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What a beauty...

This was such a nice surprise to finally get to stop by. I’ve just never seen anything like this place. The campground is so well kept but the views are just spectacular! The campground is complete with a seasonal visitors center (with firewood), a general picnic area, restrooms, designated dumpster areas and developed campsites with fire pits. This is for the rugged campers at heart, as this can be a tough and hot place to camp in Summer months. This is an OHV haven but the rates are so high, folks stopping in tend to have more respect for their neighbors and class, as a result. Lots of trails here and from what we were told… fossils! So much history and worth the stop, if the desert sits well with you. Rates are $25 a night with some discounts for seniors but there’s also options to just stop in as well and utilize the picnic area. Again, just stunning…. this is a must see for those that are in wonder of nature!

Beach Camping

A fun place to camp and surf! This campground is literally on the beach, along the PCH with picnic tables and fire rings it’s one of the few on the beach that actually allows fire. There’s not much to this campground, it’s simple and straight to the point… just surf and sand. If you’re looking for more you will be disappointed. Sites are fairly close together with limited options for RV’s but if you’re tent camping and don’t mind neighbors, it’s just enough. Sites run approximately $35 a night for a standard site, depending. There’s a camp host and ranger at the entrance but keep in mind they lock the gates for vehicles entering at night and if you leave you can not get back in until they re-open next day! Doesn’t matter if you have a pass or not you can not re-enter and there is no permitted parking on the highway as a backup option. This campground is vulnerable to flooding, due to location. Some photos have been included of the campground when it’s flooded as well, so that it may give travelers a better idea of what they may encounter if conditions aren’t exactly in their favor. But if you’re just looking for a simple night on the beach with friends like us, some surf and a beer… this will do the trick!

Golden Wonderland

We love this place in so many ways! If you love Fall and trees and the California golden sun… this place is the place to be! It has it all in one. We’ve stayed here so many times and still find something new to love about it the next time we stay. Absolutely beautiful place in Summer and in Fall/Winter months the trees and crisp air will not disappoint. Just cross the street and you can surf all day and be by the fire all night. Very well maintained campground, with a perfect little store on premises to aid your every need. Rangers and staff are friendly and very helpful. You’ll pay $10-$45 a night here, either as regular camping (tent/RV) or as a hike and bike. They do accept reservations but walk ins as well. We’ve never had any trouble finding a solid site with first come first serve for those that are last minute travelers. It quite literally has everything you’ll need here (including showers), so you can enjoy your trip without worry! Lots of fun trails for inexperienced hikers and experienced but overall, we just love this place!

Quiant Campground

This campground is tucked away just off the main road, you would never know it’s there unless you passed by it. It’s very quiet here, there’s options for tent/RV set ups and has a history to it with remnants of monuments/etc throughout the campground. Toward the entrance it is much more modern, primarily with RV rigs but as you go further toward the mountain there’s an extremely woodsy tent area with handmade picnic tables that must be ages old, all under the most beautiful trees. Certainly worth a read and exploring, if you’re ever in the area! With trails wildly running through this area, there’s endless amounts of adventures to be had. Rates vary depending on sites, fire pits with grills are available at every site, RV sites have electric hook ups, there’s water available throughout and proper restrooms. There are no showers, no dumping station, no cell service, no store/market and a welcoming of local Mountain Lions and Black Bears (with no bear storage lockers). For all essentials I would recommend packing prior to settling in here and be prepared for all that nature brings, as you will certainly experience it! A fantastic place to explore!

Local R&R

Faria Beach Park (also known as Pitas Point by surfers), is the perfect getaway for surfers and beach lovers alike. In the winter, large winter storms bring waves to Faria leading surfers to flock to its shore, and campgrounds. The campgrounds have RV hook ups, and offer the perfect view of the ocean. Campgrounds run $35-$39 and RV hooks up go for $50-$58. There is also a concession stand that offers food and refreshments, perfect for the picnic table. The campsite is well maintained but gets busy during the prime times of the year. Any groceries and supplies can be purchased at Ventura, a 15 minute drive away. For beach lovers, low tide at Faria offer tide pools and a stretch of sand to lay out on or run with the puppy. There are available restrooms, free outdoor showers, trash disposal area and fire pits available at select paid campsites. Faria Beach RV Park is the best camping opportunity to be on the beach, while enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Ocean!

