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Grew up in Wa. and B.C. I've traveled the west coast extensively. Avid camper, hiker, and fisherman. I love all things nature and tech.

Gorgeous campground on the Pend Oreille River

This is one of the better looking campgrounds in the area. It sits right on the Pend Oreille River in the Colville National Forest, so fishing is good as well as the great views. The campground was nicely maintained and the host was very pleasurable to chat with. The campground offers drinking water, day use area, boat launch, trash removal, and vault toilets.  Firewood is also sold by the host.

The sites are spacious and well separated. Each includes a fire pit, picnic table and tent pad. The website claims that all sites are accessible for any RV but I noticed a couple that might be difficult for large RV's. 

With the beauty and maintenance comes a price and that is:

$20/single site

$40/double site 

$10/Extra vehicle

$5/Day Use

All in all this place is great but a little pricey for me. I would still highly recommend it to others though as it is a beautiful place to stay, especially iof you have a boat.

Great FREE dispersed sites right on the creek!

I found this awesome little campground on my way to Sullivan Lake from Metaline Falls.

It is just off the main road, next to Sullivan Creek. It is fully a dispersed group of sites so no trash, water, toilet, or any amenities. There is an information sign and several rock rings for fires.  This is my kind of site, just throw your tent up where ever and go fish or hike. 

The trees are fairly dense so the whole place is well shaded. Sullivan Creek is right there! Sullivan Lake is just a few miles to the east. With Metaline falls a few to the west, there are shops, eteries, and evan a movie theatre close by.

All in all a great place to stay a couple of nights.

Ranger Review: Rebel Stretch Shell Jacket/Red Ledge at Pend Oreille Park

Campground Review: 

 Pend Oreille County Park Is a deceptive name as it is really a large piece of beautiful forest land off highway 2 run by the county. There are miles of hiking/biking trails in this dense forest. The day use is free and has plenty of parking. There are also a large open picnic shelter, ADA accessible vault toilet, Picnic tables, grills/fire pits, and potable spigots. There is also a nice little stream that runs through the day use area during the spring. 

The campground is only$10 a night per site, which is a great deal for what you get. There are 26 sites that each have A picnic table, firepit and area for a tent. There are no defined pads but plenty of cleared area. The best thing about this place is how dense the trees overhead are, the whole area is well shaded for those hot summer days. Another great thing about this place is that I have yet to see it packed, which is strange as it is right off the 2. Even though it is close to the 2, there is enough forest in between that you don't hear any cars. Overall great campground for weekend getaways!


Product Review:

 One great benefit of being a Ranger for The Dyrt is that I get to try out products occasionally- today the product I am reviewing is.. Men's Rebel Stretch Shell Jacket from Red Ledge. To start I have to say this is the neatest rain jacket I have owned. It is super light weight and rolls up to fit in a ziplock bag! I was impressed with the way it kept water out during a freak monsoon I was in. The zipper is a very cool waterproof design that has 2 separate zipper heads, I found this useful to leave the bottom unzipped a little for easier access to pants pockets. Another great feature of this was the design of the pockets. They are VERY large and secure. There seem to be velcro and cinch cords everywhere ensuring a great sealed fit. The hood has a built in bill which was really nice, though I have yet to adjust the hood correctly so it doesn't flop forward a bit too much. The shell is actually very warm so I will be using it as a full jacket, this will be nice come winter. 

When purchasing be sure to order a size larger if you plan to wear a full sized jacket under it. My XL wont fit over most of my xl jackets but will fit over a large.

 Over all this is a super well made jacket and you can tell the design was a labor of love. I would recommend this to anyone buying a raincoat for backpacking or just all around use. Thank you Red Ledge!

Great Campground run by the National Forest Service

This amazing little campground on mountain loop highway has it all. Rain forest like forest surrounds you with the South Fork Stillaguamish River to the side.There are plenty of opportunities for fishing, hiking or kayaking here also with a hike to a glacier cave close by. There are a couple of small towns close by for supplies as well.

 There are 26 tent/rv sites that are fairly spaced out. Each has a fire pt, picnic table and tent pad. They offer drinking water, flush toilets trash removal and also firewood from the camp host who was wonderful to talk to. The bathrooms were spotless and good smelling. There were berries in abundance here so remember to read up on what's safe(most I saw were)! The sites are 18 for a single or 36 for a double site, so pretty reasonable.

All in all there is no reason you should pass this great spot up, you'll be glad you stayed here.

