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Nathrop, CO

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We scored a spot right on the beach

We stayed at Wilderness in October this fall.  The fall colors were just about fully turned and it was just gorgeous.  This park is geared towards the RV camper and they have sites for just about any size rig.  The sites along the lake are geared more toward the sorter rigs.  Ours is a short 5'er and we fit just fine.

The only downside to this trip was the very high lake levels.  On the west side of the park with the more scenic beaches were just not accessible.  Actually, they didn't exist.  The water level completely inundated them.  Even the shore trees were in the water.  That prevented us from hiking where we had hoped to hike.  That really limited us.

The park was clean and the dump station clean and plenty of room  We would camp here again.

Colorado State parks are great

We just spent a night but like most Colorado state parks, this one is top notch.  The sites are well spaced but since it's wide open, not a lot of privacy.  Cell service was weak but some had a booster and they had a decent signal.

The view of the reservoir is very nice.  Would stay again.

We really liked this spot

We camped here in June and had the place to ourselves.  We snagged a spot right on the river and spent a couple of nights.  While there isn't any serious hiking from the campground, just up the road was one of the best we've seen.  Great views and gentle climb in a valley with great views.

The sites are typical of a Forest Service campground, spread out with plenty of room.  This campground is best suited for campers under 30'.  The road in was terrible washboards.  Take your time.

Good hiking from the campground

We spent two night here and really enjoyed it.  There is a nice hike right from the campground.  The trail allows motorcycles but it doesn't appear they have been there much.  We didn't see any.  Usage would be light/medium I would say.  The road in is good for all vehicles but I question the length recommended.

Our 5th wheel is a short one and there we only a couple of sites we could fit.  I would think a 30' trailer would be about it.  There were a couple of dispersed sites on the way in that could have taken a bigger unit.  The road in is a one lane affair so a big rig would have an interesting time if they ran into some one going in the opposite direction.

Nice state park just off the highway

We spent one night in the off season and got a spot right on the rivers. The sites are good size like I would expect in a state park.  It's all paved and quiet at night.  The dump station is easy to use and clean.

Clean with a great view

We stopped for a night.  It is a standard RV type park operated by the city.  It was very clean and well maintained.  The price was reasonable and we had a nice view of Scotts

Bluff.  With full hookups which we needed as it was warm and we wanted to run the AC.  The park staff was friendly at check in.

One nice thing was the sites are plenty big.  We didn't feel like we were right on top of each other.  Excellent cell coverage.  We would stay again.

Nice park, just passing through

We just spent one night traveling.  We had made a reservation but one was not needed as there were plenty of FF sites.  Good power and a nice lake to walk along.  Park was clean and well cared for.  Price was very reasonable.  Would stop again.

Nice state park just off the highway

Just a quick one night while passing through.  Easy access, paved and good cell coverage.  We only had power but we didn't need more than that.  Any size rig can find a spot there.  Would stay again.

Nice state park

We stopped for a night on our way through.  Had a nice quiet spot right on the river.  With the locks closed this year, the traffic on the river was way down.  It would have been fun to watch the boats but oh well.  Easy in and out right off the interstate.  Not busy at all mid week.

Right on lake Michigan

We really liked this campground.  We were there in early October and we had the place just about to ourselves.  Right on Lake Michigan, the only sounds you hear are the lake.  The road in is long but well graded.  Most of the sites are only suitable for short trailers but there are a couple that will handle up to 35' or so.

There is a nice hiking loop trail right from the campground.  It does not get much use as it's a bit hard to follow but well worth it.

We did have cell service but not enough to really do anything with.

Campground looked nice

We didn't camp there.  We just used the public dump station, twice.  Minimal fee.  Very clean.

Camp right on the lake

This is your typical Forest Service dry campground.  It is reservable in the summer but when we visited in the fall, it was first come, first serve.  And it was empty.  We got a site right at the swimming beach.  The beach however is quite small and suitable for children.  There isn't any hiking directly from the camp site but there is just a few miles away.

It is heavily forested so the solar didn't do us much good so if you're going to be there a while, you will need a generator if you are in an RV.  Cell service is intermittent at best.  You might be able to make a call but no more than that.

We have a small 5th wheel so we had many options but at least half the sites would only take a small trailer or tent.  I would say about 32'-35' is the max.  The road in is mostly paved with only the last mile well graded dirt passable by all vehicles.  We would stay there again.

