Ericka T.

North Myrtle Beach , SC

Joined May 2019

Glorified Parking Lot

So… the “campground” is nothing special. Literally a parking lot with water & electric hookups. Larger rigs will barely have a yard. And don’t bet on a private picnic table. On a slow checkout day, you might get lucky enough to not wait in line for the dump station.

We’ve paid much less for “more”… the $120 price per night was ridiculous. But being that they have no competitors in the area (and they know it), RVers wanting a quick escape to see NYC can get it here. The ONLY thing we really liked about it was it’s convenient location to the city with easy access to the ferry boats.

The area itself was under a ton of construction when we drove in, which meant for difficult to navigate roads and we barely squeezed by larger trucks who were also in the roadways. But we did manage to walk our way to the marina restaurant “Surf City”, which was a unique and fun spot for end of day dinner & drinks.

We would only consider staying here again during the “off-season” months when the campground isn’t busy. The woman who checked us in was very pleasant and helpful when helping us figure out how to get around without driving.

Immaculate Campground

The grounds here were amazing, well-kept and very clean. My only gripe is there was absolutely NO shade. Our A/C ran nonstop and never felt “cool” due to being in the blazing sun all day. If they added some trees between campsites, it would make this campground more desirable. The amenities were great- the pool was fun and the perfect temperature to cool us off (but super crowded). The best part of this campground (in my opinion) was the state-of-the-art fitness center. It had everything I could have wanted!

Perfect For Families

This place has large campsites and is easy to park bigger rigs! The amenities here were amazing- our kids LOVED the bounce pillow and pool. We stayed in 3 different campsites within this resort- the creek front sites were the bread & butter of this campground. The main road is a .7 mile loop, which was super safe for my morning runs. The speed limit in the campground is 7mph which eases my mind as a mama allowing my kiddos to ride their bikes. I felt very safe during our 12-night stay!

We Stumbled Upon This Hidden Gem

Decided to take a last-minute trip for Memorial Day weekend- no sites available anywhere in Asheville. Fortunately we found this one and rolled with it. Got there after sunset and one of the KOA guides took us to our campsite. When we woke up this morning, we finally got to see just how beautiful the place is. It’s a simple, non-complicated campground with basic amenities that our kids have loved so far. Our favorite part is the creek that run through the entire campground… It really brings out the beauty of this hidden gem. My only gripe (and I know it’s not a huge deal) is the trailer park situated right by the fence that separates from the KOA. What would otherwise be a perfect campground is unfortunately situated right next to a residential community.