Nice place

Quiet campground in the woods. Sites are first come first served. Pit toilets and sturdy anti critter trash cans. Great view of lake and Hopkins Prairie from most of the sights. Has a large bat house. Florida trail runs thru campground. Pay at the pipe system.

Cable Gap Shelter

First shelter south of Fontana Hilton on the AT. Nice little shelter, originally built by the CCC. Rebuilt in 1988. Water source close at hand. Not many leval tent sights. Has a latrine ! No reservations…first come, first served.

Conveniently located.

We hiked into Rufas Morgan, northbound on the Appalation Trail, and found the shelter occupied. We set up our tents on the levalest spots we could find down hill from the shelter. Great water point at this shelter! Best thing is that NOC is only .8 miles up the AT! Easy to go get something to eat, grab a resupply, and return to camp!

Camping on the beach!

Great Sunset! Then the bugs came out with a vengeance. Noseeums will slip thru cheaper tents bug screens. This is the Everglades! Be prepared. No place to hide out here. Just pick a spot above the high tide line to pitch your tent. Tide goes way out!! Fires on beach recommended to help keep bugs at bay. Tiki torches, too! No tables or fire ring.


All these Back country Chickees are a welcome site to a tired paddler! Port o Pottys are well maintained. Roof and shade! Dry spot to stand! This one is truly in the middle of nowhere.

Spectacular experience!

Paddled out to chickee from Flamingo. Got lucky with the tide being with us for most of the way. Mud banks at low tide. Nobody else for miles. Wind kept bugs blown away.