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Fort Worth, TX

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Quick Getaway

My wife and I got away from the city here several years ago. We weren't sure where to go and settled at this nice park near the lake. We didn't do much of the typical camping activities other than a tent and a fire, but we did get to enjoy each other's company under clear skies and a few pre- downloaded films on my tablet. I hope to explore the area in more detail in the future, it looks lovely by the lake.

Hidden and Quiet

Far and away some of the best qualities of this campground is the secluded aspect. Though the din of the highway can be heard if you listen for it, the most likely ambient noises you will hear are the moos and munching of the nearby cattle. The watering hole for the nearby livestock makes a particularly pleasant place to sit around in and relax at. The pricing is reasonable, and for those who aren't boon-docking and are needing a more permanent location, we were told there is a wait list.

Driving by, you could easily miss the spot, as it is privately owned and operated and looks mostly like any other residence. Those looking to be in a quiet place would be well served to spend some time here.

Free Fishing!

The first thing that brought me here was the option to fish without a license! It's been several years now since my wife and I stayed here the first time. It's a good size park with several options for activities: boating, fishing, picnicking, equestrian, hiking, camping, etc. The trails are thorough through the park. The lakefront is great as it gives you a good sense of the size of the lake. I'm looking forward to our next stay here!

Best Campground in the North DFW

While the area boasts many RV parks, campgrounds are unfortunately less common - especially those that offer a real opportunity to get outside of the metroplex. Situated north of Decatur, the campground sits on the small but refreshing Black Creek Lake and offers tremendous views that aren't ample in this region. At night, there was still a faint glow of the city lights. Still, it was not nearly the same level light pollution as you'd see elsewhere. We were fortunate enough to enjoy the camp with several friends of ours. The sites were easily large enough for all of us. The camp also has a small playground that our kids enjoyed. Nearby there are a few trails that follow the Black Creek (pictured). I regret that I didn't have my inflatable raft with. We'll definitely be back!

Beautiful RV Sites

Shortly after stepping into the park one is greeted by a quaint little pond with many of the RV units surrounding the water. Ducks and geese flock in the area and create a fun atmosphere to spend time in. Horses, donkeys, and other assortments of animals have are kept on the premises. It gives a true Texas countryside feel in the park.

We spent time here shortly after getting our own camper. It is also nice being close to town to have access to things as needed while still being far enough away to feel away from it all. Aesthetically, it is certainly one of the nicest RV sites I have been too.

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Decent RV park in a Pleasant Small Town

Boyd is a true Texas small town with a pleasant hometown strip just up the road from Boyd RV Park. The small park boasts showers, a pets area, and a back area with nice country views and fields. The dog park has a good amount of space and is the nicest part of the park for stretching your legs.

It does not have a crowded vibe, and has everything to meet the basic needs of the RV or camper campers and then some. Prices are some of the best around, and if you need supplies or places to dine out, it is all a short walk away.

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Good Wooded Sites Near River

I don't normally care as much for RV parks as they tend to lack in aesthetic appeal. Riverbend bucks that trend and is one of the nicer ones in the area. While there it is closer to the road, the fact it's a county road makes for less than usual traffic, particularly later in the evening.

If you venture back further into the park, you do get the sense of being out in nature that other similar parks tend to lack. Nevertheless, pricing is reasonable and the sites have all necessary commodities. This site gets a decent review from me for it's nice woods and water access.

As Good a Lake as You'll Find

Texas doesn't have an abundance of lakes compared to other states, but Lake Bridgeport is as good a lake as you'll find in north Texas for boating, swimming, canoeing or setting up camp. The area is at the entry point to hill country, providing better views than other locations further east. Many of the campsite locations are elevated and look over the lake. There's bathrooms for those who prefer those amenities and a few playgrounds for the little ones. A roped off swim area is also provided. For the area, it's definitely one of the best campgrounds you can find! We'll be back when the weather is cooler!

Fascinating History

This park is named after the little-understood Copper Culture people; so named because we have little more information about them other than their use of the metal. The park boasts a few varied trails that stretch throughout the area. A few trails go through what is though to be a massive mass burial pit of the Copper Culture that could be older than 5000 years! It was sobering to consider but also fascinating. The trail led to a very nice spot along the river. Unfortunately, I don't believe camping was allowed on site, which is why I removed a star. Definitely a good and interesting spot for the history buff or for a nice day trip.

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Best Camping Within the TriCity Area

If you want to camp without being far from amenities, you can't do much better than Badger Park. I loved coming here as a kid just for the playground which is still the best in the area. The park has half a dozen small trails as well as streams leading to the beach along the Peshtigo River. The nightly rates are reasonable and the sites are great for both tent and RV camping. As is usual in the north, the tall trees in the park's forested portion are especially great in Autumn. You'll be well taken care of at this campground if you're looking for a place easy for the whole family, young and old, to enjoy.

Good for Kids

If you have kids looking for adventure, this is a great place to be. The camp is primarily used for a program similar to Boy Scouts called Royal Rangers. There's primarily tent sites with trails, a lake, an obstacle course and more right nearby. Camp Wilderness is a good place to initiate your kids with the outdoors and teach them fun skills. I last visited in July and look forward to the day when my kids are old enough to fully engage.

