Daniel S.

Contoocook, NH

Joined October 2017

Been traveling in a van with my fiance and pup camping in best sites the united states has to offer. Live for hiking, camping, all things out doors!

Beautiful here

This campground is wonderful. The sites are spacious and spaced out. After a week and a half of wonderful weather in kentucky we actually got rain while we were camping here. The area is absolutely beautiful and we would have been bummed had we not had the hot shower here.

After spending over a week exploring the area we know the hiking is phenomenal. you can literally find yourself alone in the woods the entire day and explore a new area every hike. These 2 days we did not have that luxury. Although our previous time has been wonderful as the pictures will show. Sleeping in a van you get in and out wet and while the site and the camping was great our spirits were little down while here. There are plenty of adventure to be had in the area.


Caves caves caves an more caves..

So after seeing mammoth caves my fiancé and i have been searching for places with caves and camping. We are eventually heading to mexico to do more spelunking. Anyways this campground is great The sites are huge and spread out real well. we were able to spend a night and get a tour the next day which was well worth it. The camping is wooded which would be great for any of you hammock people out there. We set ours up and sleep outside instead of in the van. Are friendly neighbors kept us company….deer haha

The tour guide michael was freaking great. We usually wouldn't spend money on a guided tour but this was the best decision, There are a couple caves to choose from so you'll be able to see a few if you like. The camp ground/resort if perfect for someone just passing through or has the amenities to keep an entire family cozy for a week. What ever your looking for you will find it here, There were a lot less people here than mammoth caves.


Oregon camping rules.

We had an excellent time here. We had just spent about 3 weeks exploring washington and got some serious amounts of rain as we made our way down to oregon. The rain cleared and we ended up here. It was amazing to get a nice hot shower in…and a long one at that.

This campground has arrangements for just about everyone. RVs, tents,hammocks whatever you got they will take you here. And make you feel right at home. Coos bay and the surrounding beach area is absolutely wonderful. We spent a few days exploring and were glad we decided to stop when the rain broke. If your camping for longer than a week or van dwelling like me i would suggest only stay a day or 2 and make your way inland to the odeon redwood trail. There is free camping in there that is also wonderful and no one is around. Around sunset bay state park there is hiking, biking, surfing, fishing, disc gold, swimming and just about anything else your looking for.


Interesting place to spend a night.

So this is a very interesting place to spend an evening. There is a reproduction of a 19th century plantation house. Its very beautiful. The camping area is walking distance to the house and the lake. The lake has a huge paddle wheel steam boat that you can pay to cruise around the lake. We opted out of this but it did seem like it would have been fun.

The camping area is small. The bathrooms were clean and there is running water. For a family i can imagine this being really great to explore. Personally i have issues people making money of the preservation of a slavery house. Non the less it is a beautiful area..Only stayed 1 night.


Mammoth caves enough said

stayes here one night and mammoth cave campground. This place was quieter. But we are all here for the caves sooo.

Red River Gorge is Amazing

Van dwelling has its pros and cons that is for sure. Well one of the percs is finding amazing spots you would not normally visit. Middle fork campground and the red river geological gorge is one of those places. Its is well known for its rock climbing but its offers much much more.

There are two state park campgrounds near Natural Bridge and red river gorge. Whittleton and Middle Fork. We stayed at B29 at Middle Fork next to the creek that runs through the campground. We really enjoyed swimming in and following the creek upstream.

Theres fishing, swimming, climbing, hiking, and biking around here, Go out and get some. The natural bridge area is a must see. Its super unique for the area and worth the hike to it .


Daniel Boon can't get enough

Absolutely love daniel boon national forrest. This camp ground is wonderful. We found ourselves completely alone mid week and stayed for several days. There are sites suitable for tents and electric hook ups for RVs. The showers were great hot…thats always a plus. We stayed here and did a bunch of day hikes.

There is hiking, biking, fishing, climbing and all kinds of other activities in the surrounding areas. On your out make sure to stop at Miguels for some awesome people and pizza and ale 8. This is a world renown climbing hub. Really cool campground, hostel co-op here that sometimes has live music..You won't regret the pizza.


