George K.


Minot, ND

Joined September 2020

Great views , not too crowded

This area is becoming more popular, but not crowded yet. Solome is just down the road with propane, laundry and a small grocery store. At the junction of 72 & 60 you can dump for $20 (Ramblin Roads RV Resort) or head down the road on the other side of Solome to the county park, Centennial Park where I’m sure it’s a little cheaper because you can get a partial hook up (electric/water) for $14 a night plus the use of the dump station. The area has quite a few mines, some are still active, most abandoned with clams marked everywhere. So be careful of any minerals (rocks) you pick up, including gold ! Lol

Busy, busy , busy

This has been a popular place for years. Beautiful area which starts about a mile from the Hwy, so no road noise. It can be quite crowded when first entering the camping area, but the farther you go in the more secluded it gets, then again the road gets softer as well. Most of the sites are only a few feet from the road with a couple roads that branch off. Atv’s run up and down the roads most of the day and most of them respect your camp by not flying by.

Close to town

This place is like a rv park with no amenities. If you don’t mind your neighbor’s being as close as 100’ or less and generators running all night, this might be your kinda place. I stayed one night because the Rv Pitstop refused me 5 min before the closed. Another reason for me to dislike Quartzsite.

Spectacular views

Not a lot of sites at this location maybe 15-20 if you crammed them in, but if you don’t have a big rig their is a few before getting here in State Trust land ( Vultures peak) for a small one time annual fee coming from Wickenburg. Only 4 star because your not going to get the seclusion of most dispersed camping and the cell service is spotty. Verizon was 2-3 bars LTE and T Mobile 1-2 which normally is not bad but most of the time it wasn’t usable. Plenty of trails that begin at the Vultures Peak trailhead and a lot of washes to hike. If you plan on making the hike up to Vultures Peak be prepared, the last quarter involves using your hands to crawl up to the peak. And for those wondering why it’s called Box Wash, it’s the name of the wash a hundred feet south of where the sites are located. My favorite site is the last one before the trail head which overlooks Box Wash. Their is plenty of room at the trail head to turn around most big rigs if the trailhead is not too busy which is day use only with a vaulted toilet.


Beautiful area, but it seems that everyone else thinks so too. I waited 15 min in line to get up to the check in booth just to get in the park and when I left the next day the cars were backed up again. This park would be a 5 star plus if it wasn’t for the amount of people and the price for a rv site in a county park. The rv park within was nice, not too close together. The semi developed park is what I was looking for, no electricity or water at the sites, potable water in the area but only allowed 16’ trailer or less so that left me out. The developed sites all had electric and water at each site and one or two had sewer, but at a premium. It cost an additional $8 per night. Their was a dump station at the entrance of the rv park for everyone else.

Crowded !

Sure theirs some nice views, but you have to take turns viewing them. I’ve never seen so many rv’s in one area in the last 3 years of boondocking. If that’s not enough, the atv’s are stirring up a lot of dust. It’s like a little city out in the middle of no where without any amenities. Then again if you don’t mind squeezed in like a sardine, it is free.

Great Dispersed camping

This is one of my favorite areas to boondock in the southwest winter season. The views are phenomenal ! To my surprise I thought it would be crowded here this year, but no. As soon as you turn off of W Salome Hwy on to W Courthouse rd you’ll find at least 9 or more entrances that lead up towards the mountain. Some better than others, meaning they can be very rocky, so be careful of tire damage. Like any time your looking for a site, park in a safe place and search by either foot or in my case ebike. I have found the last couple roads in on the far west to be the smoothest, but they are also more populated. Sites here can accommodate the big rigs, but the smaller you are the more options you have. This BLM, 14 day maximum.

Worth the bumpy ride

Another app calls this Forest rd 687, probably because where all the camping sites are. Coming from Tombstone you travel on N Middlemarch rd which is 10 miles of dirt washboard and just plain bumpy for 10 miles until FR 687 comes up as you Y to the left. FR 687 is not exactly smooth either and not that wide (maybe 1 1/2 vehicle), but your basically there. From the cattle guard you just went through I would say 2-3 miles of established sites even for the bigger rigs and if your smaller or tent camping, just past the next cattle guard and it goes on and on. It would be hard not to find a site with a beautiful view of the Dragoon Mtn ridge, even from within your rig. Of course that would be after you dust off all the windows. Your roughly at 5000’ so winter camping be prepared for snow on occasion. It also can be a little breezy. I’m up here at the end of December and their calling for snow next week. Plenty of hiking, mtn bike, horseback riding and rock climbing. The locals love it up here too, so there is some traffic. Other than that it is pretty quiet and peaceful. This is all dispersed camping so come well equipped, because if you forget anything the closest town with supplies is Sierra Vista or Benson.

Beautiful area

After enduring the 3 mile washboard road and pulling through the last cattle guard you’ll find it was well worth the journey. That’s if you have a small to medium rig because for the big rigs their are only a couple sites and as popular as this place is getting you might not find a site. At the entrance you’ll find a vaulted toilet pit and a couple of trash barrels as of the time of this review. The Ranger who stops in once in awhile said people are abusing the trash barrels and they might resort to start charging an entrance fee. If you’re into rock climbing, theirs plenty of it and you could find some Indian artifacts. Please pack out what you packed in

A life saver in the cold months

This is a nice campground, I’m sure it would be more enjoyable in the warmer seasons. Has everything you need to have a pleasurable stay except for laundry facilities. Full hook ups for the RV’er, tent camping, boat ramp with docks, playgrounds, restrooms with showers, personal garbage can picked up weekly, friendly staff, fire rings and bbq grills. All this comes with beautiful views that over look the reservoir and best of all open year around. For the cold weather campers the shower floors are heated! Can’t believe I got all this for $500 month plus $35 vehicle fee.

Campground /RV Park

Out of the two major RV Parks in the area I would consider this to be the best. All the normal amenities except a pool. The front section feels like a true campground with the exception of the sites are a little close and the rear corner is set up like a gravel rv parking lot and priced accordingly. For long term expect to pay rent plus electricity along with a $100 deposit. Also a $100 difference between the front sites with trees and a gravel parking lot in the back. The staff is very friendly and will help out with any problem neighbors. I think the only negative I have is they are a little pricey, but then again the whole area seemed pricey when it comes to campgrounds.


This place is closed and up for sale

Right off the highway

Not your typical KOA with a pool and big playground. Which I was looking for anyways while working here in the Minot area. Except for the highway noise it’s quite a peaceful park. The grounds are well groomed, but could use some up dating. ( not much for grass ). The office on the other hand is updated and has a few rv accessories, but no groceries. Nice laundry facility, as for the restrooms/ showers ?closed because of COVID-19. Over 100 sites, but almost half are taken by the RV dealership because they own the park as seen in the picture. Only 5 of the rv’s shown in the pick are guests, the rest are part of the dealership.