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Ocean & Redwoods

there you have your pick; camp on the beach or camp in the redwoods. you cant go wrong with either one. located on higway 1 between monterey and Cambria this place is any miss. So keep an eye our for the turn out. but totally worth it. beautiful trail to the abandone limekilns and falls

Absolutely Must Do

Like the title says, its got to be on your to-do list of places to visit. And because the place is so spectacular, you are going to want to stay. But! getting in is tough. Just keep trying and trying until you finally land a campsite. Totally worth. TONS! to do and see around. Bears are prevelant so take care.

Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park at your door

So, Azalea is a really nice campground with sugar pines and redwoods all around. From here you can more easily drive to the giant sequoias either in Sequoia Nat’l park or Kings Canyon. Or even check out king’s canyon. Pretty spectacular. Also as kind of a tip, although you cant camp here in the winter, it makes for a great snow play area.

Sequoia at its Best

Absolutely beautiful scenery all around. If you have never seen a giant sequoia tree, this is a must. From this site you are in the middle of the giant groves will easy access to the General Grant tree and others like it. Bear are prevalent so take precautions.

Just north of Morro Bay

More of a parking lot than a campsite. I guess this great if you have an RV or trialer. But yeah, right next to sand and water and there is plenty to explore in the surrounding areas.

Popular Spot but Great Location

This campsite is just south of the City of Pismo Beach along Highway 1 (albeit its called something different along this stretch). It’s a mixture of tent and trailer camping. Plenty of amenities on site but also very much a communal experience. Don’t expect to have a lot of space between you and your neighbor or much privacy. But heck there are stones throw from the beach and there is a trail on the south end to access. Also adjacent to the monarch butterfly sanctuary

Great if you are in a pinch

So, let’s say that you planned on going camping along CA Central Coast. But somehow your reservations at a more prominent campsite got botched. Of course, without assigning blame to anyone who was responsible for the reservations. Well then, EL Chorro Regional Park might be your saving grace.  

Located off Highway 1 between Moro Bay and San Luis Obispo, this typically overlooked campsite has not much there but still within arms (long arms) reach of many popular destinations.

No Room in Pismo? Then Try and Love Avila Beach

This use to be a little shanty sea side town but now after some major renovations, it can be a pretty popular spot. Especially during early summer. Very enjoyable area with, again, super cute town nearby.

Off Roaders Delight

The place is essentially a wilderness theme park for serious and novice off-roaders of all types. Bikes, Jeeps, Trucks, ATV’s you name it there is a course for your to try out your skills and develop new ones.

Central Coast Camping - Beckons a VW Van

Low key but nice beach side campground along California’s Central Coast. Not to far from Santa Barbara. A bit of a surfers paradise because of some of the spots not far from the campsite.

Camping in Paradise

There is nothing like camping in paradise. Camping also makes paradise a little more affordable. Great site. Just off/on the beach depending on which site you get. The water is great.

Grand Canyon Camping

Great site near the Grand Canyon. Not too far from a lot of the popular sites. Also has its own general store.

High in Sequoia

Situated almost 7,000 feet above sea level Lodgepole is located in Lodgepole Village in Sequoia National Park. There is a great market/general store at the entrance of the site and of course there is plenty to see and do in Sequoia Nat'l Park

Sierra Camping

Not far from Shaver Lake. Offers a complete Sierra Nevada camping feel. Plenty of trails. The area can get semi busy in the summer but plenty of wilderness to find yourself alone sometimes.

Shaver Lake Camping

Great campsite if you want to camp around Shaver Lake in the Sierras of California. Beautify lake, plenty of water sports. The small town has great rustic mountain vibe.

Castle and Sea

This is a quaint campsite along California’s Central Coast. Not a lot at the site but in great proximity to Hearst Castle, elephant seals, zebras (no joke) and cute towns.

Unexpected Gem

As a person who typically camps in remoter spots, I was pleasantly surprised by Morro Bay State Park in Morro Bay, CA. Although it is nestled between a golf course and surrounding community, once there, the site is as good as being at a remoter site but with the super convenience of having a beautiful and charming sea side town just outside of it. Perfect for the family that wants to dip-there-toe into camping without wanting to be too far from amenities and services.

Lake Tahoe at its Sweetest

There is nothing like Lake Tahoe and all its beauty. And Emerald Bay State Park puts right there within arms reach. Lovely campground, very forrested and lake accesible

Lakeside Camping

Not too spectacular except for its access to a lake. And there is plenty to lake to enjoy if you are into water sports. Minor water park also nearby.

Literally camping on the beach

One of the few beaches that will let you drive your car on to the beach, find a vacant spot and camp overnight. Totally worth trying if you have never done beach camping.