Flintstone Paradise

This place is so neat, similar to Alabama Hills but allows for so much more opportunity to explore these boulders inside and out! It’s $15 a night to camp here, each site allows two cars. There’s plenty to explore when you’re not by the fire, so be prepared with some solid hiking or climbing shoes and even some chalk (if you’re seriously into climbing). It’s been very busy each time we’ve visited this area, all during summer months so arrive early to get a good spot! There is a limit to how many days you can camp here per year, capped at 30days total. This campsite area is very family friendly! There are designated fire pits (no grills) but no restrooms or trash dump, so come prepared. The area is generally well maintained and kept clean.

Catfish Hunting

If you’re up for a trek through weeds and thick mud, then you’ll love this place. We’ve gone cat fishing here so many times, it’s a fun place to have a drink with some friends, take the pups, turn on some music and enjoy the view by the lake. There are fees depending on your reservation, we did not reserve a day use spot just fished, so we did not pay a fee. We just parked and walked to a good place to fish at the lake. If you’d like to use the designated grills though, there is a fee. There’s a lot of passing boats on the lake and other fisherman, especially near the visitors center so be sure to find a spot away from the action if you really want to catch some fish. They will check your fishing license while on property and patrol the lake area regularly. It’s an enjoyable place to go for the day and sunsets are a beauty! Just don’t forget to hike back to your car before the sun sets as it gets very dark, very quickly. Happy fishing!

Wilderness Camping

There is nothing but you, the heat, the rocks, cactus and snakes… yes, snakes! Snakes were everywhere. This is a great place if you are interested in rock hounding, hiking or off roading, nothing else beyond that. Beautiful cactus and desert critters crawling about. But if you are not accustomed to heat and desert sunlight, be sure to wear plenty of protection as the Summer months can be brutal. While we were exploring we came across old military tanks to our surprise! Theres no fee to camp in the undeveloped campsite areas. There is no water, no trash, or restrooms available and no local cities nearby. I would recommend planning thoroughly and accordingly, depending on your needs for travel.

Quaint Little Spot

We explored this in completely unprepared clothing but it was so worth it. Camp spots are right in the middle of the forest, it feels like every campsite is it’s own little mountain. It’s so desolate and quiet here, definitely for those that want to be completely submersed in nature. Fishing is allowed at the portal and there’s a gorgeous waterfall that you can hike throughout, the water is so ice cold its refreshing. There’s a visitors center with additional information, no food but maps and small trinkets to buy. The folks there have been there for decades they say and know the area very well, along with the bears that are regularly seen roaming. Its $24 a night, you can stay up to 7days and the campsite is open from May-Oct. We’ve gone through the months of Sept/Oct and there are some major snow storms that come through during this time! There’s no restrooms, trash dump, or cell service and for the most part people are hard to come by. This is a place that’s far away from most folks, if you want a true get away.

Surfers Haven

Fun place to spend Summer by the beach! Definitely gets booked quickly, so reserve in advance but in slower months first come first serve is generally just fine to settle into a good spot. The beach is walking distance to a well known surfing location. Very popular area and can be known for partying at night. The moon is a beauty out here at night, with moon flowers everywhere. Fire pits are available at campsites, with restrooms, and a local shop in the campground that nearly sells about everything you’ll need. There’s backpacking sites at no charge but for a standard campsite there is a fee. Each standard site is $45 a night, sites with electric hookups are $60 a night and there a group site for $225 a night. Parking is limited so additional vehicles per campsite is $12 a night per vehicle. Once you’re through the gate there is absolutely no cell service here. Overall it’s just a fun place for a weekend with friends to hang out, grill and go surfing at Leo!

Best of everything...

If you love the mountains and the beach, this is the place to be! This campground is tucked away in the forest. Not far from a local town to gamble if you like but far enough away you’d never know it was there. Once you’ve entered the campsite area there’s plenty of sites to choose from and plenty of room for privacy. Reservations can be made but are not necessary, once settled it’s just a short walk to the lake and it feels like you’re at the beach. Beautiful sandy shores with glacier clear water at the lake. Winters here are just the best. Sunsets are colorful and vibrant and you will not want to leave when you can catch fresh Salmon! Tree top adventures zip-lining is also not far away and it was one of the best trips we’ve made to date! All amenities are here, as needed. Small shop for wood at the entrance, restrooms, fire pits, tables and secured bear lockers. It is incredibly clean and an overall beautiful campground, we can’t wait to go back!

