Erin T.

Stevens Point, WI

Joined July 2018

Near lots of recreation

All in all I was happy with this campground. It was close to the water, just a walk away from a beach and hiking trail. The campsites were fairly private as far as car camping sites go. There was adequate spacing between sites, and I never felt crowded, however I did visit during slow season. Because it was just a walk away from recreation, there were many people arriving and departing from the parking lot and camping area throughout the day, to make use of the beach and trails. I imagine that during busy season it is quite popular and quite a bit louder. There were canoes you could take out (rent) onto a lagoon between the lake and the campsites, and while I didn't end up trying one, it looked like it could be fun. The trail from the beach was nice, and went past some really interesting storm damage. They have signs up talking about the storm and how it changed the island. The trail is in the woods rather than right on the water for the most part, but close enough that you can get off at certain points and take a look. Because there was the lagoon area between the campsites and lake, the sites were pretty sheltered. Way less wind than near the lake. It wasn't too far from town, either.

Beautiful, quiet

A great campground! There is a beach, playground, as well as drive-in and hike-in sites. The waterfalls are very cool, and they have nice signage and pamphlets to learn more about them. I recommend taking the time to read about the geology. I haven't stayed in a car camping sites, but we thought they looked very nice.

The hike-in sites are great, not too far to walk but you have privacy. One thing to note about the hike-in sites is that the trails aren't well marked. Once you're on the trail for a while, they start having regular signage, but the start of the trails themselves aren't marked. You park in an area behind the car camping sites, next to what I assume is a storage building or old house. There are two starts to the trail, the one I found best is down the service road maybe a couple hundred yards. There's also one on the other side of the lot, but it winds a bit, forks into another trail, and all in all seems a little more confusing. I'd recommend just talking to the campground host when you get there, they can explain everything. The walk is short enough (a mile and a half) that we hiked out and back a couple times when camping, either to access the beach or to fill up water. Another important note is that while it's in an area where hanging a bear bag is recommended, the woods aren't thinned enough to where there are strong branches low enough for a bag. It took quite a lot of looking to find a suitable spot for our bag. There's a fire ring and picnic table at each site, which was nice. The bathrooms outhouses, which was a nice surprise, as I was expecting an unenclosed vault toilet.

There's a separate trail to the beach from the sites as well, but I went back the main way anyway. The beach isn't anything special, but is nice enough. There's a nice, small playground near the beach as well.

Nice but busy

Very busy during the summer, and not really my style (I like things quieter), but on a beautiful lake/pond. It's a very popular spot with locals, as it is right outside of town.There are lots of graduation parties, family reunions, and other parties held during the summer. There is a playground a little ways away from most of the campsites, and near the beach. The boat launch is nice.The walk-in sites are wonderful, and I couldn't wish for more with regards to those. If you do want a walk-in, make sure to book it well in advance as they fill up. The walk is pretty short but the sites are nice and secluded. The park is a little bit spread out between parts, instead of being in one small area, so be prepared to do some walking.