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Convenient Location for Little Campground

After winding through a few roads off the highway, Twin Springs emerges from a bend in the road. The sites have a reasonable amount of space surrounding them. The road intrudes a bit too close for comfort, especially with having kids with. The river being so close by makes the views worth it.

Had to Come Back to My Roots

I'm no stranger to this campground, and it's trails are as good as any for an in-town park. I thoroughly enjoy getting to take my kids down the same paths and wooden bridges I explored on as a kid. The beach is a bit different than I remember it as a kid but still nice. The campground has done a good job maintaining and expanding the trails as well as the utility buildings on site.

Music Oriented Camp

While it may not look like much from the road in the approach, as the photos and some of the signage suggests, this camp is largely centered around music. A local staple, many regular and occasionally irregular music festivals are held here. The campsites are adequate for what events are held here. Visiting during a time where music isn't playing can be plenty serene and relaxing. The last time I was here I recall falling asleep in my camp chair!

Great in the Fall

The Diamond Lake area is a great example of good places to be to enjoy the Fall foliage. A simple camp setup is all I needed to enjoy my time here. The best feature here would likely be space to roam under the trees.

This campground boast a variety of site types from cabins, to a yurt, to a bunkhouse, pull-through sites, and much more. They have a playground as well as nice beaches to access the lake from. Minigolf is yet another feature on site. If you want one place that has it all for the many types of camping you may like to do, Diamond Lake is a great camp.

Beautiful Spot on the RIver

A few years back, I was a briefly a white water rafting guide for a company that rode on both the Menominee and Peshtigo Rivers. This camp does a great job on their tubing and river-based activities. People come from far and wide to enjoy the camp's outdoor offerings. The campground has a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes it easy to stick around. The cabin are cozy and well furnished. I only regret that I hadn't visited sooner!

Great for Sledding

Located by my hometown, I have amply explored the trails and hills in this little park. It features several large trees throughout that have been around a long while. The playground has much to offer for kids, as well has a dozen crisscrossing trails that can spur adventure for the young. The park has a fun Frisbee golf course that meanders through nearly every inch of the place. It makes for a peaceful site in the middle of a very small "urban" location. The camping area is small but sufficient for a quick night out of the house. Mosquitoes can be an issue here depending on the time of year. Of course, as the title suggests, sledding is always a great activity here in the winter with 2 preferred areas for it.


This campground almost made me regret being as generous in my reviews of other places. There's a lot happening here. Clean green spaces to play fetch with the dog or let the kids run are all over this park. The waterfront is beautiful with a nice picturesque bridge to a little island. I wasn't here during what looks to be local county events and contests but the stands indicate how popular this place is. The camp sites themselves were standard and good, no complaints there. The deer park was great to see again as I hadn't come across one in a few years.

The bathrooms were clean and well kept as were the grounds generally. If you wanted to have a large event like a family reunion here, there is plenty of space without having to worry about overcrowding.

Charming Little Camp

The thing that impresses me most about this campground is that they manage to do a lot with a little. The Falls are a beautiful little site which the campsites themselves manage to wrap around to maximize the space and fit spaces for all to enjoy. Fortunately, the river itself adds more space for folks to enjoy the water on rocky outcroppings and trees lining much of the banks.

The small town in which the camp is placed gives a true Wisconsin-Midwestern veneer to your stay. Some basic amenities are close by, and the community itself feels safe and inviting. I would have enjoyed a longer stay but I hope to visit it again soon. 5 stars for making the most of what they have.

Excellent for Young Families

As a father with 3 young kids, I thoroughly enjoy this camp for the activities and amenities available. The water area is a favorite for kids and the grounds sport plenty of things to grab their attention from mini-golf to the lake. The sites themselves had enough to meet your needs, as well as enough tree cover to still help you enjoy the feeling of being in nature. The drive in is nice and accessible even for bigger rigs. It's a good entry point for the nature in Northeast Wisconsin.

Good for Fishing and Relaxing

Yet another location I recall visiting as a kid. Plenty of fish along the shoreline makes this campground a good place for locals as well as those trying to get away from the routine hustle and bustle. The campground has ample room to roam and for the kids to run around freely. The sites themselves are a bit compact, but you'd be hard pressed to notice with such impressive views of the Bay. The camp is surrounded by woods. The forest roads leading up to the camp lend an air of remoteness in the approach. It's an all-around good place to invite friends and family over to for a fish fry or BBQ.