Gorgeous camping in the Mt Baker National Forest

The Clear Creek campground is off the Mountain loop Rd in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Clear Creek is only ten minutes or so from Darrington WA. Only 13 campsites with tent pads, picnic tables, and fire rings. Vault toilets were also available. Firewood is not available on site, but local residents have firewood for sale at the roadside. The creek and the Sauk river are absolutely beautiful. There is so much wildlife in the area, keep an eye out, I think I saw a wolverine by the creek, couldn't get my camera ready in time,

Free Campground on a lake by the dam

This campground is amazing!

 It is a small campground right next to the Boundary Dam and thanks to Seattle City Power is absolutely FREE! It just went through a major overhaul so everything is new and well maintained.  Lots of history here including the filming of The Postman.

They provide you with great amenities like full flush bathrooms, extensive day use facilities, Boat launch and dock, Water and trash. It has 22 sites(3 of which are ADA) and 12 RV sites. There are no hookups for the RV's. Each site has a fire pit picnic table and gravel tent pads.

There are many things to do here like check out the Peewee falls which is only viewable by water or take the free dam tour! A short drive away is the Gardner Caves which offers free guided tours if you have a discovery pass. Metaline Falls is also a short drive away in which there are a few eateries and even a movie theater.

Overall it is a great place to camp and boat, my only fault would be the 6 day limit! 

I highly recommend checking this place out if you have a chance.

Awesome campground in the beautiful Mount Baker National Forest

The Red Bridge campground is on the very scenic Mountain loop Rd in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. It's a very beautiful drive. Nestled in some great trees, there are 13 sites with shade, right along the river. The camp host was very nice and sold firewood on site. There are no hook ups, and no water spigots so be sure to plan accordingly. There are bear proof trash cans and vault toilets available. Each site has a tent pad, picnic table and fire ring. This campground provides ample hiking, fishing and I saw people kayaking plus its not far to a hike to some glacier caves! Also check out the old red trestle bridge just outside of the campground. At $15 a night you have to see this place. 
I highly recommend Red Bridge campground.

Shaded campground on Mountain Loop Road

The Bedal Campground is off the mountain loop highway in the Mount Baker- Snoqualmie National Forest. Settled in some old Growth forest it provides a good amount of shade to most sites. There are around 20 sites and some are reservable, the sites run about $15 a night, All campsites include tent pads, picnic tables and fire rings. There are Bear proof trash cans, recycling, and spigots near by each site, The sign said there was a boat launch, but it was next to a trail that led to the river. I expect a canoe is the largest boat you would be able to launch. I have to mention the crazy amount of small waterfalls/cascades on the way in. this place is surrounded by some of the nicest forest I have seen.

My favorite lake in Washington plus free camping.

This is for Crescent Lake in the NE corner of washington, not the one in the olympics(which is also a wonderful campground). This campground consists of 3 sites decked out with picnic tables, a fire pit, tent pad and bear boxes. There is a vault toilet close to all sites and a bear proof trash bin. There is no host, store, water, or other amenities, the perfect rustic getaway! It is run by the US Forest Service and is TOTALLY free!!! No pass or fee needed. It is just up the hill from the pristine small lake on the road to the Vista House. The vista house is a single room with windows overlooking the Pendorile river as it flows through Boundary Dam and into Canada. The Vista House hase mens and womens flush restrooms if you are camping here and need a bit of civilisation! It is 1 mile from a canadian border crossing yet gets very little traffic. The best feature of this campground is the gorgeous turquoise water in Crescent Lake. It is stocked seasonally with brown and rainbow trout. I have seen MANY turtles and frogs on the shores, as well as elk, deer, bald eagles and even a bear! The Boundary Dam is about 20 minutes away and offers free tours plus there are the Gardner Caves close to that, so there are always activities to do. This is a must see treasure of washington and I HIGHLY recommend at least visiting.

Large campground on Sullivan Lake

Noisy Creek is a large campground on Sullivan Lake's south side. It Is run by the U.S. Forest Service so provides lots of amenities. Some of these include a dock, boatlaunch, Day use facilities, trash pickup/bear bins, water, and vault toilets. The site says it has nineteen campsites, but I swear there were many more than that plus 4-5 group sites on the group side. The pricing is as follows: Single site:$20 Extra vehicle:$10 Day use:$5 The camp host had firewood for sale at$8, which is good because you are 20-30 min from the nearest small town. Be aware you are in bear country here so camp appropriately. Bear Boxes are provided in site as well as fire pits, picnic tables and tent pads. The sites are spacious and fairly separated also. With a quick walk to the lake it is a great summer spot to take the family! If I am not camping in the dispersed sites on the north side of the lake I am here. Overall a great campground you should check out!

