Derrick E.


Redding, CA

Joined January 2021

Having the time of my life. Some wait till old and broken to explore. I threw away my watch and enjoy every moment of everyday. All I ask, Can I swim? Never to cold to swim. I swam in rain, thunderstorm, snow fall, alligator area and when not supposed to. I go fishing just to swim..

Where money buys your happiness

A place for the wealthy. Your RV must be less than 20 years old. Double check before you make the journey. This a place where safety and security is A+, I feel it safe here and a very beautiful well kept place. You have basketball court, spacious rv lots and a nice swimming pool if open. This the place you wanna visit if you have money. Your money buys you plenty of happiness here. You're most likely will not be bothered by neighbors. You will be in a gated community like setting..

Don't leave your stuff you care about outside

Some people been there for years, old beat down place the pond is disgusting and the environment is not somewhere I feel safe or would let my kids play unsupervised. Drug addicts and Drunks are your neighbors and I prefer a safer location. Nobody wearing a mask and a few groups of people.

Packed liked sardines

If you wanna go to a place where your neighbor less than five feet away and crammed like sardines and many cars per single rv. This the place for you. They also have apartment style buildings you can rent. Not a safe feeling place. I think if you leave stuff out you will surely be robbed. One star due to overcrowding and only one entry gate open and the other is locked tight.

Ghost town

Just a place to park next to curb and hook up electricity. $20 dumping fee. Rv only. Not sure the overnight price or even where to register. When things are normal they have a nice Rodeo in April and a really weak monster truck event. They have many buildings that are used for arts and crafts and a few areas for livestock events. They have an amazing bull and gelding sale annually and you surely don't wanna miss that. Bring your cowboy boots and hat and you will fit right in.

Closed cause Covid

Nice group area with comfortable and easy walking trails. Chicken coop style housing with wooden bunk beds. Great group fire, picnic and theater area. Cold Portable water available for free at one of the many stations. Convenient boat ramp just next to Campsite. Close enough to hear the river flowing.


The Campsite itself is closed due to Covid. However, 8am to 8PM it is a swimmer's Paradise. Really nice Camping spots and cannot wait to visit here when open. $25 a night to camp in tent and $1 per pet.

Very peaceful and relaxing

Had a great time and even got lost in the woods. Epic walking trails and priceless views of the Ocean. You can get lost easy so always bring water and a flashlight. Park Rangers were polite and gave great information. I met a few locals and few pot holes. Make sure you don't bring the lowriders. The General store is a little pricey and make sure you bring extra water and toilet paper. House before Campsite sales firewood for $10 a bundle. Bring your Bear mace and watch your small animals at dawn and dusk. This is one of those places where you can really unwind and be in nature. I would suggest getting a few walking poles and getting lost for a few days.

I should give her a one star to keep the secret.

I should give it one star to keep the secret. She is Gorgeous. Not to private, no water source but the whole Ocean and Beach to yourself. Amazing views and constant wind. Great bonfires and greater friends. What a great weekend to spend eternity. Park Rangers were super polite and passed out maps of local 65,000 square foot wilderness. The place was really clean and everything was perfect. The road down there is not for lowered vehicles. The road has been torn up by all the off road vehicles. Make sure you take your time and avoid the black hole pot holes. I give it five Stars cause it was nature and beauty at her finest.

This review is for Lack Creek, California.

Paradise!! Dispersed Camping at it's finest. Nothing but a Firepit. The Vacation finally started.. Dead battery on car, snowed in, running low on water. Haven't seen someone in along time. This is Paradise! Finally I can relax and start my vacation. Dogs and I are staying warm in a tent. I keep the fire going and I stay warm and dry. If you want an amazing place to camp, bike, hike have some great privacy with a breathtaking view. This is the place for you. The gravel road was intense and make sure you have Chains or 4x4. Or just don't visit the day before an epic snow storm. I give this place five Stars cause of what it is, Paradise!!!

In the Dark alone.

Dispersed Paid Camping. You sit all day waiting for someone to show up so you can pay and get a bunch of fines that you not aware of till last minute. I sat afraid all night waiting for $300+ ticket. You need Bear Mace and a permit. Then online it says first come first serve. Mountain Lions are biggest threat at night. I finally left this place. It was cold cause the creek nearby and worried sick for Park Ranger and Mountain Lions. Met a few great locals out collecting Mushrooms. Great hiking trails nearby. Not that dispersed many people driving and hiking by and everyone can see your business. Not really private. Restrooms have no lights or soap and water. No showers or running water.

No words in the English language can explain the Beauty

How do I just add the crying face with no tears? A+ and worth every twist and turn, hill and decline. I seen a magnificent Buck about to cross the road a kitten sized Mountain Lion barely make it across the road. You know you here when you can smell the Ocean. It cold but not cold enough to swim in January with my two dogs. Had a wonderful time and Noya Beach was breathtaking. Dog leash free Beach and dogs fell in love with cute girls and cool friends. When I arrived park Ranger traded $40 for a place under the Stars. The Crescent Moon always points to the South. Fort Bragg surrounding area is really on a different chill page, catch a Crab or throw a hang loose. Everyone wonderful. Everything Wonderful. Showers were hot and Sexy!!! Conclusion, why you not here and still reading this great review still?? I can hear the Waves Crashing into the Rocks!

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