Bay Village, OH

Joined September 2020

Literally a cramped expensive parking lot

Asked for largest pull through with easy access for a 44’ 5th wheel and got a spot in front of office with a electric pole on the corner. No way to pull in with out using 2 spots and several point turn. The trailer hung over both ends of spot without the truck attached. And yes it is a paved parking lot, place to spend night but should have stopped in a rest area on 40

Nice KOA

Easy access for a KOA, we have a cyclone 4270 (44’ triple axel 5th wheel) which is pushing it for most KOA’s. We landed a pull through just behind the office and on way out of curve in road so we slide right in. Neighbors are close but nice as was the staff. Good safe place to stop for night, far enough away from highway to to be peaceful but not so far that you are going out of your way.

Great place to overnight on rout 40

We have learned that KOA’s laid out in the 60’s and 70’s are not laid out for modern big rig rv’s. We have a Cyclone 4270 (44’ 5th wheel) and in truck and we’re around 60’. This means we hunt for alternative camp sites with larger layouts and entry points.

We called Blake RV Park from the road and booked for same night after explaining or size and campground needs. Park is not far off rout 40 and easy drive, just far enough that sound is muted from campground but highway is visible.

Nice pull through site with easy access and very quiet grounds. Adding Blank Ranch RV Park to our favorites for future planning.

Great big rig safe location on route 40

Added to favorites will be stopping here when traveling route 40 across country.

We have learned to avoid KOA’s with our cyclone 4270 (44’ triple axel 5th wheel), all seemed to have been laid out with camper sizes of the 60’s and 70’s.

USA RV PARK is sized and laid out for modern rigs. We reserved a large rig sight to be safe but I did see other cyclones in standard pull through spots that I would have been comfortable using.

USA RV PARK is clean and quiet with the one exception of being on airport flight path. Flights were not that often but are load if your outside or have doors open. We were not bothered while inside or sleeping.

One point to be aware of when planning to stay at USA RV PARK is that map apps seem to have the location wrong when coming from the east. The park acknowledged this is an issue when coming from east and said to use exit 16 and follow signs not the map apps.

Dropped pin at entrance and copied gps location

(35.5088626, -108.8118567)

Best campground for large rigs on route 40

Large, clean, safe and quiet campground. Our cyclone 4270 and truck total length is just over 60’ making it a challenge in every KOA we have ever been to. I added a note in our online reservation and unlike the KOA’s we visited Oasis RV Resort checked our rig size and hook up locations and suggested a new site at the gate.

I opted to up grade to one of their big rig sites and could not be happier with the stay. Amarillo is wide open and flat so don’t expect shade trees (if your from the north east like us) but since we stopped in November, scorching days were not an issue.

When traveling route 40 Oasis RV Resort location will factor into our planning for overnight stops.