Dan P.

Richland, WA

Joined June 2018

Home base is Southeastern Washington. We love to travel and hike.

Glamping Ape Cave Adventure

We stayed at the Lone Fir Resort. It was amazing. The cafe and gift shop were open late which was convient. we were tent campers in an RV spot. we have two large tents and plenty of room. the showers were .50 for approxiamtely 20 min and the water was nice and hot. very clean and centerly located. the pool was small but a very nice cool off spot. they had a club house that had cames and TVs and at night they did a movie in the park. i would highly recommend Lone Fir to anyone.

Space 26 was amazing. berries everywhere.

We enjoyed our stay at the middle fork camp ground. We stayed there to be close to the mailbox trail head. There were so many berries around the camp and we could literally sit in camp and pick blue berries. We did get a bit of rain and had to put tarps up. The trees close to camp made it very easy to do so. The camp was very clean. Felt very safe about leaving our gear in camp. I would very much so recommend this location.