Halley S.

The Dyrt Pro

Fayetteville, TN

Joined May 2021

The platforms were cool!

We had fun! A unique experience to camp on wooden decks looking out on to the lake. My only complaint was the power was having some issues with the power. It was fine with my little family in our tent, but some of my family in their camper wasn't happy. The ranger and electrician worked on the breaker until 1am. So it wasn't like they didn't care. Some of the platforms were very difficult for larger campers to park without scraping the bottom. I was grateful to only have our tent to worry about.

Very nice site!

My two kids tent camped while my parents had their pop up! It was a nice site. There were enough trees that my brother in law was able to set up his hammock system. The site was well kept. There were hardly any blood sucking bugs and no wildlife for protect our stuff from. I think part of that is this site had flooded and rebuilt recently. The staff was very friendly and the area near the dam was really neat. The site is also very close to Pickwick State Park.