Nice campground by Sullivan Lake

It is a nice Campground on Sullivan lake run by the U.S. Forest Service.

It has all the amenities you would expect from a campground run by them. It has vault toilets, onsite trash pickup, and water. There is a day use area on the lake with picnic tables, grills, bathrooms and even a boat launch! It boasts 32 campsites, 6 double campsites, 1 group campsite(up to 40 people) all with picnic tables, fire pits, and tent pads. The pricing is as follows:

$20/single site

$40/double site

$75/group site 

$10/Extra vehicle

$5/Day use

Overall This is a nice place with a few small towns close by incase you need supplies. I would check it out if in the area.

Ranger Review: Firebiner/Outdoor Element at Jerry's Landing Resort

Campground Review:  The campground I am reviewing today is Jerry's Landing Resort and Campground. It is a small family owned resort just 45 minutes north of Spokane Wa. I chose this place to camp for many reasons. One of which is the medium sized lake it is located on. With a boat launch, fishing dock and several row boats to rent, it's a great spot for fishing. In the day use area there are picnic tables, grills, and full flush bathrooms. The family also provides a great little store on premises that offers bait, tackle, food, camping/boating supplies and more. The prices are quite reasonable for the different ways they provide for you to stay at the resort. They have small cabins for$60 a night or larger cabins for$85 a night. Both tent and RV spaces are only$19 a night plus electric if applicable. The day use is only$3 a person and$17 a day for boat rentals as well. One of my favorite things from this experience was no defined tent pad in the well groomed grass camping area. It was one of my better nights sleep while camping. While here I didn't end up catching any fish but have seen pictures and heard stories of bigger fish in the lake. I can believe it with all the wildlife that drops in during the day. I Like to use this place for the day use fishing all the time and would highly recommend you check it out if you are in the area.


Product Review:  One of the benefits of being a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get to try out products occasionally- today I am reviewing.. Outdoor Elements Firebiner

The first thing I have to admit is I was buying different gear and got the Firebiner as an addon. My delight with the product made me switch the focus of the review to the Firebiner. This thing is pretty awesome! Not only is it super light at just 0.09 lbs, but it is rated at 100 lbs carry weight. This little guy has replaced the carabiner I use for my everyday key ring due to the low weight and strength. Another great feature of the Firebiner is the small flathead screwdriver/pry tool. Its great to have a screwdriver on your side for those pesky things that take less time to fix then going to the tool box. I have already used it this way a few times this week alone. The Firebiner also has a small seatbelt cutter that has come in SUPER handy cutting fishing line and may well save my life one day to boot! One cool thing that I figure falls under the feature category would be the 2 hang slots at the bottom. It would be easy to dismiss this feature, but I found it useful. It has been really helpful to add my home keys and a tinder tube in order to keep them seperate and more permanent than the keys that I take off regularly. The last feature I am going to talk about is perhaps the most notable one. This is, of course, the Everspark Firewheel. It is thick and durable with a replaceable spring-loaded ferro rod. The flint delivery system is like those in a zippo, where you can unscrew the spring from the back. The big difference is the smaller light-weight size and the firebiner uses a ferro rod instead of a flint. Because they use the ferro rod it will spark completely wet as well as in wind.It also comes with a micro tool for the spring removal and to change the seatbelt cutter, which I keep on one of the hang slots. With all the positives I tried to look hard for something that could be better. The only thing I could think of would be to tighten the tension of the clasp. It works just fine on my belt loops through all activity. I did however loose a set of keys in my girlfriend's purse when she had them in there all day being jostled around. Overall I love the Firebiner and Outdoor Element for over designing this great product for me. I honestly would and will recommend anyone getting one of these for themselves.

First to Review
Dispersed camping paradise on Nile lake

Hey Dyrt users! Today I have a little gem of an area for you to experience, Nile lake in Washington. This little lake is just of highway 20 on a small dirt road about 2-3 blocks long. It is dispersed and very primitive, so bring what you need and pack out everything! There is a field around the lake with a few rock circles for fire pits. There are also a few rock circles in the forest along the dirt road. The national forest sign at the beginning of the road has the usual postings for a dispersed campground. The road runs to a small loop at the lakes edge. When I was there the water seems to have risen to the road itself. The lake is open to watercraft, but there is no launch/ramp. There are also  more than a few trails around the area if you grow tired of the lake. Overall it is tough to beat a free  campsite in untouched nature.

Cozy little campground where the Priest and the Pend Oreille rivers meet

This small campground is perfect for fishing/boating being right where the priest  river and the Pend Oreille river meet. It has 20 well spaced campsites nestled in the trees. Each site is drive in and has a picnic table with fire pit. There is access to potable water and flush bathrooms with showers. 

