Diane T.

Philadelphia, PA

Joined July 2020

Rude Staff. Prepare to be nickel and dimed.

Worst hospitality at a campground I have ever experienced! The staff was beyond rude (story below).  But about the campground first….It's very large and it has a pool and decent size lake you can swim in. It seems to mostly be catered to seasonals (perhaps that is why they treat campers so poorly…) The seasonal fees seemed pretty expensive in my opinion but I usually just camp anyway, only looked out of curiosity. You have to pay to use a shower so bring quarters! For a campground that refers to itself as a resort, I was shocked by this. There is also a unique payment structure for guests (day pass, night pass after 4pm, or day + overnight are all different prices.) and guests cannot come into the campground after 11, so bear that in mind. It's close to the beach but that's about the only plus of staying here, their staff was so unbelievably rude, we will never be back.

Story: My sister was staying here for a week so I came to visit the last day, to sleep in her camper. She registers me as a "guest" (no one mentioned the various guest levels when she registered me, but it didn't matter because the plan was to meet up, drop off my bag + get changed, and head to the beach anyway. I was not planning on staying at the campground for the day).   Morning of, she learns I won't be able to"check in" as her guest until 4pm.  So she just gives me her car pass so I can drop my bag off, change for the beach, and head back out. They stoped me at the gate, began interrogating me, and would not let my car in. I had none of the above information at the time so was extremely confused… They called the office to give a rundown of what I looked like, which was super uncomfortable. Nothing was explained and this is where I noticed the treatment towards me shifted. So then I pulled over to the office parking lot so the line of cars behind me weren't held up getting past the gate and to figure out what to do and that's when I started getting harassed by the employees. One woman started SCREAMING my license plate number over and over again across the lot. The attendant and office workers were not helpful at all, acting like I was some murderer on the loose. I tried to diffuse the situation by saying I'd just leave my car in the office lot& walk to their camper to change into my bathing suit quickly and they said I couldn't do that either! I wasn't allowed to STEP FOOT into the campground AT ALL. Bear in mind, all I was trying to do at this point was change into my bathing suit and LEAVE but they were so busy screaming at me the entire time that I'm not sure they even know what was happening (I sure didn't).  So I did ignore that crazy rule and told the attendant I'd quickly use the closest bathroom to the office to change and be on my way out. He LEFT his parking booth (with a line of cars waiting to get into the campground…) to start to follow me around. Threatening to call the owners, etc. I wish he had called the owners, I would have loved to speak with them!  I changed as fast as I could and honestly felt like a criminal the entire time, and go back to wait for my sister by my car in the office lot.  During this time I heard the same lady screaming at others in the parking lot (the parking lot is HUGE mind you, it's not like space for 3 cars…) Just aggressively YELLING at people left and right!  Everyone was confused and uncomfortable by her screaming, I have never seen guests treated this way.

The license plate screaming lady came back out again to start screaming at me in front of everyone that I couldn't stay here/ park here/ be here until 4. (The office lot is parked outside of the campground entrance, mind you). I said numerous times I wasn't staying, I was waiting to meet with my sister and head to the beach. She did not listen and continued to SCREAM at me that I couldn't park there. Finally I made a snide comment about their AWFUL customer service(perhaps an inappropriate word thrown in because at this point I was upset, uncomfortable, embarrassed and frustrated) in which she said "if you didn't try and cheat us we wouldn't act this way!" My sister was staying there and PAID for me as a guest, I just came too early to CHANGE my outfit - so where was I trying to "cheat them?" How dare they talk to and treat their guests like this. They treated me like I was a criminal the second I pulled up.  

I am still shaking thinking about it. Camping  (especially at a 'resort campground') is supposed to be relaxing and fun, a respite from the real world - not an anxiety inducing experience. Terrible.

Plan early, one of the best places to camp near the beach!

