Can't beat being near Hood

Places like this make Oregon, Oregon. No matter what outdoor activity you're here for, you'll find it here.

Healing waters smell like rotten eggs.

Being this near to Ashland, it could be all in my head, but the water smells like the Ashland springs. Some say it's good for you, though! Either way, you shouldn't be drinking forest water.

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Dispersed camping is the best camping.

Free, quiet, and new. Show up whenever you feel like - it belongs to everyone. Just make sure you clean up after yourself!

Picture perfect

Trillium doesn't even require any hiking. It really can't get any easier, and the photo payoff is amazing. Perfect for the lazies.

More like Brown Springs

I had a lot of fun down here on account of family, fishing, boating, and tubing. There is a lot of wildlife (deer, especially) as well as a farm with zebras, a zedonk, and a camel. However, don't be tricked by the name, the water is not blue by any means. Lots of friendly folks, though! And the water sure is warm (in the summer).

I've heard the winters are really cold, but still nice to huddle up with some hot cocoa and watch the water.

It's Missouri. In the summer.

Awesome place to go lake boating. People are out fishing, swimming, camping, and boating at all times of day. Thankfully, even though there was quite a bit of humidity, there weren't any mosquitoes. Lots of cicadas and herons.

Watch out for the alligator gar, but it is safe to swim. Wear lots of sunscreen!

Way too hot

This was the hottest campground I have ever been in my life. It was 109 and extremely humid. I've heard that in the winter, it's freezing cold. Perfect! The water was very warm to swim in, and is also a good place to fish for crappie and catfish.

Shallow part of the Sandy

Entrance fee is per car, $5. You can't burn wood fires or have dogs, which is a big turn off for a lot of folks. However, the river is clean here (makes for good swimming) and there are lots of families enjoying themselves. One of the closest campsites to Portland!

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Well... there are restrooms!

Around this area is a TON to do- paddling through rapids, golf, fishing, and (of course) hiking of various difficulties, so you'll keep entertained. The campsite is acceptable as there are restrooms but not much else.

Accessible by boat only

Fishing, boating, campfires.

There aren't any hookups for electricity or running water, but really, it's a nice place to take a break from boating all day, maybe spending the night then getting back to the mainland. Put up a tent wherever you like and enjoy people watching on the river!

Nothing to do here, dirty

Do not recommend. The campsite is very dirty and next to a busy road.

Very hard to find

Same review as before (adding more pics since it glitched before)

Very hard to find

This campsite was very hard to find, and although the drive from Portland is nice, there aren't many attractions around here. There is a nearby nude beach, though.

RVs Only

No tents allowed! Not even tent campers. It's a super busy area because it's right next to Hayden Valley, where you find a ton of wildlife that Yellowstone is famous for.

Can't build a fire, even if you have the portable fire pits. The area is prone to wildfires. However, the park rangers are very friendly, great with kids, and host evening talks in the amphitheater. We learned about the bats that fly around the area at night.

Great place to stay if you're visiting the rodeo

Checking out the St. Paul rodeo? Stay here! It's right off the I5, and perfect spot for RVs. The campsite is convenient and clean, but it's not a destination in and of itself. Just a place to rest for the night.

The bluest blue

There are a ton of tent and RV sites available between June to October (really depends on the weather).

Make sure you book ahead of time though, as they do go fast.

Beautiful waterfalls

SO good when it's hot out! Although it's not very clean, the waterfall hikes are worth it.

Otherwordly campsite

Good note: You can camp on BLM and Forest Service lands without a permit! This place is amazing. It's no wonder it's one of the seven wonders of Oregon. It's a quick drive from Bend, and to see the Wallowa burn aftermath is humbling.

One of a kind natural area

Smith Rock is in Terrebonne and is world-famous for being a rock climbing mecca. There's even a practice wall here! There's a balk-in bivouac area for tents, which means no reservations necessary. The place is clean and beautiful.

Those with RVs will find ample parking.