Dave L.


Spokane , WA

Joined July 2020

Great campground with a visit from the locals!

We have stayed here before and remember that it was a great campground. The sites are clean and have concrete around the table and cooking area. The tent site was nestled among the trees and was very nice.

We did get a visit from the locals. A herd of cattle came through for dinner. They were escorted away from the campground by the host. Right next to the river, there was a trail to hike and an educational trail for the area.

The pit toilet was available and there was running water next to the site.

Overall, it was a great stay!

Great campground!

This campground is right off the road and easy to find. They had RV sites in the front of the camp and tent sites up the road. We had showers and laundry, general store and wood for sale. Our site was very nice with lots of room. We had a picnic table and a fire pit in the site. There were a few portable bathrooms that were super clean available for night time runs.

Great views of the mountains!

Good site right out of Yellowstone!

We found this campsite out of Yellowstone. We found a campsite that was comfortable with a nice table and fire ring. The bathroom was very far from the site we stayed in, but they were scattered around the campground.

Many mosquitos! Right by the river so it was good for fishing. Fresh water available and they have good trash systems. There are signs warning of bears but we didn't see any.

Beautiful setting close to the Tetons

We found this campsite at the end of the road of BLM campsites. We tried to find one of the campsites along the road. Exhausted, we found this campground with about 18 campsites. Many of the sites are accommodating to horse lovers.

We found a pit toilet and fresh water spigots. The sites are big, with room for large tents and RV's. Trees are all over the place and provide shade.

Cool site for a quiet night!

We drove out to the site and found five sites and two pit toilets. All of the sites were in a circle around the Bluff. We found a site that had a wind screen so it was easier to get relief from the wind.

Very quiet and peaceful night with a great sunset and sunrise!

Worth the drive to the little grand canyon!

This was a great campground! Small campground with about 10 sites. Some were pretty big and could accommodate an RV. We used a tent.

Around dusk the wind picked up and almpst destroyed our camp and sent it into the canyon. Tie everything down or be in camp for the show! The ground is hard for tent stakes. There are a few scrub mesquite trees for shade. 

There is a pit toilet in the campground, but no water and no power. This is primitive camping! 

We hung out on the rim of the canyon for sunrise and sunset. Awesome experience!

Small campsite by the river all to ourselves!

This little gem of a campground is worth the effort to find. We drove past the sites along the road to find this one. It was right off the road. You will see the sign and the pit toilet. The sites are accross the road and behind the building. There are only two tent sites that are available. You can probably find more spaces for more than two tents.

Parking is available close to the sites but you will have to carry gear to the site. Worth it!

Great campground with a shelter!

Each tent site has a pad and a shelter that has a shade panel. There is no parking next to the site, but it is small walk to the site. The tent sites are spaced far apart and some are tucked behind the Goblins.

There is a good restroom facility with running water and showers that do not need a token or coins. There are 4 showers. Overall, this is a great place to stay.

Great campground!

We found this little gem on the way to Utah. The camp was great. The tent sites were very nice and grassy, each one having their own picnic table and firepit. There was good parking in the grass in front of the site. 

For RV's, there were many sites that were shaded and accessible. 

There was a shower house and laundry facility. Hot springs were available for a fee.

Nice stay, expensive for a tent site.

This was a good campsite for our tent. There were many more rv sites that were available. There are showers and bathrooms available. Each tent site has a firepit with grill top, and briquette BBQ. The site were large enough for two tents, very dusty and some Rocky sites.

Some sites have more shade than others, in the full sun. Later in the day the entire campground is shaded.