Dispersed camping on a busy holiday weekend

12/29/31: Unfortunately, the East Delancey campground is shutdown. We were determined to find tent camping but it was New Years (holiday weekend) and all the organized campgrounds were either closed or booked. After spending a bit too much time looking for a real campground we settled for dispersed camping. Turned west off of highway 19 onto FS77 and about a mile down found a nice enough pull off. A fine area to camp, dependable Ocala is crowded. No trip to Ocala is complete without itchy ankles.

Dispersed winter camping near the Pocketocket

1/24/21: We were looking for somewhere near the Pocket to camp out for a night after a nice mountain bike ride on the Pinhotti Trail. The main campground in the area is closed in the winter. We pulled off the road onto Gentry Gap and found the perfect spot at the end of the road (~1 mile, easy dirt road). The Forest Service has done a nice job blocking off areas from vehicles (to stop erosion). There are 4 or 5 spots that are perfect for dispersed tent camping, and a small stream across the road for added ambiance. Super quiet and peaceful.