To close

Didn't like this camping experience… the spots were way to close together

Love this place!

Great place to take the family! A lot of Kentucky heritage here!

Get get away!

From the kayaking , to the fishing , great place!

This is great for long term

I usually camp with my Grandparents here. This location is not your pick up and go location. This are permanent residents . Decks built on campers and carports over them . Seems to be a bit crowded but you have a lot more luxuries to make it a comfortable stay. They have a church service, boat dock and ramp, and unground pool. There's also a Cabin in case you have relatives or friends come.

Easy access to the Lake

Great place to stay if your looking to access the lake quicker and if you need to run out to get supplies. But since I've stayed at Zilpo as well, I'm a little biased on this review. But overall a good place to camp and take the kids and lots of access to boat ramps and a close marina. The shore on the twin knobs are seem to be more steep and rocky, as apposed to Zilpo(which are more of a sandy bank). So if you bank fish, Zilpo.Boat fishing twin knobs.

Wild lol

Well if you're in to drinking and Bluegrass music , this is your place. I went last summer, and it's just a big giant party. I recommend having a Golf cart or Side or side. The area is huge and you don't wanna have to walk everywhere.

Great for the kids

If you looking to get away and you like the company of close campers this place may be for you . It is a small camping area that has everything you need to stay a while. It's right off the back waters of Dewy lake . So great to kayaking or any small boats.

Dewy Lake

Nestled in the Mountains of Eastern Ky, this is a nice little getaway. The fishing on Dewy Lake is awesome. The water is muddy a lot. But if you like catfishing, this is your Lake .

Great Getaway

Are you looking for a real camping experience? Sure you are or you wouldn't be reading this. Zilpo Campground is nestled in the Daniel Boone National forest, so there's plenty of wildlife. Also the fishing is amazing . You can literally walk straight from your campsite to the Lake and bank fish.