Quiet Prairie Camping

We had a cart-in site. One of the few state parks in Minnesota that had sites open the weekend we went. It was a long drive for my sons and I but we enjoyed it. Our site was closer to the bathrooms than I’d prefer (pit toilets in a nice building) but it wasn’t too bothersome. There were plenty of trees in our sites and though we could see some of the other cart-in sites it was pretty quiet and relaxing.

A bit of good hiking in the park. But most is shade-less prairie hiking, so on summer days it can be quite hot. The bison are neat to see. There is a dammed up part of the creek, but it didn’t look like water you’d want to wade or swim in. We drove into Luverne to “The Lake” to swim and cool off.

Quiet fall solitude

I’ve cano d here two or three times. Always in the fall for an overnight solitude retreat. It’s a basic state forest campground. No modern bathrooms Just put toilets and water hydrants. It’s always been fairly quiet when I’m there. But that could be different in the summer. There’s a lake and plenty of hiking trails through the forest.

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