Danielle R.

Joined September 2018

Amazing View

Exceptionally large park. This is closest to the southern entrance. We had bison herds South of us and North. We never managed to make it East where the long trail is, which seems to be known for wildlife. We had easy access to the West exit and had a great dining experience as well as quick access to all the local monuments. The campground was very peaceful. The showers and bathrooms were very clean. There is a centrally located atrium for events that we didn't see used. We ended up next to a group of young college age people who were spread out and noisier than most, but that was just our luck. We had a break in the tree line to see stars from our tent. There is a gas station and store right at the campground. We didn't plan enough time to give the hiking trails a chance. This campground does have horse trails.

Mountain View

Jenny Lake campground is a first come first served campsite. We showed up early and went and found a campsite without a mountain view. Turns out we came too early since all the mountain view sites were packing up to leave instead of unpacking. It turns out that the mountain view is not actually what you want. The wind howls deep and frequent and tore through many of those sites unless they were properly prepared for wind. We had an opening thru the other side of the tree line and our site was mildly windy, moreso at night. Day time temperatures were very warm, but nights were closer to freezing. We camped here middle of June and the early morning had snow drifting off the storms above the mountains. We were unprepared for the temperatures dropping that low. There are no showers at this campground. Be prepared to run across deer in there, I was not prepared on my groggy way back from the bathroom at 7am and was very shocked. I would have been in trouble had it been a scarier animal. The trail around Jenny Lake was the most grounding experience I've ever experienced. I dream of the chance of getting back her to repeat. The mountains are so beautiful, you have a hard time believing it's not a painting. The campground staff was very helpful and did frequent rounds to ensure everyone was complying to campsite rules. The sites are not too close, unless you want mountain view. There is a paved path that can lead you to the visitor's center. Be sure to do the ENTIRE path of Jenny Lake, but be prepared for an all day adventure!

Beach Access

The site we had was really beautiful and not far away from showers. The beach access was really close. I wish I had known about the noisy highway that bridges over the walkway to the beach access. It was very noisy during the day. The sites are close enough to hold a conversation with the neighbor but far enough that you can still feel some privacy. The location is close enough to have a short trip to drive to other areas with seals, and reef animals. There is an amazing restaurant, Sea Hag, just up the road, and you can stop at Devil's Punchbowl State Park at low tide to see thousands of sea stars. I've never before seen baby ones. This campsite has an amazing location to site see for a longer stay without moving camp. If you can overcome the noisy highway, its worth it.

Must Go-To

I am at awestruck at this campground. There is no cellular service out there, but you can go in to the neighboring Hot Spring Resort for supplies and help with campsite if the camp management is not available. Or to buy services at the Hot Springs. There are cards at the entrance of camp loops to say where you are as well, but I was honestly confused by that. There are no showers at the campground, but does have flush toilets. There are campsites butting up to the river, a couple are a walk down into the site. All campsites are about double the size of normal campsites and are gorgeous. We actually set up our tent and realized we had a whole other area that had much more room for the tent. There was a pesky raccoon that was hopping between sites looking for anything. He tried stealing lighter fluid that was in a bag, he stole cans and candy, and a purse. (He brings it all to the center shrubbery if you unluckily meet him). He's adorable, but dont trust him if he shows up. There is a trail with an outstanding waterfall that you must see.

Busy Campground

This campground is a very busy place. There are tons of options for things to do to keep kids and adults from getting bored. I felt crammed in our site. We were near an area that had many RV groups and tents mixed together. The RVs stayed up partying late at night with loud music. No trees or shrubbery separated our sites for any privacy. We did have fun with activitied during the day. The lake is across the road and many go fishing. The pool is where most people enjoy their time.


Beautiful area. We had to leave the campground and drive around to other areas to reach beaches and lakes. Kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards are available to rent at first come first served at only specified lakes. Some campsites are more open than others. Some are even up on hills. Trails are great as well, I unfortunately didn't leave enough time to do them all.

Group Camp

We stayed in the group campground for a Cub Scouting event. It's just a bit of a walk from the main campground and opposite of some very beautiful walk-in sites. The group campground has an open space to play games as well as wooded areas all around. There are vault toilets that are well kept. The hiking trails are well taken care of and far enough away from the Hidden Falls the capture the beauty of the state park, but close enough for a group of elementary age kids to manage. The walk-in sites are nested within the trees, far enough away from group sites for privacy but without a long distance to carry gear. The state park itself is only 10 miles away from a neighboring city with ample shopping resources available. Small gas and convenience store within the town of Nerstrand.