Excellent. More calm in fall!

We've spent several weeks in the danilel boon national forrest. There is amazing primitive camping as well as camping with all the amenities. Natural bridge is really cool. It seems very out of place. But there are tons of caves in kentucky so why not a natural bridge right,

The camp site is sweet. We've been here at different parts of the year. Summer is busy definitely worth making reservations. The fall though mid week we've done walk ins with hardly any people. The sites are fairly large and spaced out pretty good. The place was clean even with so many people at certain times of the year, The staff is always friendly and helpful with what ever you or your family is looking for.

Theres plenty of hiking and biking around natural bridge. Definitely worth checking out!


I always loved Daniel Boone

After several weeks of exploring the daniel boon national forrest, natural bridge, and the red river gorge we ended up at our final stop at clear creek campground. We couldn't have asked for a better place to end this portion of our kentucky adventures This camp ground is pretty basic and lovely. It has vault toilets which were very clean..sometimes those things can be nasty. There was also drinking water here which was great because we weren't feeling like treating our water.

There is hiking, biking, kayaking canoeing, swimming, and climbing in the area. There was some historical landmark that we checked out which was an old furnace of some kind apparently used the 1800's cool to check out. We also went for a dip at the the nearby cave run lake. We were able to use our blow up paddle board and cruise around. It was the first time using it so that made our experience here even more wonderful. Do a little exploring you never know what you'll find in the area.


Mammoth caves rules

This campground is a walking distance to the visitors center. It's a well established campground and geared towards folks visiting mammoth caves. You will find a clean campground as well clean facilities. The sites are relatively close but plenty of space for familiy party's.

Theres many activities to be had here but obviously mammoth cave is what it's all about. After driving past mammoth caves for years we finally decided to stop camp and explore. It was worth every penny. The cave, although geared to tourist is still rediculous. Apparently one of the biggest cave systems in the word. You will enjoy your time here. It's crazy to think your in Kentucky when you in there…we'll except for the accents.


Love bison and camping...what

First off I never thought I'd say that sentence…I love bison and camping..but I did and I do. There are many primitive back country camping options in the badlands but as far as easy free car camping this and one other.

Great for a night in a tent or camper van. Whatever suits you find a spot and it yours as long as you can fit and your respectful. Make sure to bring everything you need if you plan spending several days here. There's lots of amazing hiking in the badlands it is truly a unique place. It was the first time I've seen bison and to be able to camp so close is out of this world. I've now been here at a couple different times of year and each season has something special to offer. There was also a bunch of other wildlife that I got to observe respectfully and take some pretty sweet pics. I also took a drive and found a creek to meander. The stones in the creek were clay like and every color. That was pretty rad. Take a few days here it will be well worth it.


Excellent campground but we got unlucky

Camped here after spending some amazing time in Badlands NP. French Creek looks like a cozy place normally but we got unlucky with the weather. Fortunately the weather while we were at the national park was wonderful. I would definitely stay here again. The campground is small with toilets, picnic tables and fire rings. Pack in pack out. Very clean.

There seems to be plenty of hiking and biking, swimming, fishing kayaking of one wanted to as well. There was only one other group here in and they mentioned there's copious amounts of horse trails as well. If the weather was better would have explored more. We just packed on up and kept a cruising.


Swampy site, pretty campground

We arrived here on a wim. We had heard great things about this campground. It's being kind of secluded but still on Virginia Beach. We heard this part of Virginia Beach was beautiful and not over crowded. So we gave it a shot.

It's a beautiful camp ground with tent and RV sites. Some of the sites sit perfectly nestled in trees protected by the elements while others are directly along swampy bug infested areas. We arrived later and our choice on sites just wasn't looking to good. We found what we thought would be a great site and all and all it was but when the sun went down the bugs came out. Excellent facilities here. Very very clean bathrooms and sites. There hiking, biking, swimming and fishing here. Long story short get here early and get yourself a good spot preferably not by the swamp.


