Court M.

Jacksonville, FL

Joined May 2018

Magical Hidden Gem

What a fabulous find. I wandered here during the night on my way to Burnsville. I couldn't ask for a better campground. The nearby town is just indescribably lovely, and the campground itself is just gorgeous. I can't believe it is only 8 bucks a night. If you're on the fence stay a night and you won't want to leave. This campground is in danger of being shut down due to revenue loss and park funding cuts so come show it some love!

Free, kitschy and convenient to Petrified Forest.

This is BLM land, so it is free to camp here. There are picnic tables with covers, and cement pads at some sites. If you camp close to the permanent resident on the other side of the fence she will grouch and swear at you so there is that. The smell of cow poo is strong at times. But if you're going to the Petrified Forest this is THE place to stay, as it is close and conveniently located. Can't beat free either. I've stated here twice now and my kids love it. Big pieces of petrified wood on site you can touch and sit on even.

Gorgeous Views and bright stars.

Campground is conveniently located 2 minute drive from the El Morro Visitor Center. Easily accessible sites with parking on each site, fire pit, picnic table. The views and stars are breathtaking. Pit toilets well kept, but didn't find any water spigot anywhere. Trash receptacles on site and no fee to camp. Can't beat free camping. Careful of the grass if you have small children. When the prickly pear cactus die and rot away their little hairy spines remain. My toddler fell in a patch of invisible spines and it was a challenge to remove them by lantern light with crummy first aid kit tweezers.

Santa Fe National Forest

Beautiful campground in Santa Fe New Mexico. We came to stay one night to go to Meow Wolf and ended up staying 3 nights I liked it so much. Would be 5 stars but the water spigot only worked intermittently, and it was difficult to get a site due to online reservations, some of which weren't even used but sites were still considered occupied due to reservation. I dislike National Park Campgrounds utilizing online reservations, it makes it hard for those of us who wish to ramble aimlessly.

The birds are abundant here. I wore a red winter hat and had at least 10 hummingbirds buzz my head in one day. I could hear their wings and feel the breeze from them they came so close. Tons of shade here, and nice cool days with chilly nights in May. We had a night of sleet after a rainstorm with hail but the next two days were gorgeous. Conveniently located to Santa Fe amenities. I highly recommend this campground. Pit toilets were minimally smelly and relatively clean.

Beautiful free campground with a view and plenty to do.

Got to this site around 1 am and set up for the night. It was clear and dark enough to see the Milky Way. I slept out in the open and fell asleep looking at the stars. Mosquitos didn't show up at all despite it being late May. No running water to be seen but the pit toilets were reasonably sanitary and there is the pond (or is it a lake?) on site. Only one other cper was there. This is BLM so it is free. One of my favorite camp sites, and I camp a lot. Picnic tables, burn pits, trash receptacles on site. Fishing piers, and the water can be approached from several different areas.

There is fascinating and touching history here and I highly recommend a visit to the Black Kettle Grasslands as well as the Washita Visitor Center. It was my favorite park visitor center of the 32 I've been to in the last 6 months.

So this campground seems abandoned basically.

The light on the post above a very worn sign was lit. The cafe on site is closed, the water hookups for RVs produced nothing upon turning the handles. I didn't try the outlets on the sites. The light bulb outside of the building with a men's bathroom sign was lit but there was no sign indicating another door for women, and upon trying the men's the door was screwed shut. Ultimately I slept in the car with my two kids instead of setting up camp, peed in some bushes and bathed us clothed with cold hose water from the back of the cafe building in the morning. Nobody showed up to collect money, and there was no box to deposit it. Not terrible if you don't mind roughing it since it was essentially free and very beautiful, peaceful camping spot.