Derrick C.

Broken Arrow, OK

Joined October 2020

Great Place!

This is a very nice place to Camp. We have a 25ft travel trailer and everything we accommodating. The campground was full but it still maintained the peaceful aspect of camping. It’s a very beautiful area. You can rent boats canoes etc if the water is not to high, but book those in advance. The hiking trails in the park Are ok not to much to see no waterfalls etc. Just a hike through the woods.

They have trout fishing, so if you like fishing this is a great place to go.

If you drive up to the damn they have an information/visitors center that was really cool. It’s like a small museum, they have an old boat in there they found on the bottom Of the river. There’s a lot of information about how they built the damn and wildlife that’s in the area. Watch out for the crazy bear when u first walk in, I’m not sure what’s going on With his face, you will see what I mean if you go lol

Also, when at the campgrounds there is a road that goes to the right as ur leaving the park. There is a resort down there called gastons; they have a bird sanctuary down there. There’s turkeys, peacocks pheasants etc. it’s pretty neat!

All in all this is a fun little place!

Not what it seems

This is a very small place. They call it a resort for some reason but all it really is… a small piece of land where everything is crammed together. When we got there they couldn’t figure out where they wanted us to set up. We have a 25ft travel trailer. When we first got there the guy was very friendly and helpful that’s the only positive thing about this place.

Back to they couldn’t find us a spot. The first slot was a pull through. Well this doesn’t work because they have two slots together. With both hook ups on the same side. What happens is the camper sets up and had to leave their vehicle out of the way parked else where.. the second camper backs in in front of ur camper blocking your hitch. So both campers are facing the same way the one in back being blocked off.. We said no this will not work for us. If we leave before the person u put in front of us we won’t be able to hook up to our camper. He said good point…

Then he moves us to some spot that’s basically on the road just pushed off to the side. This isn’t even a camp spot. It was just a spot that had a water hose hook up kinda close. He turned the water on it and it came Out looking like mud. I said nope, either find us a reliable spot or refund us our money. Well they don’t refund… so he ended up putting us back in the original spot but up front instead of the back spot. We were ok with this at least we could leave if we chose and wouldn’t be blocked in…

Keep in mind if you go here….when I say it’s a very small, tight, jammed up place… this is not an exaggeration. All the spots are pretty much right next to the other spot. There is no privacy. You leave ur camper your basically on your neighbors spot.

They charge way to much for this place, it’s a rip off. At least for, travel trailers or rvs.