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I love to travel every chance I get. I am an avid photographer and love to hike. I camp in the back of my Subaru Outback.


I stayed in the Bridger Teton National Forest off Buffalo Valley Road to be close to the Moran entrance of Grand Teton National Park. There was a large pullout that had a couple of 'sites' below. The view of the Grand Tetons from this spot is gorgeous. It overlooks the valley and the Buffalo Fork River. It's a quite road and peaceful. I had elk around most nights and could hear the sandhill cranes calling down below. This, like most national forest sites, is primitive. There is no fire rings up top and no restrooms. However, it is free!

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Bare Necessities

Camp Run-A-Muck is located in the ghost town of Hyder, Alaska. It is in the rainforest so surroundings are mountains and lush green trees and plants. The main attraction in Hyder is the bear viewing platform where brown bears and black bears (among other wildlife) gather for the salmon run in late summer/early fall. Black bears are commonly seen in and around town including the campground. Most brown bears stay further away near the bear viewing area a few miles up the road. This campground does have a laundry, toilets (2), and showers (2). It is truly the bare necessities here but everything you need if you come prepared to stay a few nights in this ghost town.

Good Location

I was able to book this campground for the same day online. I know it was just luck that they had a site open, but it is one of the campgrounds that takes reservations inside the park. The campsites themselves are a bit too close for my liking. I prefer a little space, maybe some trees between sites, but these were just stacked side by side, back to back. The shower/laundry/office area was nice. It is convenient to all the other amenities at Fishing Bridge including restaurant, gift shop, gas. I wanted this location due to the grizzly sightings at nearby Yellowstone Lake. It was the closest campground to that area.

Beautiful View

Camp Three Forks is conveniently located off I-90 on 287 as you head south to Yellowstone. It's a beautiful campground with nice grassy sites and nice views of the mountains. The wind seemed to blow a lot here which was nice considering I was there in summer. Bathrooms were nice & clean.


This campground is really nice like most KOA's, but it is backed up to the interstate which makes it pretty noisy throughout the night. The showers were nice as well as most everything else about the grounds. It did seem like I was never going to reach the campground as I came in on Old Hwy 10 from the west. It's better to exit off the interstate just east of the campground.

Very Nice

This campground sits just on the outskirts of Great Falls. It is like most KOA's with many amenities including a pool. Showers were very nice. Of course it is close to everything in town such as WalMart, gas stations, restaurants, and shopping.

Near East Entrance of Glacier National Park

Johnson's Campground is conveniently located near the east entrance of Glacier National Park. Campsites are spread out and some do have electric available. Two coins are given for each campsite reservation. The showers are decent, but small. It is near restaurants and stores in St. Mary. It is typically my last stop before crossing into Canada. I love staying here because I can get up early and get into the park, up to Logan's Pass, before the crowds begin to filter in.

Lower Prices than Inside the Park

Fireside is convenient in that it is only 6 miles from the Moran entrance into Grand Teton National Park. It almost always have sites available and can be reserved in advance. There is a gas station/store/bar on the premises for all your needs. The restroom is decent but the showers are small and not the cleanest. I have often had my site taken in this campground and usually just pull into some other empty one. When reported at the store, they didn't seem too concerned. The rates here are lower than the average rates inside the park. Cell service is good here and the views of the mountains are pretty good too.

Best Amenities in the Park

Signal Mountain campground is my favorite in the park. Some sites have electric and it sits near Jackson Lake so some sites have a nice view. There's restrooms throughout the campground but also nice restrooms and super nice showers/laundry located near the entrance. There is a small store with gas, a restaurant with a killer view, a bar, and a couple gift shops also here. A small lodge provides a nice area to just sit and take in the views. Cabins are also available here.


If you want to see moose in the fall, this is the place to set up camp. Sitting on the Gros Ventre River, this campground is where many moose gather during the rut. This can be dangerous, so always be on the lookout. I had a large bull moose crash through my campsite one night as we were sitting around the fire. We all took cover as he passed through. There are decent restrooms here, but no showers. Firewood can be purchased. Electric is available at some sites. it is located near Mormon Row which makes it convenient if you intend to visit the historic barns. There is a small store in Kelly a few miles up the road that make awesome sandwiches.


Colter Bay campground is very convenient in that it sits in the northern part of Grand Teton. In the spring especially, it will put you close to the bear action. There is a convenience store with gas pumps at the end of the road and Colter Bay village has laundry, showers, grocery store, restaurant, marina, and a small museum. The only issue I've had staying there is coming in late or after dark and having someone else take my campsite. That seems to be a common occurrence in many of the national park campgrounds. I car camp (sleep in the car) so I don't have a tent to set up. I've left lawn chairs before, but have had them stolen or ignored.