Cape Henlopen camp sites fill up so quickly, and for good reason! After missing out on reservations year after year, this year, we booked a weekend tent site for July back in January and immediately realized the spark of this place. The campground is large with various loops full of RV, popup, and tent sites. There is also a section of walk-in tent sites, each with 1 parking spot semi close by. (Bring a wagon if you stay at one of these). We stayed in site T021 (walk-in site) and had plenty of privacy and space to set up our screen room, tent, and firepit. All camp sites come with the standard picnic table, as well as fire pit and grill grate. There is a camp store in the center of the campground where you can purchase firewood, coffee, batteries, ice or other camping needs.  There are several bath houses strategically placed throughout the campground so that you can easily find one a few minute walk away no matter where you stay. Bath houses were clean, updated, well maintained and air conditioned. There are both public showers that are stall-like within some of the bath houses, as well as large private shower + bathroom stalls (perfect if you have young kids). I didn't find the bugs to be any worse than typical summer camping spots (I heard they maybe spray for bugs on the sites?) but definitely bring your spray and citronella candles. It also POURED from a small tropical storm the morning we arrived yet our site and the full campground was well and dry by the time we set up in the afternoon  - looked like most of the sites were set up on hills, which is great to avoid pooling in inclement weather.  Pets are allowed and there are water spigots near every site. Although our site (T021) was spacious and private, my brother's family was staying on T011 and there were about 4-5 sites all in an open space back to back with one another near his. The neighbors were friendly so no complaints but the lack of privacy there is worth nothing in case you wanted to feel more 'remote'. The sites are mostly tree lined and semi shaded by pines. The campground gets extremely dark at night and the stars are so beautiful from the lack of light pollution! The campground is in a large state park, full of many bike trails, hiking spots, historical WWII sites, fishing pier, and of course the beach. There is a separate entrance for campers so make sure to follow that when you drive in. The beach *is* walkable (maybe a mile away) but much easier /quicker to drive, and there is plenty of parking by the beach. The beach can get crowded but is clean and has lifeguards.  The best part is on a quiet night, if you listen really closely, you can hear the waves crashing in the distance. Due to the nature vibe, proximity to beach, and modern  bathhouses, I think this campground has become our new favorite one!

No phone service, no problem!

This campground helped me finally convince my fiance that not all 'campgrounds' are actually waterpark/family fun/RV parking lots, and that there are a lot of secluded, forest, nature-oriented campgrounds!  We came here in mid June so it was a bit chilly  at night and warm during the day - bring layers + raincoats as the PA mountain weather can be iffy! The campground can host tents, as well as RVs/campers, and includes clean bath houses with both toilets and showers. You can also buy firewood at the entrance. Sites have a picnic table + fire ring. There is little to no phone service here and it's not super close to town, so come prepared. It's a short distance to some amazing hikes, as well! The park itself has a playground and lake to swim in (though it was too cold for us to use it), as well as the historical furnace itself to explore.  The campground is also about 30minutes from State College in case you crave a night on the town during your stay.  As typical for campgrounds, some spots are more secluded than others. We stayed in one (forgive me, I can't remember the site #, perhaps 020?) where we were able to plop our tent into a nice tree-surrounded plot. There are also a few tent sites (18A)  right next to a hidden creek in the back corner of the campground which we explored while there - these sites are very secluded and you really feel like you're away from it all. We reserved this site for later this summer and will update with pictures & info afterwards.

Remote, Bring your bug spray!

This place is such a hidden gem, on such a remote island!  Though we did hit some snags - We tent camped and unfortunately there was a horrific thunder storm one of the nights. The campground is right next to the beach on low ground so does flood easily. We stayed in B010 and our tent ground did not flood, but the parking spot did (no big deal) but sites around the back half of the campground further from the beach were completely flooded. It is also terrifying to tent camp during a lightning storm here because your tent is the tallest thing around. Also the mosquitos are AWFUL. But with the negative experiences aside, we would absolutely stay here again (perhaps with an RV instead…).  The campground is located a bit down the main highway, so you are still a short 5-10 minute right to town if you so please, or you can escape into the coast for a truly remote experience. All sites are separated from the beach by the sand dunes, and it's a short walk up/down the dunes to the beach. The beach itself is very private - we went during Fourth of July weekend and still only saw a few others on the beach (I imagine because it's a bit further away/ hard to get to for non campers.) There are amenities (bathroom, and a separate shower stall) but the showers were cold and mosquito-infested (they bite you as you are trying to shower - another reason I think I'd come back with an RV… lol!)  There was also no water source here  - I believe NPS turned off all water fountains due to covid, and water is hard to come by / expensive on the island, so bring your own jugs!! The campground itself is a mix of more shaded, secluded spots, and wide open grassy field sites. It's a mix of RV, pop ups, and tents. There are no fires allowed but each site comes with a picnic table and charcoal grill. The campground is very quiet and dark after dusk so you truly feel like you're remote, and you can even hear the sound of the ocean crashing beyond the dunes as you sleep! Definitely bring LOTS of bug spray and citronella candles, I lived in Florida so am no stranger to mosquitos, but the bugs here are no joke. I also suggest bringing a screenroom with fine netting for your site - I never believed in these screen canopies before but I am now converted. It was a life saver!