Evan H.

Great Falls, MT

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I am an active duty Air Force member who uses almost every day off to camp, hike, mountain bike, or photograph nature.

Neat little spot

This place seems to be the ultimate in Beartooth Area campgrounds in my opinion. It is tucked away in the forest, you have to drive dirt roads to get there, and the sites are huge with lots of available fun to be had. Just like the other campgrounds in the area there are fire pits, picnic tables, small pull ins, and toilets. One place this campground stands out is the actual campsite. Each site is huge and has tons of soft flat dirt as well as trees everywhere for you hammock people. There was a storm blowing in while I stayed there but due to the trees it was quite peaceful at this campground. If you are into hiking this place is a wonderful jumping off point for tons of hikes such as Glacier Lake.

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Unusual sites

This campground is located along one of the nations most scenic highways and seems to fill up fast from online reservations. However, if you do get a spot there are plenty of resources here. This includes fresh water spigots, fire pits, picnic tables, firewood (with the camp host), and clean restrooms. In terms of the actual campsite it seems this area is more suited to trailers or RVs. Each site has a long pull in driveway but the area for tent pads seems to be non-existent. You really have to look hard to find a level spot that isn't littered with small to medium sized rocks. On the plus side, the Wyoming Creek runs along the campground muffling any noise from cars that might be on the highway and there are plenty of trails to hike right from the campground. If you have a vehicle with a moderate amount of clearance you can venture further back from the campground and really start to explore some of the back country hiking.

Gorgeous Lake

I spent one night here with my sister and friend and we had the whole place to ourselves. There are 3 campsites that are all close together on the beach at the foot of the lake. Just up the hill is a vault toilet (bring your own toilet paper!) and further along the lake is the food preparation area with a pole setup to hang your food. In order to get back to this campsite you can park at Bowman Lake and take the Quartz Loop trails to get back there. The northern route is a bit shorter but involves a steady climb (1500 ft) up a ridge. The southern route is shorter but has a lot of downed trees as of Aug 2017. This campground is in Glacier National Park so naturally the hikes, surrounding area, and campground all have gorgeous views. One little tip, bring bug spray and bear spray. Overall, I love this campground and would go back in a heartbeat.

Life saver

This place is right outside the northern entrance to Yellowstone. While Yellowstone campgrounds seem to fill up almost instantly, this place somehow has had plenty of spots each time I have needed one late at night. Each site has a fire pit and most have a table. There are also restrooms and water sources. On the downside the highway is about 100 yards or less from some of the campsites. Due to the proximity to the highway there is definitely a fair bit of noise from the cars driving by. If you are a heavy sleeper this will be no problem. On the plus side, there are some nice photography locations along the canyon as well as some national forest hiking trails that are just outside the park. Overall, this campground has been extremely useful and saved me a few times now.

Large Campground

This place has the most campsites of any campground in any National Park the US has to offer! Definitely helps when you are trying to get a reservation in peak season. Each campsite offers a fire pit, picnic table, and bear box. One thing to note was that our fire pit was completely submerged making flooding very easy. There was also no discernible tent pad but that made no difference because we had nice soft dirt that was quite level. The site was also pretty spacey so there was plenty of room for multiple tents or other gear. The campground is located a short walk from Yellowstone Lake which offers some great views and there are many great areas nearby. Overall, this was a fun campsite that offers quite a bit.

Tons of fun!

We showed up here after a long day of hiking and backpacking in Glacier hoping to find a campsite. Thankfully, the east side of Hungry Horse Reservoir fills up a little bit slower than the west due to the dirt roads that are required to get there. The campground itself is located on a hill with different rings of campsites as you go up the hill (the outer ring near the water gets a nice breeze). There is plenty of room for trailers and boats at this campground with double wide spots. Toilets, picnic tables, fire pits, trails to water, firewood, campground hosts, and water sources are all available here. This campground offers tons of opportunities for activities such as swimming, cliff jumping, boating, hiking, and some great night photography locations. Overall, this is a really fun place to stay.

Great Variety

This place is not quite in the most traveled areas of Montana which makes it wonderful if you want to escape the tourist crowds in the summer. Plenty of locals and informed people realize the beauty of this area and will show up to camp for the weekend, fish, or just get out there on the water and play. There is a boat dock just up the road and the campground allows you to pull through so there is plenty of room at each site. The actual campsites are away from the road and near some trees with a nice stream close by. If you feel like getting out and hiking there are a fair amount of trails in the Bighorn Canyon area as well as some fantastic views. Overall, this place turned out to offer a whole lot of fun in a place that you wouldn't expect it.

Popular location

This is a fun campground, albeit a little difficult to find a spot unless you reserve one ahead of time. This campground offers large sites (some are pull in and others are pull through), water sources, pit toilets, hiking access, electrical hookups, fire pits, tables, and some nice views. Depending on which site you get you can camp on a hillside above the river or right next to the river. The Hyalite reservoir area offers many opportunities to have fun. Some of the noteworthy hikes in the area are Hyalite Trail and Emerald Lake Trail (these are both part of the trail share program so watch out for bikes on certain days). If you desire getting out on the water Hyalite Reservoir is a perfect place to float or paddle. There are also some trails that leave directly from the northern end of the campground. Overall, this is a wonderful place to stay.

Flathead Lake!

