No Person Available

We had a reservation for one night and on the reservation I specifically said we would be arriving after hours. The website said to call a number the day of before 5 to get the gate code. No problem, normally. BUT, I called multiple times that day and nobody ever answered. Then I called the general Florida Park number and the lady tried to help. She also could not get anyone to answer and said she didn’t have any other number to use. So, we just hoped to arrive and maybe someone would be there. Nope!! Arrived, gates closed, nobody there to help, slept in the local Walmart parking lot. 😡.

Unique Place

We just spent a great long weekend at Ginnie Springs. Here is a review. Area is great. Campground is clean and beautiful. If you want seclusion, camp there between Sunday evening and Thursday. The weekends have sooo many people with lots of young college age people. Loud music, partying. If that’s your thing, then weekend is your time there. There is tubing, kayaking, snorkeling. Cave scuba diving for the folks that do that. About 45min from Gainsville but the local small town is quite cute with a few good restaurants if you are looking to get out of the campsite for a little while. Over all, we will probably visit again, just during the week. Lol!!

Very Nice, well kept

We just stayed overnight but it was very nice. Easily accessible from highway but felt like we were not in the middle of the city. Went for a nice walk this morning and saw a gator. This will be a great place for us to kickstart our trips since we typically leave right after work and can only drive a little that first night.