Sandy gem

Great camping and hiking site. The dunes provide moderate difficulty levels, despite being a relatively small park there are so many hidden trails one can take. Dispersed camping is allowed and pets are welcomed. I didn't see any ticks or many insects but we camped by the lake trail which was windy and chilly. If you're camping by the lake pick up dead branches or logs around the trail to build a bonfire. It's hard to find these on the lake trail. Don't chop down live trees etc, just come prepared or hike back up to the main trail for dead wood. Lastly, most of the trails are not clearly marked, take a picture of the map and have a compass ready to navigate.

Rowley's Bay Loop

The loop is 4 miles from lot 1. Camp 13 is one of the most isolated sites which was perfect. Plenty of wood to hack down for campfire and dog came back with a few ticks. Please make sure you are prepared for them even in 20 degree weather.. Campsite seems to be on a bedrock so it was difficult to hunker down our tent pegs securely, so we made good use of the large stone around us to add additional security. Our campsite faced the lake and we had clear night skies which was truly breathtaking. Great location!

Early spring weekend escape!

We hiked from lot 3 to campsite 14 for a total of 3 miles (give or take). The path was pretty easy which was great for us given that we were carrying a lot of winter gear. The campsite was beautiful and isolated, we were the only ones on that side of the peninsula. Site 15 which was our neighboring camp was empty. Since both campsites are along the lake shore, it appeared that in warmer months, you have the option to kayak to your site. The only downside to this campsite was the toilet. It faces the trailhead which leaves you quite exposed during the colder months when there are no leaves or foliage to cover your business. Secondly, they don't have signs warning you of ticks but even in 20 degree weather they were there. Our dog had 3 but since she is on tick meds they died as soon a they tried to latch onto her. I imagine that this is worst in the warmer months so TREAT your gear with insect repellent like Sawyer before camping. All in all, I highly recommend this park!