Nice Small Park

The park was very quaint, but was we still had a great time! We enjoyed sitting around the fire and floating out in the middle of the lake! The rope swing is a great place to watch while your out floating!

Upper Peninsula Waterfalls

We stayed in the Rivermouth Modern Campground. Each of the campsites are very close together and you can see everyone around you. The bathroom facilities were very clean. 

We enjoyed renting a rowboat and rowing a short distance to and island to view the lower falls! The lower falls are much more enjoyable to see than the upper falls. The upper falls area is very crowded and you can only view the falls from a few areas. 

In the Rivermouth campground, there is a small beach area along the river. It is very peaceful and a great place to layout at night and watch the stars.

We also traveled outside the state park up to Whitefish Point. We went there because there is a beautiful long beach on Lake Superior that goes on forever. There is also the Whitefish Point Lighthouse that you can tour!

Simply Beautiful

A few years ago I only had booked a campsite here because I was attending Ashley for the Arts in Arcadia.. I had no knowledge of what this park had to offer until I arrived.

I continue coming back every year for Ashley for the Arts, but also because its gorgeous! The bluffs and the river make this place so great. Brady's Bluff is not necessary an easy hike, but the view afterwards is worth it. 

Campsites are nice and shaded and the canoe/ kayak rentals were very fun!

Very Peaceful Weekend

This trip was planned on very short notice, so I didn't really know a whole lot about this park. I was pleasantly surprised when we started to do some exploring. Echo Rock trail is a great hike around rock formation. I was disappointed when I realized how far away the shower/toilets are away from ever loop in the campground. It wasn't a huge deal because vault toilets aren't awful, but it is nice to actually wash your hands properly once your done. 

My favorite part was finding an unmarked trail along the lake! If you walk down to the fishing pier and hop over the railing to your right you will walk along a beautiful trail between large rock structures and the lake.

Best View Ever

I absolutely loved campsite 28 in the Union Bay Campground. You sit right next to Lake Superior overlooking the water! Between you and the water is a beautiful large rocky beach area that spans the shoreline for miles. Especially because you also get a wonderful view of the sunset as well. At night we laid out on the rocks and watched the stars! All night long you hear the waves crashing into shore. It was so peaceful. 

It is hard for me to look for other campsites at different campgrounds because of how much I loved this spot. This site is hard to beat!

Not to mention how beautiful the rest of the park was. Mountains, waterfalls, and thousands of acres of forest. I will be coming back for another visit.