Erin D.

Concord, NC

Joined May 2019

Quiet and Private Camping

This campground was well laid out. None of the sites were on top of each other, and every site was very lush with greenery.

We had a lot of rain while there, however we made the best of it and the kids loved it!

Bathhouse was clean and had showers.

Several options for kids to enjoy the property with a game room and fishing lake.

Moderate Trail to Spectacular Views

This campground and trail is located off of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We decided to do the loop, rather than hiking back up the rocky path after the kids were tired from playing in the water. The trial was easier on the second half of the loop, as it was dirt rather than rock.

Overall, the view of the waterfall is mesmerizing! And a nice breaking spot for the loop distance.

Creekside Camping

Indian Creek offers the most relaxing creekside camping in North Carolina.

Every campsite is lush with greenery, private and well maintained after each occupancy. The bathhouse is the cleanest I have found and the campsite store carries all of your forgotten necessities, and more!

My husband and I love coming back to this campground, because how of well we and our kids sleep! The sound of the creek at night melts all of your worries away and takes you off to peaceful slumber.

This campground is always in rotation for a visit.

Family Favorite Campground

How exactly do you beat these views?

Campsite #6 is our favorite, and never disappoints. Our first night on this trip, the sky was clear and we could see the milky way! We left home and the temperate was well into the high 90’s, however the temperate on top of the mountain never came above 62! The sunset from the campground parking lot and our campsite, is breathtaking as you can see in the photos I’ve included.

This is a primitive campground. So if you’re family needs some ‘downtime’ to disconnect and unwind, find your way to Mt. Mitchell Campground. Explore cooking over a campfire and hiking the trails in the refreshing 60 degree weather. No electricity, no wi-fi, just pure quality time.

Important note: Do pay attention to the weather, listed on the state park website. Wind gusts easily get into the double digits, and if you aren’t prepared for that, it can be alarming, especially while tent camping.