This campground is the furthest north on the west side of the lake making Kalispell and Lakeside extremely accessible if need be. The campgrounds have plenty of restrooms and water spigots throughout. There is ample space for RVs or trailers and each of the tent pads are nice and wide with a soft base. There is also a day picnic area and a boat dock with paddle board rentals. At night you can hear the cars go by on the highway but if you play hard during the day you'll sleep right through it. Overall, this was a fantastic place to stay.

Small but grand

This little campground, only 9 sites, is very well kept and in a wonderful location. The Tetons are about an hour away and West Yellowstone is about the same distance. Not to mention Lower Mesa Falls is only 100 or so yards from the closest campsite. Upper Mesa Falls is just up the road as well making this a great jumping off point for almost any adventure. In regards to the actual campground, there are sites with electrical hookups and spots large enough to fit two RVs. There is also fire pits, tables, water, restrooms, and even bug traps. Since the site is so small there is also not much noise except for a car driving by every now and then. Overall, a wonderful place to stay.

Jumping off point

This campground is pretty small but is located right on the edge of the lake making for some nice views and a relaxing environment. There are bathrooms, small docks, a swimming area in the lake, fire pits, and water. The best thing about this campground is the proximity to Hauser Dam. There are some wonderful hikes around the dam as well as great fishing. If you are there in August you can see the largest concentration of Bald Eagles west of the Mississippi.


This campground is located in a great spot for getting onto Whitefish Lake and being near town while still out in the woods. But… There are train tracks about 40 feet away from some of the campsites and trains come through almost all night long. If you are a light sleeper I wouldn't plan on getting much sleep. There are restrooms and water as well as a day picnic area. Overall, the campground is quite nice and has good proximity to some beautiful hikes. Also, if you are into winter camping this is probably one of the best places to camp to get out to Whitefish to ski.

Interesting area

This campground is located in a very interesting area. The surrounding woods were burned in a fire some time ago so there are views for miles. The night sky here is one of the darkest around making it wonderful for photography. Lastly, this campground is a great jumping off point for pack trips with horses, climbing Mt. Wright, getting into the Bob Marshal Wilderness, and finding some small waterfalls. The campground itself is nothing too special. There are bathrooms, water, fire pits, and tables. Overall, this is a great base camp for hiking.

Wonderful location

This campground is a wonderful jumping off point for getting into Glacier National Park, exploring hikes outside the park, checking out Big Fork, and getting out on Flathead Lake. There is a dock and boat ramp as well as electrical hook ups, water, fire pits, and restrooms. During the day there is usually a fair amount of people around the dock and day picnic area but the campground is surrounded by dense vegetation keeping it nice and quiet. There are some small hikes in the park area and great sunset views from the cliffs along the lake.

Lots of old rocks

This is a pretty neat campground if you enjoy geology and some history. The campground itself has a few areas which can flood quite easily (I got a bit wet when an unexpected storm rolled in). Otherwise, the campsites are nestled in between a mixture of large rock formations and tall trees. This makes it a fun place for kids because they can run around on the rocks and still stay in view of parents. There is water and toilets available here and you will probably see a decent amount of deer. In the way of hiking there are some trails but it seems more like a free for all to just explore the area. Overall, a fun place to visit even if you are just stopping for an hour or so.

Fun night

This is a nice little camping area with plenty of fun nearby. During the day there is a fair amount of traffic that will drive by in order to get to the wonderful hikes just up the road. This reservoir area seems to be a place where some of the college kids go to have fun at nights making it a bit loud, but funny, at night. There are toilets and fire pits around and great night sky viewing if you are into that. Overall, I really enjoyed my time camping at this lake.

First to Review
First winter camping

This is a beautiful area of Montana that goes under visited and under appreciated. The campground is just as nice as you would find in one of the national parks. There are fire pits, tables, pit toilets, and the availability of firewood and water at each camping area. I was able to make my way down here in January and happened to be the only fool camping in the Montana winter when a wind storm rolled through. Regardless of the wind, this is a wonderful campground with plenty of hiking and biking extremely close to the campground.

Great spot

I showed up here late one night on my way to Big Sky and was lucky enough to get a spot. There are plenty of amenities such as toilets, fire pits, and tables. If you are looking to do some night photography there are some great spots just along the river, which the campground borders, that provide some breathtaking views. There can be a bit of noise in the morning with people heading up the road for off road fun but overall this is a great little spot tucked away just off the highway.

Enjoyable night

This is one of those campsites that has some great proximity to wonderful views but is far enough into the park that it doesn't fill up immediately. I showed up late on a holiday evening and was still able to snag a spot before it filled up. There are plenty of available resources at this park to include fire pits, tables, electrical hook ups, water hook ups, fire wood, and even showers. The proximity to Jackson Lake is also a wonderful feature of the campground. If you are into night photography this is a great place to get away and find some pretty nice shots.

Coldest night ever

I came down from Great Falls, MT to ski at Jackson and do some winter camping in the park. The National Park website states that they keep the "campground" open in the winter. This campground is a the parking lot for the normal summer campground. It is iced over and not very easy to find, especially if you get there late in the day. However, there is an open and heated bathroom available which is a huge bonus. I had a great time camping here even though the night reached -30F. The only reason it received 3 stars is due to the comparison between Mammoth Hot Springs winter campground which is fantastic.