Elizabeth N.

Houston, TX

Joined April 2019

Fishing and boating park

Went here for a week and it was okay. If you have a boat or love to fish it’s the perfect place. My tent was right by the water which was great but during the weekend too many kids were getting near my tent and too close to my personal belongings. I still had a good time but I would definitely go again when it’s not so busy

Lots of Dino tracks

Lots of great hiking with so many Dino tracks in the river. To get to my campsite I had to hike in a mile and a half and cross a river that went up to my knees. It was an awesome experience. Only wish that could’ve stayed longer. I had to leave early because the river became impassable from the storm, so the rangers had to come and get me out. The best time to go see the tracks is in the summer

Primitive camping

Woke up to sounds wild boar shuffling around the tent :0. Loved the primitive camping walked about .75 of a mile to get to my campsite. Great for fishing, canoeing. Loved waking up to the sounds of the birds in the morning. A great park to go to and relax. Best time is to go during the spring, it’s not to hot and not too busy


Beautiful park but so many bugs. Did some canoeing, hiking and bird watching. A good park to get away from the city. The landscape is swampy but it was beautiful in its own way. A very good campground to see stars at night. It gets pitch black. Restrooms are very clean and the rangers are very helpful and nice.


The trees were so beautiful. A very small park but great for fishing. There is a wonderfully stocked pond and a lake where you can rent canoes. There was also a pool and a cool old water tower. There were numerous historical landmarks as the park was put together by the CCC.

Bison and longhorns

So many trails to do but so hot when I went. Loved the view by the lake. Restrooms were not very clean but the park host were very friendly. I did almost all the trail in the week that I was there, I even picked up the trash that I found along the trail, a whole trash bag worth. Be careful of ants, got bit by an ant why setting up the tent.

Primitive camping :)

Did primitive camping for the first time…it was an experience I will not ever forget. The trail to my campsite was full of deer.

An underrated park that should be visited more often

First camping trip of 2018, couldn’t have picked a better place. The views of the canyon was beautiful, took the hike many times just to see it and to have lunch.