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#outdoorsismyhome, that pretty much sums me up! I’m a girl who loves anything that gets me outside including hunting and riding my Harley.

Permanently Closed

It’s a sad day when you find a beautiful campground destroyed and closed for good, but if you’re up for an adventure you can still visit these grounds that were washed out by the Elwah River in the Spring of 2017.

The Hot Springs Road is closed until a bridge can be constructed, but with Summer coming you can easily hop over most of the overflow from the River. Elwah River decided it was time to make a change and when it shifted it wiped out both Elwah and Altair campgrounds.

So no modern campsites exist any longer, but it is still a great spot to pitch a tent if you’re up for it. Just make sure to check the fire hazards and regulations prior to setting up a campfire here.

Among the ruins is also a road that leads to the falls, just a short 2 mile hike in and out. You are free to explore the falls right down to the bottom. Also, Mountain Biking is a great way to explore these now Barron campsites and falls. Grab your bike and pack and hit the woods! Guaranteed to be a quiet weekend.

Urban Camping At Its Best

Great spot for an Overnighter on the road through quaint Sedro-Woolley WA, this spot contains amenities for all, along with RV parking and a handful of tent lots. If you care to go swimming it has easy access directly to the lake with a primitive boat launch meant for smaller, canoe-like, vessels. Clean Restrooms, no showers, but they have a stage and performances during the summer months and two Parks, meant for all ages! Surrounding areas to explore include a Dog Park just across the way, and a spooky hike among abandoned buildings which were once part of Northern State Mental facility. Be sure to take in the Train display at the Town’s enterance and have a great trip!

This Is My Type of Camping

So to say I’m a rustic camper is pretty accurate, although Sawmill does have potable water and around 23+ sites at a reasonable price of a little less than $20 a night, it screams “living off the land” to me.

We were pleased to discover that you can also camp offsite for free and have day passes to use their facilities if need be. Access to the river was easygoing, a light hike at best, so really, if you can find a spot anywhere within the campground, I wouldn’t say that any 1 spot is better than another; all equally enjoyable.

Some of the best features is the accessibility to the Little Naches River, plenty of hiking trails for all experiences, and (my favorite) a road that leads up to a ghost town called Lester that’s bridge was washed out leaving only four wheelers able to access its hidden treasures.

For adventure and some relaxing I would recommend Sawmill Flat Campgrounds…but remember to bring your off road vehicle for a great adventure.

Oceans and History

Nothing beats camping at a historical Fort with breathtaking views and great motorcycle friendly activities.

Take your family this summer to enjoy hiking trails, explore the remains of Fort Casey, and visit the diving park at Washington’s Keystone.

Romantic sunsets and premium restaurants nearby make this a perfect lovers getaway just as much as a family fun trip.

Take your heart on a journey and Camp Washington State!

Camping Simply

Ahtanum Meadow Campground offers some mountainous dirt biking trails which make for some awesome daytime activities.

Additional activities include Hunting, Hiking, Snowmobiling, and animal observation, to name a few. Recently, due to a large number of dispersed camping the State has begun allowing seasonal campfires if properly contained.

If you’re up for it, pack for a long, survivor-like camping experience and truly become one with nature!

Small But Fun

This has to be one of my all time favorite places for Shell Fishing and Crabbing!

peaceful and not too busy, access to the beach, and group camp sites, makes this a family destination for quiet fun.

This is the place to get away from it all and enjoy the beauty that Nature has to offer.

Dont forget your Shellfish license and hit those beaches at low tide, because dinner is going to be delicious!

Don’t Forget To Go Off the Beaten Path

Although the Camp Ground and facilities are great at Tinkham, my advice would be to get into your lifted Off-Roader and hit the mountain roads for this camping trip of a lifetime!

We set up camp in an open field and found an old camp fire ring that hadn’t been used for at least a year and proceeded to roast our packed hotdogs and s’mores.

About a Half Hours hike back to some formal campsites and you’ll hit the South Fork of Snoqualmie River, so you’re still able to enjoy all the fun that camping at Tinkham has to offer but you can pitch your tent for free, even in the summer months!

