Everette G.
Warner Robins, GA
Joined February 2018
Great site and amenities

This park has great camping with many, many sites of various sizes, all for roughly $30 a night. This may sound steep but the amenities by far make up for it.

Each site has a dirt or gravel pad, water and electricity hookups and are all situated within walking distance of a bathroom. There is also a centralised trading Post in the camp, separate from the main office. The bathrooms are all spotless and each area has a camp host constantly cleaning.

The views are awesome and there is some awesome yoking near by, as well as some very well marked trails in the area.

Nice campground with great trails and tons of visitors

This campground is gorgeous and free. There are two sides of the camp, the camp side and the trail side. It is very, very high traffic on the weekends. There is water and bathroom access. DO NOT CAMP ANYWHERE THAT ISNT AN ESTABLISHED CAMPGROUND, the ranger will come yell at you. Seriously. He will yell. I got yelled at.

There are several sites grouped on one side, by the parking lot, following a Creek. On the trail side there are several established campsites as well. These are harder to access but maybe a better alternative to the main camping area. Privacy on the trail side is limited as the trail gets a fair amount of traffic, but the campground side is grouped together (not terribly close but still a bit close) and fills up every weekend. Pretty much all campgrounds are within a stone's throw of the creek, which will lull you to sleep every night.

We had one bad experience here. A ton of college kids were on break and camped on the trail side. The morning after there was vomit everywhere as well as empty beer cans, trash, and you couldn't escape the smell of dank stank at all.