Some of the Best Day Hiking in Wisconsin

Views like these are hard to beat in Wisconsin, or anywhere really. The cliffs on the side of the lake are phenomenal. An ancient Native American mound is on the site giving it a feel of walking amidst history. The grounds themselves have a great shop, a nice beach, and ambience you can't beat. The park is a good size with lots of trails, some harder to get to than others. It's also not far from the iconic Wisconsin Dells. Definitely worth the trip!

Great Memories Growing Up

I've spent many summers here. My favorite time was during "family camp" setting up our camper and swimming at the lake every day. There's volleyball, basketball, speedball and soccer fields, mini golf, Frisbee golf, and a ton of inflatable and boats on the lake for guests to enjoy. I plan to continue to take my family here for years to come.

Great Area to Tour While Camping

Great place to stay while visiting the Munising area. Lots of cool area shops and even a few waterfalls nearby. Hard to beat the great Lake Superior views. We came at a good time of year, and there were quite a few people around.

Tranquil Waters and Tranquil Evening

Great place to set up a tent, or in our case, a pop-up camper for the night. It's hard to beat waking up next to serene Lake Michigan waves but it was definitely worth it. The park boasts a few nice amenities and has plenty of space for both the kids and the dogs to play in and explore. One minor downside is the proximity to the highway. Makes for a nice trip if you live nearby!

Friendly People and Amazing State Park

Not enough good words for the Porcupine Mountains. Views of huge hills sloping into Lake Superior are visible from the entrance. We visited the iconic Lake of the Clouds and hiked to other great sites in the park. My family and I toured the area and spent the night. I only wish we'd have had more time there. Campground owners were very helpful and kind.

Epic Fall Colors

Took an overnight trip with my wife, daughter and mother to see the legendary Fall colors of the western U.P. The sights along the Black River did not disappoint. The park itself had ample space and plenty to see. A few trails can be seen going through the area. The many nearby waterfalls make this a hidden gem. I can't wait for my next trip here!

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Perfectly Quiet Riverview Campground

My wife and I were blessed to spend a night at this idyllic site as my mother graciously watched our daughter for the night to let us enjoy camping together. We brought the dogs with; and we were able to kayak and fish along the river within view of our campsite. Some of the sites themselves are elegantly perched above the riverbank and give you a great view overlooking the mini rapids at the convergence of the river split. Each site is a good distance away from the nearest one so you do feel more remote as you camp. We went for walks on the handful of small trails, enjoyed a picnic and roasted food over our little fire. The site also offers toilet, water and trash services, adding a little extra convenience. I definitely hope to camp here again with my kids once they get older!

Overnight on the summit

In September of 2015, I hiked with two friends from school up to the summit of Mt. Lassen. We passed by several fellow travelers on our ascent. Reaching the top took just under three hours.

As I was the only one in my crew with legitimate hiking gear and experience, I carried the bulk of our supplies, including the tent. The final approach brought significant increases in wind gusts and a drop in temperature. The barren summit itself looked like the surface of Mars. We first unloaded and walked to the marker that designated the highest point on the ancient volcano - the last eruption being in the early 1900s.

We surveyed the area for our would-be campsite. Our final trek to the topmost part left us with little time to set up camp. Our decision for our final resting place -pun intended- was situated between two rocks on the flattest stony ground we could find. We had heard gusts could reach 70 mph at night. My solution to this was to leave the two side chambers on my tent collapsed and place on them and around the edge of the tent to hold it down.

We crawled inside and ate beef jerky and cold beans straight from the can. It was one of those meals that was eminently satisfying, regardless. The night rolled over us just as a very large (and day away from a lunar eclipse) moon dominated the clear air above us. As we didn't want our tent to have a sail in the high winds, we didn't use the tarp. To preserve the tent in these conditions, I placed myself on the inner edge of the tent where the winds were pushing hardest to keep it all in place.

We were awakened by stiff winds that had persisted through the night. My tent showed a few signs of minor straining from the rocks and wind. I loaded my pack as swiftly as I could manage. In tearing down the tent, we nearly lost it down the side of the mountain as one gust nearly took it away once the stakes were out. Our descent was swift and steady. Hungry stomachs drove us on, as did a sense of accomplishment. After all, we had just camped on a volcano.

Cold Wintry Night

I visited William O'Brien in the middle of February with two college roommates. As you can imagine, this meant snow was everywhere in the heart of winter in Minnesota. We decided to take a night trek through the park. The moon was very bright that night so visibility was excellent. We walked some trail through a frozen marsh landscape and happened upon a railroad that passed above our trail with a beautiful tunnel-overpass. We walked along the tracks after that in the brisk air and had a few run ins with white tail deer further in the brush.

The cabin we stayed in felt very welcoming. Unknown at the time I booked it, the cabin offered Wi-Fi access that ended up not working for us anyway, so that at least allowed for a bit more of a rustic experience in the end. I plan on going back to experience the park with more time on my hands in the future.