Dont forget to grab your inner tube and float around in the shallow pools of the River (remember to anchor yourselves down of course) and enjoy a nice cold beverage as the breeze bends the trees surrounding this river.

Another benefit to Off Road Camping is that you can explore some creeks that aren’t crowded and can take a private little splash to cool off on the hike back to civilization.

Fun and Historical

For Worden, an unconventional camping spot, but worth the views and history that surrounds you.

Explore all of the Forts Outbuildings which make a great outlet for the kids to play hide and seek or flashlight tag. Take in the sights of the Antique Lighthouse as you make s’mores on the Beach Firepits.

Among all of the sights and fun that come with camping at Fort Worden there are also plenty of museums and a Marine Science Center for hands-on learning fun for the whole family.

Whether you are into RV camping, day camping, or tent camping, Fort Worden should be on your list!

Camping In Style

Now I’m not one to camp in an RV but I honestly can say if I was going to sissy-camp with an RV it would be at Sequim Bay.

They have a beautiful facility with many public restrooms and showers, RV hookups for both power and water, and easy to park lots. They also offer tent camping lots if that would be a preferred route.

It’s a quick jaunt to the shoreline, either from conventional trails or a bit off the path if that’s what you like (which, obviously, I do!) and has a boat launch and docking space for public access. Fishing and shellfish harvesting is legal while in season and I gotta say the beaches really pulled through as we harvested our own meals for the entire trip!

We decided to go a bit too early for swimming, being only May, but we still managed to get some kids to try our floaters in the Bay. They came back frozen but happy, and the adults were glad for a bit of silence, I’m sure.

overall a great place to have a late Springtime adventure!

Adventure in the Sand

If you want a place to bring all of your motor toys for a fun long weekend in October? Get over to Moses Lake, WA where you will find Mud Flats and Sand Dunes!

Open Camping directly on the Flats, you and your whole crew can set up base just off the gravel road and right on the water. Bring your boats, paddle boards, and of course your ATV’s for an adventure no one will forget.

Although we took the Toy Hauler and parked nearer the larger, more advanced dunes for some real off-roading, you are allowed tents with open camping and the Dunes offer a wide range of difficulty levels, from beginner to Advanced.

Although the Lake is bitter cold during the month of October, and you might not feel like going for a refreshing dip, if you have a little boat or Kayak you can take in the sunrise, or sunset, over the sand for a breathtaking and romantic venture. If you choose to paddle board I would suggest a light wetsuit to be packed with your usual camping apparel.

Summertime there is generally decent but can get a little crowded. If you want to be the only people on the Flats I would suggest going in the off season for a real treat!

As it is governed by the State, alcohol is prohibited, which makes this a pretty neat family vacation spot. I know it is for me!

Winter Camper

So the reviews of this beach are great, but it seems people are more focused on the traditional Summer camping, and although that is the season where we most think of camping I encourage you to start thinking outside the box - especially when it comes to Shi Shi Beach.

First stop was to a quaint town NO ONE has heard of, Forks, WA (sorry sarcasm was required) for breakfast before what we knew was going to be quite a hike into the beaches of Shi Shi where we had researched allowed for beach fires during the camping off season and read that planting your tent on the beach was a must. Too excited to wait we packed up immediately, after speaking with some of the locals and getting their experienced direction advice, and headed to our destination.

Now we discuss the hike into the beach. If you are an inexperienced or even moderate hiker the hike to the views is quite pleasant, albeit long. However, if you are looking for a bit of adventure there is a quiet, almost private, beach that you get to (and all the locals know) by hiking in 2 miles of trail hiking, then proceed to look down and there is a steep hill where hikers have placed rope to climb down and assist with the ascent as well. It is thrilling! And once you get to the beach the time you have there is amazing.

Nesting Bald Eagles can be heard and seen as they swoop down into the waves in search of their latest catch. The fires on the beach are restricted to driftwood and anything else lying on the beach that might light up, (nothing from the forest is allowed) which causes a deep green and blue coloring to your campfire.

if you are looking for something to do, an adventure to have, that is free during the winter hours (apart from the required Discover Pass for parking) look no further than Washington’s beautiful Shi Shi Beach.

Make it your new Winter Camping tradition.