Pretty and quiet...but

Nice spot, very quiet, minus the bullfrogs 💚. If it rains, the ground gets sandy soft, so if you’re in a big rig, just be mindful of when you plan to pull in or out of here. The locals seem to be kind of nosey, you’d figure they’d be used to campers staying a couple days to a week as this is a 10 day spot. The police come through multiple times a day and log by photograph who is there and how long. There is a box for payment of $10/night, my understanding it’s for the sites that have electric service by the docks on the lake Durkee. We might have been in a local guys fishing spot for the 5 days we stayed. (There were rotting fish carcasses all over-our dogs found them and then we respectfully returned them to the lake as their resting spot) He drives a cobalt blue pick up and exercises his dogs by either chasing him with the truck or having him chase his truck. 🙄 And I wonder if he called the police on us, the police came, said they had a call about 2 school buses…the police were super nice, actually one has been wanting to get a skoolie for his family. So nice, but the locals are bullies (anyone who calls on people quietly, cleanly, and peacefully camping IMO is a bully)

Clean, nice views

Perfect for the horse enthusiast, with corrals available for every site. It was full the day I got there, but stayed for breakfast before the check ins started (I asked first). Right on the MDH Trail, for us MTB peeps.

Peaceful and clean!

NF Campground. Pay $6 per night or less with America the Beautiful pass. First come first serve. Lovely wildflowers to admire. Right on Buffalo Gap Trail which bypasses TRNP for us MTB folk.