Gorgeous fall views

When I got to redfish lake, it was already to late in the season (September) to camp here. I was still able to check out the campground and it had amazing spots right on the lake. There were nice restrooms and water available. I would like to come back here in the summer and camp here when the water isn't to cold and the campground is open!

Lakeside views

Such a beautiful area to stop and have a picnic. If you have time to spend on the lake and camp even better!

Great Views

You can car camp here at the end of the road before you enter the Gospel Hump Wilderness. If you cross the Wind River Bridge, there are some great hiking opportunities up into the surrounding mountains. There used to be an actual campground here, but much of it has grown up. There are still restroom facilities that are used for boaters, hikers, and campers. There is also a great sandy beach here and a boat launch.

Beach Camping

This campground does not have many amenities, but it is right on the Salmon River. This is a nice spot to go in the spring when it's warm in the valley but still cold up on the mountains. This is dry camping. There are no facilities. But there is a beach!

Lots of amenities

This reservoir camping area has many amenities which make it nice. Great docks on the water, swimming, fishing, bathrooms, trash cans, and even a fish cleaning station. I like how the RV sites have water and electricity unlike most campgrounds in the area. This campground is located conveniently near Troy, and is about a 25 minute drive to Moscow. There is also a large Pavilion which is perfect for a large get together.

Waterfront Sites

Although this campground is right on the road, it also has easy access to the reservoir where you can fish, swim, and boat. There are life jackets for use here next to the dock. Sites include a fire pit, grill, and picnic table. There is also water available and pit toilets for use. There is a wonderful pavilion just across the road which is perfect for large gatherings.

Secluded Oasis

This campground is 3 miles from the little community of Helmer. While there is not much in the area, this campground has a lot to offer. It has multiple bathroom facilities, two water stations and private spots tucked up in the trees. All of the sites circle a meadow. There is also a large area with picnic tables if you wanted to have a get together there. The trash is pack in pack out. When I was there the Forest service had left a lot of precut wood around from the winter. It was nicely stacked for the taking at the camp sites.

Populated but Peaceful

This is a campground surrounding a reservoir. This campground is pretty remote, but only 2 miles from Boville. There is easy access to the water were many people fish, swim, and canoe/kayak. There are lots of socks stationed around the water. One of my favorite things about this campground is that they have trash facilities that are bear proof.

Everything you need!

This campground is run by the Army Corp of Engineers on the banks of the Dworshak reservoir. It has many amenities that you don't always find in a campground. It has a boat ramp directly into the reservoir. At the ramp you can find extra trashbags and a fish cleaning hut. I was really impressed with how clean the bathrooms were. You can also find a great playground, horseshoes, picnic shelters, and an open field for games. In the fall and summer you can pick wild plums and apples that grow alongside the road.

Amazing views and history!

This campground is a hike-in area unless you visit via dirt bikes, mountain bikes or horses. It is 4.4 miles to Loon Lake from the Chinook Campground.Chinook is the last place you can get water and use a pit toilet before going on the hike. Follow the Loon Lake Loop trail to get to the lake. It is likely you may be the only person camping there, but you will see people hiking in to visit the plane wreckage of a B-23 Dragon Bomber which crashed on the other side of the lake in 1943. The plane can be difficult to find as you have to bushwack to get to it. I did find a little trail that brought me out, but it is often hard to find. We hiked along the right side of the lake, then bushwacked to the left, forded a creek, and was able to find the plane. I have heard and red that you can find the plane by going around an unmaintained forest service trail on the left side of the lake as well. If you make it this far I encourage you to find the plane and read the informational signs no matter what. The story is incredible! While it is longer to hike back out on the rest of the loop, the trail is completely different than coming in and provides amazing views of the Secesh river. Don't expect any amenities when camping at Loon Lake. This spot is truly for those interested in packing in and packing out what they want to use in a remote setting.

Secluded and Peaceful

This campground is close enough to McCall that you can run in for supplies or fun. However, it is far enough away that it doesn't get a ton of traffic. The campsites are dispersed with one area that is a group camping area. Pit toilets can be found at the beginning and end of the road. The lake is perfect for canoeing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and leisurely boat rides. There is even a boat ramp to put in and take out at. Close hiking options are available too. Do keep in mind that as the season progresses the water layer will decrease.

Backwoods Haven

This campground overlooks the Elk River Reservoir. It is a great place to fish, swim, ride around, and explore the mountains. All of the campgrounds run by the Elk River Recreation District are well maintained and they have a lot of spaces of different variety. Be sure to get Huckleberry ice cream from the store or a burger from the Log Inn if you are in town! Elk Creek Falls and the giant cedar tree are great places to visit to see more of what the area has to offer.

So much to offer!

This used to be one of my favorite campgrounds until they had to log it this past winter. As of now (2020) the campground is closed to the public until they can clean it up. It is very close to McCall and New Meadows which is great. Goose Creek flows right by the sites and it is very wooded here. There is a hot springs near the entry. While it is on private property, many people still use it. Sadly, it gets vandalized a lot. Please be considerate and clean up after yourself! This is a great place to access Goose Creek Falls. A great hike for the family. It is also a good place to pick Morels in the spring and Huckleberries in the summer!

A campground like no other

I have never been to a campground like this. Considering all they have to work with are rocks, it is a good campground right next to the visitor center. The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because it's just not my style. Don't be expecting Idaho streams and trees. You are truly in a remote area here at Craters of the moon. I highly suggest going down in the caves where you can crawl in the lava tubes. If you are planning on camping here in the summer, be prepared for extreme dry heat.

Very Nice Park

Ponderosa State Park (PSP) receives more visitors than any other state park in Idaho. It is on a peninsula that juts into Payette Lake. In the summer you will find vast amounts of huckleberries, wonderful swimming, and many deer. Be sure to check out the hiking trails and visit the Lily Marsh, Meadow Marsh, and Osprey Point. In the winter, the park offers great snowshoe trails, and groomed trails for cross-country skiing and skate skiing.

Lush and green!

This campground was really full when I drove through, so I didn't end up staying here. There are two sides. One side are sites along the river. The other side is along the edge of the mountain. I loved how these sites were very green and had lots of plants! There is a pit toilet in the canter. There is also a water spigot, but it said the water is being tested and it recommends boiling the water before it is used.

Near Town

This is the closest campground to Yellow Pine. It is right next to the cemetery. It sits right alongside a creek and has many trees. There is one pit toilet for all of the sites and no water. I was here on 4th of July weekend and there were still some sites left. I know it fills up for the harmonica festival due to its proximity to town.

Right on the river!

These sites are on the old highway to Yellow Pine. There are 7 of them with two pit toilets. Sites are right on the water overlooking the East Fork of the South Fork of the Salmon River. The road is narrow, so I would not suggest a big camper or rv in this area. The sites only consist of a fire ring a d a small parking area, but they are free.

Right on the river!

This is a beautiful campground right on the Secesh River and right across the road from a trail that takes you on a hike along the river. I found wild huckleberries and strawberries on this hike in early July. This is a newer campground than the Secesh horse camp which is across the road. However, don't mistake it for Ponderosa State Park which is 2 hours away in McCall and has way more amenities. This site has water, a pit toilet, and ten sites.

First to Review
Little old, but great!

I really liked this campsite. It would be a great spot if you are planning on camping with horses as it has hitching rails. It is a historical site that has been used off and on for the past century. Wether come from McCall via Lick Creek Road, or fr the east down the Salmon River, it is beautiful! Be sure to hike the Secesh river trail which starts across the Secesh River from the campground. I found huckleberries and wild strawberries along the trail at the beginning of July. It cost $10 to park here.