Gail W.


Homosassa , FL

Joined July 2020

Feels Comfortable and safe

Been here a couple weeks and really love it. Clean well kept bathrooms and friendly people. We are right on the water and lots of wildlife. The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is I didn't want people to think it's a upper class place, it's not for those that want all the amenities and new stuff.. it's regular people. Some older RVs and tents, some newer. Lots of character, dinosaurs and even a small helicopter (old, not working) scattered throughout. Close to a beach and lots of food and grocery choices. Close to everything but feels tucked away.

Very comfortable and clean

We are boondockers so we tend to stay away from very peoplely places.. and this is a bit peoply. That said it was very comfortable everything was clean and super convenient. There was 30 amp as well as 50 amp water there's a dump station clean bathrooms nice showers even dedicated dishwashing sinks and a washer and dryer. We definitely heard people talking but as it got dark which happens early this time of year things settle down pretty quickly and never had a problem at night. I would definitely go here again if we didn't have backwoods options.

Beautiful, secluded, and free (with reservation)

You make a free reservation and receive the gate code to get in. We had a wonderful time and ran into very few people. Pretty much the only thing we heard were airboats. We will definitely go back! Lots and lots of books though make sure you use protection.

GPS had a hard time getting there so I am going to include directions it's super easy.. not so much if you follow Google though! Google will try to have you going through roads that don't go through.

There is a circle k on highway 41, the street light right there is Eden if you follow that street it turns into moccasin slough. Go all the way till you run out of concrete.. then keep going straight down the dirt road it is very dusty keep it slow. Approximately 10 minutes from circle k to the gate.. all on the same road. I guess Google does not believe that road goes through but it does.

Very nice and free! (W/ permit)

There are three different areas to camp, all require reservations however they are free. Holly Hill is backpackers I would say it's over 5 miles in and not accessible other than hiking. You can park outside the gate off of North Hooty point. Oak hammock is on north Dee River Rd and has regular spot that is left at the outhouse a ways, and nearby for if you bring a horse. The other spot is off north Hooty Point and is called River primitive camping.. there are four or five spots and you can boat right into these spots! However the downside is they are flooded some of the year. To find these you just go to the end of the road, I would guess it's just shy of a mile. The nicest are definitely the River camping, but oak hammock is still pretty nice. I am not ambitious enough to make it back to the other one.. Lol

Nice area right on the water

About 5 miles worth of very graded dirt road but if you take it slow should be accessible to all. Fire pits at some but not all sites and water is not visible until you get to the edge however it is a nice area right off of Forest road. Vault toilet available but no other services.

Nice area, no shade

Nice area, refreshing swim.. Could be more shade. Limited fire pits but lots of space. Free for Montana residents!

Super bumpy road, good sites

The road in is treacherous.. but there are both communal sites in the front at the beach and more secluded towards the back (where the roads are even worse) however while we were there it was quiet and most people were respectful. (One idiot left all their trash at their site all over the place!)