Haley H.

Fort payne, AL

Joined November 2018

Little hippie child who enjoys nature

Loads of fun and history!

This place has a heartfelt history with the Indians and loads of stuff to do! There is a petting zoo, hiking trails, campgrounds, swimming spots, train to ride, and during the winter they have a light show!

Riverside camping!

Love camping by the river in gunnersville! And the people there are usually quiet friendly!! :)

Kids wonderland!

This place is definitely somewhere you wanna bring your kids they would love it! There is a man made beach with a playground and loads of camping lots next to the river!

Beautiful nature walks.

Only been here a couple times when I lived in Chattanooga but I know it has awesome swimming holes, lookouts, and rocks to climb!

Peaceful swimming!

Ive been swimming here since I was a little kid I have not been is a while but it is one of the prettiest places on that mountain!!

Enchanting nature walks

I have been coming here since I was a little kid! There is a pool, a playground, DeSoto falls, and a newly installed zip line! The trails are my favorite for nature walks there is so many of them!!! The trails have colors on trees so you don't get lost I'm sure you can get a map from the general store. There is also a little museum to show you what kind of animals and plants you can find there.  They have a RV campground down the road. Dogs are allowed!!! 🥰🥰🥰

Gorgeous rock climbing overlook!

This campground has one of the best overlook views on that mountain I have ever seen. There are lots of big rocks for you rock climbers to scale! It's $5 for just to visit and $10 to camp. You can buy lumber for fire up front. They also gave a general store for anything you may need or had forgot. They have lots on the Clift side that are awesome and some in more quieter places or closer to the rocks. I love this place!!!

Quiet, relaxing, beautiful, pond, showers, electricity, water, and kind

This is my go to campground in fort Payne Alabama. The owners are super nice!! There is a pond with cute ducks!! You can buy a bundle of fire wood for $5. It is less than a mile from little river canyon national park! There are some really nice lots to choose from and they are currently adding more camping lots! 🥰🥰 if you want to be a little rowdy at night time I suggest getting a spot away from other campers and RVs because quiet time starts around 10pm. I like to be courteous and keep it Mello and calm when I'm there for I am a night owl. As the owners told me "Make yourself at home." 😁😁