Gabby & Brian V.

Colorado Springs, CO

Joined July 2021

traveling in our tiny van

Beautiful open sky view

Highly recommend taking a walk to watch the stars very late at night! There is a spot past the tress if where the sky completely opens up, really nice spot in the shade to put tent! Got to watch a crazy thunderstorm in our newly converted van! Follow our journey & YouTube!!


dragons tooth is off a path that is part of the Appalachian Trail, there is a good amount of parking with a bathroom and garbage, once you begin the trail there are a few dispersed obvious camping spots, these are the only camping spots that are easy to walk to the rest of the hike is moderate, but to get to the top of dragons tooth becomes a strenuous hike once you get to the big rock, it appears to look like a scary incline from the base but the arrows on the rocks (there’s a lot of painted white arrows) show you where to step up and continue on the trail. My fiancé and I have done lots of miles on the AT and this is a pretty rough spot to climb with a bigger backpack so pack light. Once you get to the top of the rock the view is incredible there are a few maybe four or five good camping spots likely you’ll be up there alone, but the Appalachian Trail does pass through. Technically this exact spot is not on the trail as it is like a path off of it but the hike to get to it is on the AT, The arrows and the trail are very clear, it’s a moderate to hard hike! Bring lots of water! No need to pack a life straw of any kind because there’s not really water around except right in the beginning of the trail from the parking lot. We are both young and fit, with our big backpacks on it probably took us about two hours to make it to the tip of dragons tooth. Even if you just going there for an easy walk the beginning is really nice along the river. Beautiful spot to place a tent at the top just past the main “tooth” rock. You’ll see a giant fire pit, We actually lugged up a Bag of firewood to have a fire, There’s not many sticks. But there’s Lots of trees so don’t forget a Hammock!! And again 10000% worth the view   


Really nice campground, beautiful area with many hikes and easy walks, the beach, historic sites, really nice camp store and well maintained sites! But so many raccoons!! Oh my gosh like they are not afraid of people and will come and take the s’mores right off your plate! Late while our family was asleep, the raccoons broke into their tent and took all our marshmallows & hot dog buns! So warning ⚠︎︎ the raccoons run that place!!
It’s still a really nice campground!

Nicest campground ever!!!

So beautiful here, Zion is just beautiful yes, but the tent sites here are really nice! All a good distance from each other and a beautiful pergola for some shade, it gets VERY HOT mid-day! recommend doing some of the more strenuous hikes early am or in the evening, nicest spot to hangout during the hottest point in the day is at the lodge, there’s a giant tree on the lawn that just creates so much shade and the grass is cool, but the campground has a beautiful view, nice hikes from the campsite! Walk to the museum after dinner before it gets dark to refill on some cold fresh water and wait for the stars to come out!! So beautiful! And refreshing!! Great campsite! And clean bathrooms! (Showers at Zion outfitter $4 5min. Must take one after narrows! ⚠︎︎ toxic algae) Overcrowded but still fun

DUST STORM! still awesome spot

4 min drive from park entrance! after visiting the park this was a awesome place to camp for the night! It was a bumpy drive in but not bad, lots of obvious dispersed sites where people have camped. Nice and open beautiful place to look at the stars I’m sure if there wasn’t a dust storm!! As soon as we started to cook dinner we had to very quickly!! hop in the van cause the dust just suddenly started blowing in! Even through that it was still so cool to watch and listen to all the I’m sure pounds of sands hit the side of our van and at some points we could barely see out the windows!! Good thing we didn’t set up our tent cause it would have blown away for sure! Long story short; be careful! So nice out there though

Private quite & near Bryce

Just stayed in Bryce for 2 nights, it was beautiful everyday and Thunder and lightning every night. Stopped here to enjoy some more of the storm out in a more private and secluded spot, but not too secluded, there are plenty of spots but there’s also lots of trees! Good shade! Bumpy gravel road to get in but it’s not bad if you make it In the daylight:) also good service so I was able to work from my computer!