Our first time camping at Sloppy Floyd state park.

Our first time camping at Sloppy Floyd was nice! It was very quiet. There was mostly older people there so I did feel like I had to keep my kids quiet for the older people around us. There were a few kids there but not many. The comfort station was nice and had showers with a washer and dryer. It was also nice that they had ice and wood you could buy from the campground host. The host was very nice as well and loaned our kids some bicycle helmets for the time we were there. It is a very nice place if you want to get away to somewhere quiet and our campsite was fairly large but we must have not gone when there were many kids. They also offer cabins, fishing, and paddle boat and kayak rentals. If you like hiking there are also a couple of trails. The only downside is they did not offer anywhere to swim. Other than that we had a great time!