Very quiet, well off the beaten path

We spent a night there in the fall.  It is well off the main road but the dirt road is passable with any rig.  The sites are varied, well kept and some will fit larger rigs.  It is typical forest service dry camping.  There is a hiking trail that circles this small grassland about 5 or 6 miles long.  

What is unique about this place is that is an original remnant of the oak/grass prairies that used to cover extensive areas where the forest met the plains.  There is grazing in the grassland but it is very quiet and no light pollution.  Cell service was actually pretty good.

Nice USFS campgrounds

There are 4 small US Forest Service campgrounds here.  The access road is in great shape and while it is gravel, it is passable with any vehicle and trailer combination.

One of the campgrounds is reservable, the the others are FCFS.  We stayed in the equestrian campground.  In two of the campgrounds (on the left as you come in), only the smallest of trailers will work.  The first one on the right is the equestrian campground and the second one on the right is the reservable campground.  We have a short 5th wheel (26') and we found only a couple of sites we could fit in.  I would say that 32' is about it.  On the other hand, the campgrounds get very little use and you should have no problems finding a spot.  We were there in early June and we had our campground to our selves.  There is water but no other services.  Cell service?  Forget about it.  

The hiking is fantastic from the campground.  Trappers Lake is outstanding.  There was a forest fire a few years back so the trees around the lake are gone.  There are many trails and the views are some of the best.

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An up and coming camp spot

This is a relatively new area that is open but still developing.  We stopped here for a night this last fall.  We stayed in the riverside campground with our 5th wheel.  It is dry camping.

They don't have traditional camp sites, more like areas with a fire ring.  The ground is level but rough, not graded like your normal campsites.  There is plenty of room for most any sized rig and of course tent camping.  The camp ground is right on the state highway but that's not a problem at night.  There is no traffic.

They are working on developing a a more traditional RV campground in their upper level but we didn't go up there.  They do have art installations scattered through the campground and like most art, it's the viewer who determines if its great or not.  We found it interesting, colorful, whimsical and eclectic.

There is no cell service but there is fairly good WiFi by the bus and couches to sit on while you surf or make phone calls over internet.

Camp on the reservoir right on the water.

Free BLM camping.  There are tons of sites, most right on the water.  Basically you can camp anywhere you want.  Big rigs are all over the place.  Make no mistake, this is a very popular place and the weekends are very busy.

Many families come in large groups with several campers and they bring their boats right up to the camp site.  

The views are stunning.  Hiking is in the national forest about a 1/2 hour drive south.  If you go in spring or late fall after Labor day, the crowds are significantly lower but if you're looking for solitude, this isn't the place.

The access road is narrow but easily passable by the biggest rigs.

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Small campground right on the Yampa River

This small campground is primarily a river access site but there are a handful of designated campsites.  Located right off US 40, access is easy and most sized rigs will fit.  While right off the highway, US 49 is very quiet at night with almost zero traffic.  Good for a stop over while passing through.  Sites are level.

This is dry camping and cost was $15 when we stayed.

Lots of options

There are extensive sites in the area for all sizes of rigs.  There is plenty of room and easy access for large rigs or tent camping.  FR 272 is the main road in but there are several spur roads, 273 and 274 that have plenty of options also.  One problem is that this area is well known and is becoming very popular.  On weekends, there may be more than 50 campers in the area.

Because of the overuse some sites are getting, the forest service is starting to fence some sites in so they don't grow in size.  The are working towards camping in designated sites only because so many campers are just trashing the area.

The hiking is good with several trailheads and easy access to the Colorado Trail.

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Funky and a place to watch

We stopped for a night on our way to Utah.  The camp we stayed in is right on the river though much of the campground doesn't have easy access to the river.  It's not really sites like you would expect in most campgrounds, its more like areas.  It is close to the road but after dark, the highway is dead silent.  There is no cell service but they do have good WiFi at the bus if you want to make calls over the internet and couches if you want to do a bit of internet surfing.

It is not your usual campground and that's meant in a good way.  The camp host was enthusiastic and proud of what they have done so far but it is rough around the edges.  They have more work to do to polish it up.

The location is an up and coming area.  They are developing mtb trails in the area so I suspect in the coning years, this lost corner of Colorado will be found.

Very nice campground in an outstanding park.

The Kayenta campground can accept all size rigs but larger ones would be better in the newer campground up the road.

We liked being able to hike right from the campground.  The hosts kept the part amazingly clean.  The location is great for visiting the Island in the Sky part of Canyonlands NP.

We would stay again.  We were there at the end of October/early November for 4 days and that wasn't enough.