Camping on the Potomac River.

The camp sites at Fort Frederick State Park are siuated right on the Potomac river. Very beautiful if I do say so myself. There's probably 20-30 sites here. There are fire rings and picnic tabl at your sites. Perfect for cooking and relaxing by the fire. There are toilets located on the campground.

There also a general store nearby where you can find yourself a nice hot shower. This is great if your like me and live in a van and don't get a shower when needed. You can swim, kayak, fish, hike or bike here.


Decent family camping here

Decent campground here suitable for campers new and old. Have tent, full hook up RV sites and even cabin sites for the families who just want the comfort of a home. The sites and clean and spacious. The bathrooms are also clean and have hot showers.

The are tons of amenities here. Really great for beginner campers. There a water park type thing here. Hiking, biking, swimming, fishing. Downfall there's a shooting range near by so can be kind of noisy or at least it was the night we were here. Lots of history near by so check out the old battle fields and buildings that housed troops during civil war. Very cool stuff:


Excellent but expensive

Visited this campground on my way from Maine to Florida. There is a lot to do as far history and the old WW2 stuff. Really cool to explore. The beach and sand dunes are right here. There's a biking loop and plenty of coast line to fish.

Cape Henlopen is overpriced in my opinion. 31$ for a site with no electricity. The facilities are incredibly clean and new it looked like. The sites are really nice and spacious. The have nice new picnic benches and fire rings. You'll enjoy your time here if your not worries about spending a few extra bucks. Especially the WW2 stuff for the kids.


Beautiful vast, get ready to explore

Rhis place is wonderful. Not only are there drive in campsites here. There are also plenty and plenty of trails for backcountry primitive camping. Came here with family friends spent 2 nights here and 2 nights back primitive camping. Bathrooms and water here, fire rings.

There are numerous camping options close to here as well as endless amounts of horse or backcountry camping spots. You could also fish, kayak, bike, hike, trail run, star gaze…the options are endless. Very very beautiful here:


Big bend...is always wonderful

Big bend is an amazing NP. You can find yourself in the park alone surrounded by beautiful views. The parks primitive roadside camping can bring you into remote areas where your only company are the amazing sunsets and serenity of big bend. Paint gap is one of these sites. I've spent several weeks exploring big bend and although a campground with amenities is occasionally nessesary, the primitive sites are where it's at!

Paint gap has several sites alone the road. Some will fit 1 vehicle and some 2vehicles. After the 3rd site you will need 4 wheel drive to go further. After rain you may need it sooner. There is no shade here. No place to set up hammocks.

In big bend you can find several hot springs. You can walk into Mexico or enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking and many other things. Exit big bend and enjoy some time in teriligua and the ghost town. Excellent artsy and musically inclined place to be.


Awesome, Incredibly beautiful sunset!

Big Bend is absolutely amazing. There are several primitive roadside campsites. Ive spent several weeks exposing these. You could find yourself at one of the many sites without seeing anyone for days. Croton spring is perfect for just that. Its 3 or 4 single car sites but for a larger vehicle maybe 2 sites. You would not be able to find trees for hammocking here. Tents absolutely.

There are no amenities here so carry in carry out. I could imagine after a good rain the road could be difficult with 2 wheel drive. Spend a night or week and may not see another group. Absolutely amazing sunset here and in the rest of big bend,


Very very large campground! Lots of people.

This campground is pretty enormous. There's got to be over the 100 sites. A loop is for walk ins, b and c loops are for reservations. The campground sits in a beautiful Prince William national Forrest. At the sites there are picnic tables, fire pits, and grills which makes for easy cooking and relaxing: There are other sites as well as a backcountry carry in carry out site that i have also stayed at.

There is lots and lots of history around the area. We spent 5 days camping and exploring the civil war battle areas and other things. Definitely worth exploring. Get your camp on do some hiking, biking, fishin, and also exploring th history of the area well worth it.