Best at Dawn

I have said for years that nothing beats the sunrise over Lake Michigan. This park has just that. Pristine waterfront over looks the Green Bay with clear views towards Door County. The park has plenty of space for the kids to play and have fun. The campsites are near to the woods and give a good natural feel to the camping space. Very affordable and quiet spot. Definitely recommend it.

Popular Camp with Active Community

Growing up, I passed this campground always seeing the grounds packed with people. Having gotten to experience it, the park is a festive place in the Summer and Fall seasons. Decorations for various holidays are often present. The Oconto River makes a pleasant backdrop, as well as a historic church that overlooks the water. Amenities are very close by, as are facilities for games and entertainment.

Quick Getaway

My wife and I got away from the city here several years ago. We weren't sure where to go and settled at this nice park near the lake. We didn't do much of the typical camping activities other than a tent and a fire, but we did get to enjoy each other's company under clear skies and a few pre- downloaded films on my tablet. I hope to explore the area in more detail in the future, it looks lovely by the lake.

Hidden and Quiet

Far and away some of the best qualities of this campground is the secluded aspect. Though the din of the highway can be heard if you listen for it, the most likely ambient noises you will hear are the moos and munching of the nearby cattle. The watering hole for the nearby livestock makes a particularly pleasant place to sit around in and relax at. The pricing is reasonable, and for those who aren't boon-docking and are needing a more permanent location, we were told there is a wait list.

Driving by, you could easily miss the spot, as it is privately owned and operated and looks mostly like any other residence. Those looking to be in a quiet place would be well served to spend some time here.

Free Fishing!

The first thing that brought me here was the option to fish without a license! It's been several years now since my wife and I stayed here the first time. It's a good size park with several options for activities: boating, fishing, picnicking, equestrian, hiking, camping, etc. The trails are thorough through the park. The lakefront is great as it gives you a good sense of the size of the lake. I'm looking forward to our next stay here!

Best Campground in the North DFW

While the area boasts many RV parks, campgrounds are unfortunately less common - especially those that offer a real opportunity to get outside of the metroplex. Situated north of Decatur, the campground sits on the small but refreshing Black Creek Lake and offers tremendous views that aren't ample in this region. At night, there was still a faint glow of the city lights. Still, it was not nearly the same level light pollution as you'd see elsewhere. We were fortunate enough to enjoy the camp with several friends of ours. The sites were easily large enough for all of us. The camp also has a small playground that our kids enjoyed. Nearby there are a few trails that follow the Black Creek (pictured). I regret that I didn't have my inflatable raft with. We'll definitely be back!

First to Review
Beautiful RV Sites

Shortly after stepping into the park one is greeted by a quaint little pond with many of the RV units surrounding the water. Ducks and geese flock in the area and create a fun atmosphere to spend time in. Horses, donkeys, and other assortments of animals have are kept on the premises. It gives a true Texas countryside feel in the park.

We spent time here shortly after getting our own camper. It is also nice being close to town to have access to things as needed while still being far enough away to feel away from it all. Aesthetically, it is certainly one of the nicest RV sites I have been too.

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Decent RV park in a Pleasant Small Town

Boyd is a true Texas small town with a pleasant hometown strip just up the road from Boyd RV Park. The small park boasts showers, a pets area, and a back area with nice country views and fields. The dog park has a good amount of space and is the nicest part of the park for stretching your legs.

It does not have a crowded vibe, and has everything to meet the basic needs of the RV or camper campers and then some. Prices are some of the best around, and if you need supplies or places to dine out, it is all a short walk away.

First to Review
Good Wooded Sites Near River

I don't normally care as much for RV parks as they tend to lack in aesthetic appeal. Riverbend bucks that trend and is one of the nicer ones in the area. While there it is closer to the road, the fact it's a county road makes for less than usual traffic, particularly later in the evening.

If you venture back further into the park, you do get the sense of being out in nature that other similar parks tend to lack. Nevertheless, pricing is reasonable and the sites have all necessary commodities. This site gets a decent review from me for it's nice woods and water access.

As Good a Lake as You'll Find

Texas doesn't have an abundance of lakes compared to other states, but Lake Bridgeport is as good a lake as you'll find in north Texas for boating, swimming, canoeing or setting up camp. The area is at the entry point to hill country, providing better views than other locations further east. Many of the campsite locations are elevated and look over the lake. There's bathrooms for those who prefer those amenities and a few playgrounds for the little ones. A roped off swim area is also provided. For the area, it's definitely one of the best campgrounds you can find! We'll be back when the weather is cooler!