Island Time

You’ll get lost here in the beauty. Gorgeous clear water perfect for diving and fishing, great for relaxing in the sunshine with a beverage on the shore, while grilling the catch of the day. Close to a bit of everything and plenty of activities to keep you occupied! I didn’t have gear and was able to rent wetsuits and snorkeling gear to go exploring. Everything is a bit pricey here but it’s worth trying once, especially if it’s your birthday the charter is free!

Milky Way Heaven

Easily one of my favorite places! The views here are like nothing else, perfect place without reception, fresh mountain air away from everything and yet close to a cute little town for chili cheese nachos or tackle. Owned and operated by BLM land, so it’s free to the public (first come first serve) but be sure to go prepared with your permit to have a fire and have the proper tools to extinguish it completely. Preservation of this land is imperative with rangers patrolling consistently and fines are unforgiving, there are seasons fire is not allowed and will be posted at entry. There are no specified camping spots, no restrooms, no available water, and no sewer or trash dumping areas available. Just the wilderness at its finest.

Lakeside Camping

This campground is situated by a lake. Love this spot! You’ll hear all the frogs by night and birds in the morning, great place for fly fishing or cat fishing and nice folks staying here! We had a bit of fun filling the truck up to make a portable pool, it’s quite warm in the summer months but perfect if you’re visiting the Clovis Rodeo!!! A local town isn’t far away. Great place for the family and pet friendly! It is pitch black at night, so bring flashlights. Restrooms are available, some sites have water, and trash dump is available. There’s no place on premise to purchase wood but park rangers operate entry at a booth during business hours for more information during your stay, if needed.

Sierra Hideaway

This campground is for those that love being deep in the woods and away from people. There is a one lane road in and out, no camp host, with no service or available restrooms for those looking for a campground with those amenities. Sites are small and very woodsy (some nestled within the mountain rocks) but have plenty of distance and privacy between other sites. No one was here when we arrived, so it is a rather desolate place in the Fall/Winter season but I imagine in Summer it’s a perfectly shady campground to stay cool. My favorite site was by the creek, it was roomy with access to a beautiful meadow, views of surrounding mountains, and a creek running through it. For those that love fishing this was a trout hot spot, so many fish in this area and wasn’t crowded like many of the surrounding fishing areas.

A Perfect Getaway

Sabrina Campground is the closest to Lake Sabrina without the feel of tourism. This campground is just off the main road and quaint. It is moments away from Lake Sabrina, North Lake, a short drive to South Lake, and about 15-20mins to the closest city Bishop. This campground is so beautiful, perfectly situated next to a creek, and saturated with Aspen trees that are a beauty to see in the Fall season. Every campsite is well maintained, restrooms are kept tidy, and the trash dumping area is well taken care of. Campsites are all first come, first serve. $28 a night for sites and available firewood for purchase with the campground host. There is no store at this campground, so all necessities should be purchased before arriving. This is the perfect getaway for those that love clean mountain air, lake views, waterfalls, fishing, mountain hikes to glacier lakes, and relaxation. With absolutely no cell service it’s just you and nature. It is the perfect getaway.

A Favorite

For just $8 a night you can enjoy the Eastern Sierras with plenty of room to spare between you and your camping neighbors. This place is a favorite for us, with fishing, snow capped mountains, and the cutest little kangaroo mice I have ever seen! It’s a fun get away and recommended for friends and family. No service here, no store or place to buy firewood at the campground but you’re a stones throw away from Lone Pine a Western town nearby for fishing, food and any other camping needs. Restrooms are available here and are kept clean, just bring a flashlight at night as it is pitch black. In the Summer this place can get pretty toasty and the sun is incredibly strong, I’d recommend taking a canopy with your camping supplies, with little to no trees for shade in this area.

Gem tucked away 👌🏽

We love to travel and camp but can’t always carve out the time for a long drive out of LA. We found this gem, just 1 1/2hrs from LA and you’d never know you were anywhere near the city. It’s the perfect getaway, birds singing, and the scenery makes you feel like you’re in Tahoe. Amazingly quiet space, so tranquil and an absolute perfect temperature in August during the day and night. The only thing I’d recommend is bug spray, there’s lots of flying critters but that’s about it. We love this place and will certainly go back!