Hunting Camp

This is a fairly basic primitive hunting camp, directly next to a road, with one structure that can provide shelter. There were no toilets when I went. It has an initial appearance of being basically a parking lot, but is actually pretty cool if you venture off into the woods a bit more. I followed the road/trail in for a while. Probably a game management route, but there were a number of good spots off on the side where you can set up.

Lakeside Camping

This is a nice spot with a reasonable level of development. Campsites have trash and toilet, and leveled out spaces to put a vehicle or tent. Many have installed benches and tables too. Very peaceful and right on the water.

Cool Site

This is a nice weekend camping spot in East Texas. Misses the 5th star because of air, freight, and road noise, but all that is fairly limited. Was kinda busy - doubles as a fishing spot - but all friendly people and an interesting place. No hiking from here so additional exploration will require using your vehicle.


This is a pretty nice, though fairly developed campground in the White Mountains. I stopped in for one night after doing some hiking in the area, and it wasn’t bad at all. A little busy, and definitely more family oriented, but I think it’s a nice spot especially if you have an RV, family, or just want a more developed site in general.

Backcountry Desert

This is a genuinely remote campsite, far out into Big Bend National Park. There are coyotes, of all kinds, out in this part of the park, but they shouldn’t be any real security threat. The only other people I saw were border agents. This is a great place to stop if you’re doing a proper tour of Big Bend, as the vastness of the land really sets in. The campground itself is located in a dip, so you have to wander up the hill a bit to get the full view, but that’s not an issue and allows you to be less exposed. 100% would recommend a stop if you’re doing a drive through the whole park as I was.

Great Family Campsite

I stopped here for a night on my way into Maine’s North Woods, and it was quite nice. Definitely a more developed site - well suited to families or people who want more facilities, but it’s in a beautiful location with very friendly & helpful staff.

Developed Campsite / Beautiful Location

I spent a night here while passing though, and while the campsite is very developed (facilities, lots of paved roads/areas), it’s in a beautiful location a good distance from populated areas.

Amazing Sites

Pine Canyon has a number of well separated campsites (5 I believe) located along the length of the road, running up to the hiking area. Absolutely amazing place, and the site I used during my first trip to Big Bend. It’s accessible to most vehicles, as it’s not that deep in the backcountry, but you may want high clearance. 100% recommended.

Nice Spot

I was just passing through, but this is a small campsite just off a main road. There is trail access to some scenic areas right around you, and some interesting stone structures which I haven’t encountered before at a campsite, so that’s cool. Look like they’d be good for cooking if you brought the right equipment.

Good Spot for Families

This isn’t exactly remote, but it’s well developed without being overdone, with spacious plots. I think this would be a great area for families, though I was just passing through by myself. The location is very pretty, but be warned - the area is closed during times of intense rain, due to frequent flooding.

No Car Camping

This seems like a nice place, and the road has been recently improved - I see a lot of comments about the road quality. However, if you plan on car camping, this is no good. It’s limited to a fairly developed parking lot area, and everything else is walk-in.

Cool Cliffs

This is a nice spot I stopped for one night on my first trip out to explore the Ozarks. I’m giving it 4/5 because it’s quite developed overall which isn’t really my thing, but that could be good depending on what you’re looking for. Other than that though it’s a little bit crowded since a lot is going on at the site in a relatively small place. The cliffs are cool though, and it’s a beautiful area. The staff were great too, very friendly and helpful.

Very Nice

This was particularly nice as I was the only person at the site when I visited. It is free for camping use, though there is a fee for things like ATV’s. There’s an ATV trail nearby which I did some hiking on, and in general it was a nice and fairly secluded area, with your standard National Forest toilets, but no other facilities.