 Next to the campground is the day use facilities which include nice restrooms, a large amount of parking, soccer/baseball field, play equipment/swings, and a small beach with boat launch. I really enjoyed the picnic tables with the old truss bridge in view, very picturesque.

 It seemed like a little known place with some local traffic as the campground was empty but a soccer team of kids were practicing in the field. Overall for the price of $21 I will be coming back and would recommend it to any Dyrt users in the area!

Great campground on Lake Pend Oreille

 Hello Dyrt campers! Today I check out a great little campground/recreation area on Lake Pend Oreille( locally pronounced Pond Array"). The campground portion has 67 sites that have electrical and water hookups with centrally located flush bathrooms. Each site is spacious and somewhat secluded. They also have a fire ring and picnic table with wood available for purchase at the store/station up front. I did not see any ADA marked sites, but as developed as the campground is I imagine most all of the sites to be fairly accessible. I did see ADA bathrooms and showers. 

 Other facilities/amenities here included an extensive day use recreation area located next to the camping section. There were beaches amid the many picnic benches and shelters. Large grass fields were adjacent to a nice set of swings and play structures. A nice boat ramp was located at the end of the park area next to a swim beach and a small fishing pier. This park is camper friendly with overnight options and a dump station. 

Over all I loved this campground as it somehow gave you the feeling of a small campground yet offering a lot of facilities/amenities. At less than $30 a night, I highly recommend other Dyrt users check it out.

Idyllic campground overlooking a waterfall, FREE if you have a Discoverpass

One of my new favorite campgrounds I found while researching for the Dyrt was Douglas Falls Grange Park. I must admit I was sceptical on my way up there as there isn't much on the net about it and it is less than 5 miles from Colville, a decent size town. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find a well kept oasis that gives the feeling of being far from civilization. I saw no sign of noise/light pollution from the town 5 min. away, on the other side of the mountain.

Probably the most notable feature of this campground is its namesake, Douglas Falls. There are views of it from the parking lot as well as trails to the top and base with access to other trails. Another nice thing about this place is the extensive day use facilities. There is a groomed field with backstop, next to a covered group of tables and bathrooms.

I saw around 15 sites total with 2 clearly marked for day use and one was ADA. They mostly offered good spacing and sometimes even seclusion. My favorite sites were 10 and 11 as they were closest to the waterfall, tho many of the others seemed great also. There were bathrooms and potable water centrally located in both sections of the park. Since it is a state run park, camping is free for up to 7 days if you have a Discover pass, which is $10 a day, $30 for the year, or free from a wa public library! Keep in mind all sites are first come first served with no reserving, so show up early.

If you find you need a change of pace while camping here there is the aforementioned town of Colville just 5 minutes away with a walmart, several grocery stores, and even a drive-in theatre! It also has many other little shops and eateries. About 15 minutes on the other side of Colville is the Columbia river which provides lots of opportunities for hiking, swimming, boating, and fishing plus more activities.

Overall this campground is great and I hope you are able to get the same wonderful experience I did from it.


Huge campground that is part of Farragut state run park.

The Gilmore Loop Campground is one of a handful of campgrounds in Farragut State Park. It is a large campground boasting 91 rv/tent sites. There are several ADA sites as well as the most amenities I have ever seen in a campground. Even tho you could spend days exploring and playing in Farragut State Park, there are quite a few things to do outside of the park also.

Some amenities for this campground include:

RV/Tent Camping - (Some are ADA)

Onsite Tables/Fire Pits/Water/Electricity on all and Sewer on some

Nice and Clean Flush Restrooms and Showers

Firewood for sale onsite by the hosts and a well stocked General Store/Visitor Center in park

Payphones and extra Parking

Dump stations for RVs

Extensive Day Use Facilities - (Including 3 professional disc golf courses and a large Lake for a $5 fee)

Boat launch/Swimming/Fishing

Museum and Historical Sites

Loads of Hiking/Biking/Horse Trails

Some amenities close to this campground include:

Bayview - (A small lake town about 5 min to the East)

Silverwood Theme Park - (About a 10 min drive to the West)

Coeur'd Alene and Sandpoint - (Both 33 min drives to the South and North respectively)

The negatives for Gilmore are all subjective. I personally prefer a much more secluded campground, I can see this place being packed during the on-season. The sites are closer than I like, tho I have seen much closer sites elsewhere. The tent pads are gravel filled squares, I Like the feel of the ground under me while camping and these will necessitate a mat/airbed. Overall I love this place as a day use, and see myself camping here soon.