Graham M.

Saint Cloud, MN

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Lets go hike!

Very refreshing campsite towering over the Zion valley

This site is camp where you find space. It is not very crowded but there is traffic. The campsites are beautiful as they look at the Kolob reservoir. The water is cold during July but incredibly refreshing. Great fishing with a better view. I find that this is the best way to refresh yourself after a long day in Zion as it doesn't get nearly as hot here as it does in the valley.

Breath taking, scenic overlook spying over Zion National Park

I have camped here a few times. One of my favorite spots in all of the national parks. The site is only 5 miles outside of Zion National Park with an amazing overlook over the Zion valley. In order to get to the site you will need to be prepared for a bumpy ride, I would suggest a 4 wheel drive vehicle but I have made the trip in a mini-van. the campsite is fairly secluded as both times I have gone I was the only one there. All campsites are flat and soft sitting on the amazing red Zion sand. Don't go up the road with the intent to go back down for resources as the road is to challenging.