Corey L.

Palm Coast, FL

Joined December 2020

Clean and alright

We stayed here for a week. Living in our RTT. At first it was quiet, nice, and comfortable. By day three it got loud and crazy. People yelling at 2am, truck running around, and just seemed like a disaster. Now that was the one episode. Cannot fault the KOA on their clientele, but their security and accountability are in question. The prices were outrageous but then again we are a few miles from Disney. The WIFI is the worse. It seems like the office turns it off at night. Do not try to get work done, school work, or even down load a simple form. It will take you 30-45 minutes. We even had our own MIFI from Verizon and the cell signals are blocked. If you come here plan on not having internet period. Very clean though, I will give them credit on the maintenance. On Tuesday the lawn place comes through so plan on your stuff being blown around and it to be loud.

Beautiful place

We stayed here for two nights. A great hidden gem in the SC islands. We enjoyed the beach, the quiet camp site, and the light house. This place had a lot to do for the family. I definitely recommend it for anyone wanting a getaway along the coastal Carolina.

Beautiful and quiet hideaway

We came in yesterday, the pin point on Dyrt is about 1/4 mile off. Watch for the signs after you cross the bridge onto Hunting Island. Followed signs to a checkin booth which was not operational but follow the road to the camp store. The people were great and quick. When we scheduled this stop they emailed us our site and gate code. They give you a map of the hiking trails, lighthouse, but not one of the camp ground layout. So good luck finding your spot, just follow the signs.

The sites are all different sizes. We luckily got a pretty decent size site. We are in an RTT so it wasn’t bad either way. They all have fire rings, gravel and sand. Decent amount of shade for all the spots and very clean. We are going on the trails today.

Great quick stop

We rolled in late at night and rolled out at first light. I will say this KOA was quiet and had a lot of campers. You can tell they were building up for tourist season. Renovation we’re getting completed such as bicycle rentals, pool cleaned and painted, club house remodeling. We thought is was a good place to stay, but can see how pack it would get during the hot season.

Hideaway on the travel

This was a good park. We stayed here a few time. I will say the staff is a hit or miss. They are polite but not friendly at times. The pool is pretty cool, but can get crowded. The best part it is extremely close to the state park and Lake Norman. You can drop in kayaks, fish, or just get out on a hike. It is an easy off and on highway. Down side is depending where your spot is of how loud it is. Bathrooms are clean and well maintained. The tent sites are well established and they are very organized.

Beautiful Views and People

Stayed here for about a month. This place was great. You are on top of a mountain with great views. The spots are well spaced out and it is family owned. The family is always out making improvements, talking with the campers, and putting on events. This park is very clean and well maintained.

The hardest part is finding it. The roads get narrow so if in an RV call them for the easiest way in. If you are Overlanding like us just follow the map. Great scenic routes and close to the spot you want to see in Pittsburgh.

Windiest Place on Earth

We had been to this place a few times. They are very nice, clean facility, and when there is not COVID the restaurant is great. This is right off the highway an easy off and on. Few miles from any sort of stores which is also kind of nice. They have a great dog park.

The reason for the 3 stars is because every time we had stayed there it is transient all night long. Meaning there are no quiet hours. The wind is extreme at this park. I could not believe the wind. An important piece of information is every time I had come through this park it was winter. That may play a part in it. Most times were December thru February. Lastly, the sites are small. Literally you can hear and see everything your neighbor is doing. I had done this trip in RV and tent.

Awesome place in Florida

This was a second trip and stay. The first time I was on beach side, this time on river side. Both of these spot were awesome. Very easy to check in, courteous rangers, and the occupants are all very friendly. One of the most safest place I had been.

To schedule time here is tough. You have to keep looking and attempting. If you are ever in the Flagler Beach area I highly recommend checking this place out.

Second time

We stopped here on our way back because we liked it. This time it seemed the weekend crew did not have the same courtesy the weekday crew does. We wanted a cabin because of how cold. We stayed and seemed to be the only in the cabins, but throughout the night cars came in and people hid in the cabin parking areas. Worked for us but was not impressed this time.

KOA close to the boarder

This KOA was alright. It had a nice feature that you could roll in and stay without scheduling or booking. It was alright because it was pretty noisy. Guy next to us threatened to beat his dog with a pipe at like 2am. A truck, big diesel started at 5 and ran for 30 minutes. People walking all hours of the night. Dogs barking continuously. We only stayed a night so it could had been just one of those nights. I would try it again but not go out of my way to get there.

Awesome State Park

This place is great and hard to schedule. We have tried a few times and finally got in. Travelled from Arizona and wanted a place on the beach. This was it and they had an opening. Limited camp sites on beach side and the staff is extremely nice and helpful. We stayed for 2 nights let me just say the wind is chilly in the winter, but we got to see some whales and dolphins. They have fire rings and wood to buy pretty cheap. If you can get in take it. If you’re near Flagler check it out.

RTT across the country

We traveled and lived in an RV for a year. We been to a lot of KOA’s. This is by far one of the best. Like I said we are RTT’n and figure to get a normal tent spot. Nope we got a back in RV spot and when we checked in they gave us a dinner menu which was pizzas to order and a breakfast menu. These meals are an additional cost but great to have offered. They have an 8 mile bike/run trail, a fishing river, and pond. The showers and bathrooms were amazingly clean. They area looks very good and comfortable. We ordered the pizza and they delivered right to our site. We will definitely come back to this one for a longer period of time.

Overlanding across the country

I will start out by saying this was recommended by Dyrt app. I am enjoying the app and has nothing to do with that. To start this was a decent spot very close to the French Quarter, the people were very nice. I gave this 2 stars for multiple reasons. Starting about 4pm the rail yard became a drag strip until about 3am. You want to talk about loud cars, guns firing, and cops, this was it. Very loud!! As the night went on it was alright and we dealt with it. The gun shots got louder and closer. I heard ricochets wiz through the park. Again I was up high in an RTT. I will also say that half the RV’s here look like they are at their final destination. Not many of them look moveable anymore. Lastly, the final draw was broke when three guys were creeping through the spots. When I got out of my vehicle, they took off and ran. Then the blew out the gate in a truck. Not sure if they stole it or if they stole other stuff and rolled. I would not recommend this if you have a family, also if you are in a tent. The place is gated but there is no security and you are staying at your own risk. Again I will say the owners are nice, but when they have an additional fence around their house and all doors are locked that’s a key to move on. We left at like 3am.