so far yet so close

There's only 10 sites on Angel Island, so we got a permit by going during the week (24 hour trip out the front door and back) Tuesday-Wednesday. We also took the ferry from Tiburon so factor in cost of parking and ferry boat ride into the campground.

Definitely stay on the Eastern side for less wind but bring plenty of stakes in case. Small island hikable in one evening/ morning so not sure we'll return. Views are great, don't get me wrong, but I prefer hiking over looking.

drive home and back if you forgot something

Great walk-in campground so close to home in the South Bay Area (albeit walk is slightly uphill). Some campgrounds have tables and others don't - some are too close to others but the higher up hill, you're closer to the trail heads. The campground is just past a public park and sometimes on Saturday's (like our trip was), there is an outdoor wedding at part of the park (you can only faintly hear the celebration). Overall, perfect for even just a 12 hour getaway.

family lake day trip or camping

Campground off the 80 heading toward Lake Tahoe from Sacramento. Can't hear the cars on the highway but close enough to stores if you forget something, although there is also a small shop to rent boats or buy sandwiches. Perfect for families (hence, there's a lot of families) for day trips or camping. Beautiful lake but no places to hike. If you want to splash in lake water, that's fine, but this campground is more fun if you have a boat because there are beaches to boat to that you cna take over and enjoy.