The campsite was very clean and enjoyable! It had individual showers with locks. Many campsites to choose from and they were big so could accommodate many. The fire pit is very nice as well. Only downside is you need to pay for the campsite as well as a day pass for their beach, so it’s a little more expensive than some campsites, but worth it to stay there.


This campsite was very pretty. The beach was nice and they are doing construction to make it even better. The bathrooms were rough at night but clean and smelled amazing in the morning!


It was a very nice campsite for my friend and I to stay the night. We picked a tent spot near the bathroom and shower. Very clean besides some bugs— but they didn’t bite! Very quiet at night too!

Seneca Rocks!

Seneca Rocks is an unbelievable place. It is beautiful to hike up to the top and well kept. They have camping sites near by that you can hammock or set up a tent! I loved it there and look forward to going back soon.