Courtney K.

Flinton , PA

Joined July 2018

Quiet and peaceful

This campground is perfect for people who are looking to get away from busy city life or just want to relax next to a lake. Even though you can't see the lake from every site you can be there within a 10 minute walk. They have pet friendly sites, bike trails, and you can canoe, kayak, and take boats out on the lake. There are specific swimming areas and you can fish just about anywhere. Little to no cell service and there are some local stores/restaurants around the lake within 5-10 miles of the campground but most things close between 8-10pm. There is a camp store with food and supplies available sonif you show up with a text and a sleeping bag they can help out with the rest. Keep in mind being in the woods and by the lake it Ian always 5-15 degrees cooler than the surroundings towns so I feel you are leaving and want to explore the areas outside the campground be prepared for it to be much warmer than expected. I've been going here my whole life (32 years) and it is always clean and the people who work/volunteer there are super friendly and helpful. I've been there during every month they are open and each season is a new and exciting experience. They have a lot I feel family oriented activities and so you don't need to leave to find something to do.