and out of the camper and clothes. There are no signs stating dogs weren't allowed on the beach so we carried them down there where they were safe to walk around. I am not sure if these burrs are all over the campground because I did not leave our site other than the path to beach which didn't have these burrs. The wind had picked up out of nowhere and the clouds rolled in then sand was blowing hard everywhere so we retreated to our camper for the night. Be prepared there is alot of white sand here.