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The beauty above!

There are two camp grounds in the portal. One about half way up and the other at the end of the road before you start your ascent up to one of the tallest mountains on the northern hemisphere!

The camp site that’s half way up has a stream running through it with hand made fire pits and bear cages per camp site. This site is truly stunning while star gazing and watching the sun just kiss the peak of Whitney in the early morning. Truly inspirational to get your day going.

The camp site above is immersed in the tall pine trees that sit right before the rocks take its place because of the lack of oxygen due to the elevation.

A fun area to day hike but if you are planning on going up you will need a permit.


This place is absolutely breathtaking! I want to go up to this area every if I could. There is so much to see and so much to ponder. This is a great place to see what the world looked like Thousands of years ago!

With trees being hundreds and thousands of years old you get to see just a glimpse of what we were and where we came from. I was expecting to see a dinosaur at one point!

If you are planning to just drive through you are doing the wrong thing. You need to stay at least a week and walk through this magestic land!


Amazing place to catch your breath from the city life of Los Angeles. That is if you can with the elevation! There are so many hikes and with PCTers walking in and out of town you are sure to find great stories wondering through.

You can hike and camp up to the peak or you can do a calming hike around the area and take in all the pines.

Lava rocks!!

A very cool and Very unique spot in Southern California. Places to walk around places to climb around. If you plan on doing any rock climbing then you’re planning on doing this in the morning. With the face of the sun kissing the rocks expect them to get extremely hot!

Bring water! There are toilets around and single camp sites with fire pits.

This is a great little stop off the 395.

A mountain that soars above

Mt. Shasta is a place that’s beautiful from every angle. If you’re on the road or on the mountain all it does is takes your breath away.

Stay where it’s more comfortable for you but at least go and stay and see this beauty!

Winter time really is its best time but beware and plan ahead, a lot of the camp sites are closed in that time of year!

See all the stars

it all depends where you camp if there will be toilets or not but, either way this place is breath taking.

Amongst Gods!

Truly breath taking loop. This is a dirt road loop. There are sites where you can post up for the night but there will be no running water, bathrooms or anything that will make you feel like human society is around! If you’re like me and love that then this place is truly magical!

Even if you’re not stopping to camp at least take the time to drive through it.

Beautiful rock formations

A great little spot to gaze at the rocks!

Good little spot

You wouldn’t expect seeing a place like this in the flat land that it rests in. Mills canyon is a nice litttle camping spot with fun little secrets. Can you find them? There is a fire pit per site with a few restrooms between sites.

Never did I know something this magnificent was around!

I’ve always been star struck with Mount Shasta. I never saw the beauty of the surroundings. McArthur Park is an easy stop and a fun walk. Bring a jacket. You’llget wet walking that path!

Breath taking. All I can say!

I spent about a month around Jedediah Smith park. Breath taking! Absolutely amazing! Spend some days on the trails and spend some days on the river. Awesome white water. Do what I did and cliff jump at 5:30am.

New Years Eve

I spent New Year’s Eve at this park and it was absolutely beautiful!

This place was beyond beautiful! The moon had not come up til 4am. I was in awe with the valley and being Towered by mount Whitney’s presence. I’m completely surprised by this place.

This place is an open camping “resort “. I mean if you like camping in nature. Being towered by the natural boaulders and the highest peak in 48 states with no moon felt like being on a mother planet.